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  1. From July 24-27, 1921, the Poli ran The Gilded Lily, starring Mae Murray as Lillian Drake, Lowell Sherman as Creighton Howard, and Jason Robards as Frank Thompson. The film was released on March 27, 1921, at six to seven reels. A complete 16mm negative is held in the Museo del Cine Buenos Aires in Argentina. Plot: Lillian Drake is a Broadway dancer, known as “The Gilded Lily,” and performs at the Café Royal. Creighton Howard and John Stewart, men about town, both admire her. Frank Thompson, a country boy, falls for Lily. She also falls for him and gives up her dancing career in preparatio
  2. From July 21-2, 1921, the Poli ran The Mistress of Shenstone¸ directed by Henry King, and starring Pauline Frederick as Lady Myra Ingleby and Roy Stewart as Jim Airth. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels. A foreign archive holds an incomplete copy. Plot: Lady Myra Ingleby has been informed that her husband, Lord Michael Ingleby, has been killed in an accident at the front. Another officer had mistakenly given an order which resulted in the Lord Ingleby’s death. Lady Myra does not seek the name of the man responsible for her husband’s death, and, using an assumed na
  3. Not sure if anyone mentioned this (or noticed this), but the guy on the right is Leon Schlesinger. Not sure about the guy on the left ... but it is not Don Ameche, George Brent, Xavier Cugat, or Tor Johnson:
  4. No idea why that scene was never filmed. I got that information from a contemporaneous newspaper account, which did not speculate on why the scene was dropped. That same article also contained an interview with the real-life reporter whom Stewart portrayed. The film has also been one of my favorites; I first saw it on television with my Dad, probably in the early 1960s, and was hooked.
  5. Some additional info: Joseph Majczek (the Frank Wiecek character) eventually remarried the wife he had divorced while in prison. He later worked as an insurance broker. In 1979, he suffered severe head injuries in a car accident and was confined to a sanitarium, where he died in 1983. Here is Majczek embracing his mother: Theodore Marcinkiewicz's eyesight failed later in life, and fearing he would be placed in a convalescent home, he committed suicide in 1982, Here is Marcinkiewicz embracing his mother:
  6. This is conclusive proof that the spaceship designers at Star Trek had a plumbing background:
  7. The character of Tomek Zaleska was based upon Theodore Marcinkiewicz. Marcinkiewicz was released in 1950, on grounds he did not receive a fair trial. In 1965, he was awarded $35,000 from the state of Illinois for wrongful imprisonment. He changed his name to Teddy Marcin and worked as a truck driver in Los Angeles. Incidentally, the original script for the film contained a final scene which was cut. After the shot of Jimmy Stewart and the closing narration, the camera was to move up the penitentiary wall until we see Tomek Zaleska peering downward. The narration then continues “But Tomek
  8. From July 17-20, 1921, the Poli ran Paying the Piper, starring Dorothy Dickson as Barbara Wyndham, Rod La Roque as Larry Grahame, Alma Tell as Marcia Marillo and Reginald Denny as Keith Larne. The film was released on January 30, 1921, at five to six reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Barbara Wyndham grows up as the spoiled daughter of wealthy parents. Larry Grahame is the wandering son of a wealthy industrialist. Barbara flirts with a poor architect named Keith Larne, who works for her father. Larry carries on with an actress named Marcia Marillo. However, the Wyndh
  9. From July 14-16, 1921, the feature at the Poli was Seven Years Bad Luck, starring Max Linder as Max. The film was released in February of 1921, and is available on YouTube, running around an hour. Brief Plot: Max gets himself into some silly situations after his fiancée leaves him. Eventually, the two are reunited, and the closing sequence shows they have a happy and productive marriage. Review: Don’t look for a plot; there is none. But there are several funny moments in this film, and a few solid sight gags I had never seen before. One sequence which was all too familiar was the “mi
  10. From July 10-13, 1921, the Poli ran Deception, produced in Germany, directed by Ernst Lubitsch, and starring Emil Jannings as Henry VIII and Henny Porten as Anna Boleyn. The film was originally released under the title Anna Boleyn. It is available on YouTube with German title cards. I watched it on Amazon Prime (as Anna Boleyn) with English title cards. Brief Plot: Anna Boleyn becomes the lady in waiting for Catherine of Aragon, wife of King Henry VIII. Henry immediately puts the moves on Anna. When Catherine is unable to produce a son, Henry gets his marriage annulled and marri
  11. From July 7-9, 1921, the Poli ran Finders Keepers, starring Violet Mersereau as Amy Lindel, Edmund Cobb as Paul Rutledge, and Verne Layton as Hobart Keith. The film’s release date is uncertain. It was six reels, and is presumed lost. Unfortunately, I could not locate any stills. Plot: Amy Lindel, who formerly sang in a church choir, is now a cabaret singer. Hobart Keith, who is a friend of the cabaret’s owner, forces his attentions on Amy. She meets Paul Rutledge, who discovers that Keith is someone he knows, but using an assumed name. Keith steals a girl’s diamond necklace and heaps susp
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