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  1. As you look back to the masculine performances in musicals of past decades, what changes in male representation, and performance would you say are most noticeable? Overall I think the performances overall are a little looser and more natural as the decades progress. We are allowed to see males be more vulnerable, and it's not just the most conventionally handsome males end up the hero that gets the girl. What other specific qualities do you notice about Robert Preston in either or both of these clips? Preston is able to be believable in both of these flamboyant r
  2. I'm very late to this discussion, but in my opinion Robert Preston in The Music Man delivers one of the most poignant lines in any film, musical or otherwise: "I always think there's a band kid." Brings a tear to my eye every time I see it.
  3. I searched the TCM shop, but I'm not seeing where this shirt is being offered Dr. Edwards. Would you post the link please? Thanks much!
  4. My favorite musical is Brigadoon. The chemistry between Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse leaves me as breathless as Tommy was when he dances with Fiona at the wedding! Van Johnson in the role of Tommy's best friend Jeff plays his usual post-WWII somewhat world-weary, sarcastic character, but has a couple of truly touching moments, when talking about the character of Harry. The lush Technicolor, memorable songs, beautiful dance numbers, and the story provide a wonderful escape for a few precious hours from our modern cares.
  5. Thanks for replying to my post with this info Marianne, and congrats on receiving your Certificate. Dr. Edwards has replied and is having someone on his staff send me my Certificate! I'm happy because this is no McGuffin as far as I'm concerned! LOL!
  6. Thank you Dr. Edwards, I very much enjoyed this course, and finished with a passing grade, but never received my Certificate of Completion. I've tried to contact you several times via private message and email asking about this, but have yet to hear anything back. Has everyone else who took and passed this course gotten their Certificate of Completion except me? I'd appreciate hearing some response. Thank you, Juli R.
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