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  1. From January 20-22, 1921, the Poli ran Broadway and Home, featuring Eugene O’Brien as Michael Strange, Frank Losee as Paul Grayson, Elinor Fair as Mary Bruce, and Ellen Cassidy as Laura Greer. The film was released on December 10, 1920, at six reels, and is preumed lost. Plot: Michael Strange lives in the town of Rest Haven, Maine. His grandfather hoped that Strange would study for the ministry with his friend, John Stephens. But Strange becomes bored with life in the fishing village. Although he is in love with Mary Bruce, he yearns to go out into the world. One day, a letter
  2. From January 16-19, 1921, the Poli featured The Fighting Shepherdess, starring Anita Stewart as Kate Prentice, Wallace MacDonald as Hughie Disston, Noah Beery as Mormon Joe, and Walter Long as Pete Mullendore. The film’s release date is uncertain. It was six reels, and is presumed lost. I found several stills which included lines of dialogue. Plot: Kate Price goes through life with her mother Jezebel, who runs an unruly roadhouse. Her mother hits the bottle, and Kate pleads “no more to drink tonight.” Pete Mullendore, a half-breed customer, intercedes on behalf of Jeze
  3. From January 13-15, 1921, the Poli ran 45 Minutes from Broadway, starring Charles Ray as Kid Burns and Dorothy Devore as Mary Jane Jenkins. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels and is presumed lost. Plot: Ex-boxer Kid Burns is secretary and friend to Tom Bennett. Bennett has inherited millions because his uncle left no known will. Burns falls for Mary Jane Jenkins, the housemaid. He succeeds in thwarting the plans of fortune hunters who want the inheritance. Eventually, it is revealed that Mary Jane is the r
  4. I saw the film several years ago on TCM, but don't recall too much of it, except that it was a bit creepy. I haven't read the novel, but apparently it contains a plethora of four-letter words. The New York Society for the Suppression of Vice (yes, there was such a thing) actually brought obscenity charges against the publisher, Vanguard Press. But the charges were dismissed.
  5. Oops ... I think you meant J. Edward Bromberg, not Akim Tamiroff ... unless you are confusing Tamiroff with Linda Darnell.
  6. From January 9-12, 1921, the feature at the Poli was The Forbidden Thing, starring James Kirkwood as Abel Blake, Helen Jerome Eddy as Joan, Marcia Manon as Glory Prada, and King Baggot as Dave. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels, and is presumed lost. However, I did find a plethora of stills which I’ve tried to place in context as best I could. Plot: Abel Blake is a big, brawny Cape Cod resident, with a spirited mother. Blake is engaged to Joan. But he leaves her for a saloon girl named Glory Prada, much to the disapproval of his mother.
  7. From January 6-8, 1921, the Poli ran Oh, Lady, Lady, starring Bebe Daniels as Mary Barber, Harrison Ford as Hale Underwood, and Walter Hiers as Willoughby Finch. The film was released in November of 1920 at five reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Willoughby Finch says goodbye to his country sweetheart, Mary Barber, promising her that he’s a “one woman man.” But as time goes by, Finch becomes engaged to society girl Molly Farringdon. Mary, who has become a famous actress and uses the stage name of Rilla Rooke, returns from a trip abroad, and while on a train, meets Hale Underwood. Underwoo
  8. From January 2-5, 1921, the Poli ran The Branded Woman, starring Norma Talmadge as Ruth Sawyer and Percy Marmont as Douglas Courtenay. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was five reels. The Library of Congress holds a complete copy. Plot: Ruth grows up not knowing her mother Dot Belmar runs a gambling house. Ruth’s grandfather, Judge Whitlock, disowns his son and makes Dot swear never to claim her daughter. He adopts Ruth under the name of Sawyer. When Ruth attends a boarding school, her mother decides to get even with the Judge. So she visits Ruth at the school, causing Ruth t
  9. From December 30 – January 1, 1921, the Poli ran Her First Elopement, starring Wanda Hawley as Christina Elliot and Jerome Patrick as Adrian Maitland. The film was released in November of 1920 at five reels. The Museum of Modern Art holds a complete copy. Unfortunately, I could only find one still. Plot: Christina Elliott and her cousin Gerald live with their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Varden. The guardians have threatened to cut off Gerald’s inheritance if he marries Lotta St. Regis, a snake dancer. Christina decides to go to Lotta’s cottage to see what she is like. Adrian Ma
  10. From December 26-29, 1920, the Poli ran It’s a Great Life, starring Cullen Landis as Stoddard and Howard Ralston as the W o p. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels. A complete copy is held in the MGM library. Plot: Stoddard and his pal, the W o p, are college boys who don’t exactly concentrate on their studies. Stoddard pulls a stunt on campus, for which he is warned that he has five more chances to behave himself. So he sets up a sign in his room entitled “Five to Go.” Stoddard plays a trick on a professor’s car, which reduces his score to four. The W o p
  11. From December 23-25, 1920, the Poli ran The Jailbird, starring Douglas MacLean as Shakespeare Clancy and Doris May as Alice Whitney. The film was released on October 3, 1920, at five reels. A nearly complete copy is held in the Library of Congress. Besides the stills I found, there are additional ones at the IMDb website. Plot: Shakespeare Clancy is a prison trustee who works in the warden’s office. He has six months left in his term before he can join his pal “Skeeter” Burns. During visitor’s day, he dons one of the warden’s suits, mingles with the crowd, and makes his exit fro
  12. From December 19-22, 1920, the feature at the Poli was The Sin That Was His, starring William Faversham as Raymond Chapelle, Lucy Cotton as Valerie Lafleur, and Pedro de Cordoba as Father Aumont. The film has its world premiere on November 7, 1920, at the Columbia Theatre in Washington D.C. It was released at six reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Although he had been educated for the priesthood, Raymond Chapelle has become a professional gambler in an Alaskan mining town. He has a change of heart and returns winnings to a young gambler. For his good deed, Chapelle is put out of
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