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  1. From April 14-16, 1921, the Poli ran The Snob, starring Wanda Hawley as Kathryn Haynes and W. E. Lawrence as Bill Putnam. The film was released in January of 1921 at five reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Mr. and Mrs. Haynes are a wealthy society couple. Their daughter Kathryn has been brought up by her mother to be an unbearable snob. When Kathryn visits her school friend, Betty Welland, she becomes interested in Bill Putnam, a college athlete. But when she discovers he is working as a waiter to earn his way through college, she jilts him. Putnam’s friends
  2. From April 10-13, 1921, the Poli ran Forbidden Fruit¸ directed by Cecil B. DeMille, and starring Agnes Ayres as Mary Maddock and Forrest Stanley as Nelson Rogers. The film was released in January of 1921, and is available on YouTube, running just under 90 minutes. Brief Plot: Mary Maddock is a poor seamstress who works for the wealthy Mrs. Mallory. Mr. Mallory attempts to make a business deal with Nelson Rogers. To entice the young man, Mrs. Mallory invites him to a dinner party, promising him that his partner will be the prettiest girl in town. But when his partner us unable to attend,
  3. From April 7-9, 1921, the Poli ran The Testing Block, starring William S. Hart as “Sierra” Bill and Eva Novak as Nellie Gray. The film was released in December of 1920, and is available on YouTube, running around 65 minutes. Brief Plot: “Sierra” Bill is the leader of an outlaw gang. He fights with Ringe, one of the gang. When a troupe of entertainers comes by, both men eye Nellie, a violinist. Bill quits the gang, marries Nellie, and they have a son. Several years later, Ringe comes to town and plots revenge. His “associate,” Rita, reads cards for Bill and tells him that his wife is plann
  4. From April 3-6, 1921, the Poli ran Idols of Clay, starring Mae Murray as Faith Merrill and David Powell as Dion Holme. The film was released in November of 1920 at seven reels. A complete copy is held in the Gosfilmofond of Russia in Moscow. Plot: Faith Merrill lives on a South Sea island with her father. Despite his providing her with a religious upbringing, in reality he is a pearl-smuggler, who gives the natives whiskey, while pretending it is “holy water.” Faith is unaware of this, and has an innocent mind. One day, she finds a handsome stranger who has been washed ashore. T
  5. Tor Johnson. He unfortunately died while auditioning for the lead in The Laird Cregar Story.
  6. True, but I had no trouble finding the parts that have people ticked off.
  7. I think you meant HollywoodGolightly. Let's not drag Audrey Hepburn into this! Oh, maybe I should not have used "drag."
  8. Has anyone here actually read the Georgia bill? It's available online. Over my forty years of teaching, I've had to read many research papers, and I also reviewed articles for scholarly journals. I have always stressed the importance of primary sources. Rather than read an article or watch a video on the bill (which generally reflect the author's point of view), why not read the bill for yourself? By the way, Section 33 deals with the "food and water" issue.
  9. From March 31-April 2, 1921, the feature at the Poli was Always Audacious, starring Wallace Reid in the double roll of Perry Danton and Slim Attucks. The film was released on November 14, 1920, at five reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Millionaire Perry Danton, whose motto is “Always Audacious,” is regarded as an idler by his family and their lawyer, Theron Ammidown. Perry cannot receive his full inheritance until he has proven himself capable of hard work. Ammidown gives Perry a position in his office, and promises he will turn over all the Danton property to him. Meanwhile, a gang of c
  10. From March 27-30, 1921, the Poli ran Earthbound, with Wyndham Standing as Richard Desborough, Naomi Childers as Caroline Desborough, Mahlon Hamilton as Jim Rittenshaw, and Flora Revalles as Daisy Rittenshaw. The film was released in August of 1920, at eight reels. A complete copy is held in the MGM library. Plot: Jim Rittenshaw is happily married to Daisy, or so he thinks. Richard Desborough, Jim’s friend from his college days, becomes enamored of Daisy, who leads him on. Desborough lives by the creed “No God. No Sin. No future life.” Desborough neglects his own
  11. From March 24-26, 1921, the Poli ran Worlds Apart, starring Eugene O’Brien as Hugh Ledyard and Olive Tell as Elinor Ashe. Released in January of 1921 at six reels, the film is presumed lost. Unfortunately, I could only find two stills. Plot: Hugh Ledyard, a wealthy young man, is engaged to Phyllis Leigh. Peter Lester, who wants Phyllis, arranges to have her find Ledyard in a compromising situation. Phyllis leaves Ledyard and marries Lester. Ledyard, disillusioned, wanders the slums, and rescues Elinor Ashe, who has attempted to drown herself. He then recklessly marries her, even though
  12. From March 20-23, 1921, the Poli ran The Last of the Mohicans, with Wallace Beery as Magua, Barbara Bedford as Cora Munro, and Alan Roscoe as Uncas. The film was released in November of 1920, and is available on YouTube, running around 70 minutes. Brief Plot: During the French and Indian War, Cora Munro and her sister Alice attempt to reunite with their father, who is a Colonel in the British Army. They are aided by the Mohican Uncas and the scout Hawkeye. But the treacherous Magua whips his Huron tribe into a drunken frenzy, and they commit a massacre on the British. Then Magua sets his
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