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  1. Not sure I would consider it a war film; more like a revenge film set during wartime. But no matter how you characterize it, what Hobart Bosworth does to Wallace Beery is pretty raw!
  2. I remember watching that made-for-tv film and thought it was highly overrated. For whatever reason, it had little effect on me. But the next day, one of my students asked me if she could be excused from an exam because she has found the film too upsetting.
  3. Beast From Haunted Cave (1959) You get what you pay for (in this case, nothing for nothing). Rugged Michael Forest leads a group of “tourists” on a ski outing, unaware they are a gang of crooks. His first clue should have been that they all carry rifles. I once went skiing in West Virginia, and I’m pretty sure that firearms were not allowed. The cast spend most of the time plodding around in snow, not terribly concerned that some creature is following them. Forest keeps showing his teeth, like he is in some kind of commercial for Pepsodent©. Sheila Noonan, as the gang leader’s “secre
  4. From October 16-22, the Poli ran The Old Nest, starring T. D. (“Dwight”) Crittenden as Dr. Horace Anthon and Mary Alden as Mrs. Anthon. The film was released on June 27, 1921, at eight reels. The Cinematheque Francais in Paris holds a complete copy. Plot: Dr. and Mrs. Anthon raise a large family of children. One of their sons dies in a train accident. The others slowly leave “the old nest” and find their lots in life. Tom, the oldest, becomes a successful lawyer. Frank becomes an artist. Jim is the black sheep, always needing money. Kate an
  5. From October 13-15, 1921, the Poli ran The Sign on the Door, starring Norma Talmadge as Ann Hunniwell, Charles Richman as Lafe Regan, and Lew Cody as Frank Devereaux. The film was released in May of 1921 at seven reels. The Library of Congress has a complete copy. Plot: Ann Hunniwell works as a secretary to a rich man named Devereaux. Devereaux’s son Frank is a no-account and sets his sights on Ann. Frank invites Ann to supper at a disreputable resort. When the place is raided, the pair are arrested, and a photo is taken, but they escape by jumping bail. Two years late
  6. That's because a lot of the financial institutions traditionally sell holdings in October.
  7. Just a few observations from an old investor: The Dow Jones Industrial Average is not the best indicator of stock market performance, since it only comprises a relatively small number of stocks. Also, the stocks which make up the index change over time. Most people conflate the Dow with the market. The S&P 500 is a better indicator. While it's true that you would have had to wait a long time to recoup your money had you invested just before the crash of 1929, you would have made money had you invested after the crash. Crashes are buying opportunities. Most people are afraid to pu
  8. From October 9-12, 1921, the Poli ran Peck’s Bad Boy, starring Jackie Coogan as Henry Peck. The film was released in April of 1921, and is available on YouTube, running around 50 minutes. Brief Plot: Little Henry Peck gets into a lot of mischief, much to the consternation of his parents. In a subplot, Henry’s older sister Letty falls for the new doctor in town. Review: This is a pleasantly diverting film. It’s certainly not a classic like The Kid, but it’s impossible not to like this movie. Coogan is adorable and perfectly suited for the role. He is so natural he doesn’t even appear
  9. I thought it might be Elliott but I'd never seen him with a moustache and without a hat. But here's a photo of him with the stash and sans hat, and I think you are correct:
  10. The YouTube version had Spanish subtitles.
  11. From October 6-8, 1921, the Poli ran Lessons in Love, starring Constance Talmadge as Leila Calthorpe and Kenneth Harlan as John Warren. The film was released in May of 1921 at six reels. The Library of Congress has a nearly complete copy, with the third reel missing. Plot: Leila Calthorpe’s guardian tells her he will leave her his fortune if she marries his nephew, John Warren. Although Leila needs the money, she refuses to marry Warren without having ever met him. Warren comes to visit, and Leila poses as a maid in her own house. She then gets her Aunt Agatha to pose as herself, to test
  12. The photos you posted are definitely LaRoque, no question. Thanks for the reminder on the studio code.
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