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  1. If I thought there was a buck in it, I'd do it. 😃
  2. From September 23-25, 1920, the Poli ran Officer 666, a comedy starring Tom Moore as Travers Gladwyn and Jean Calhoun as Helen. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was five reels, and is presumed lost. I could only find two stills. Plot: Millionaire Travers Gladwin returns from overseas unexpectedly and learns his butler is plotting with crooks to rob his valuable paintings. Gladwin informs his friend Barnes that he is going to allow the robbery just for the thrill he will get out of it. Two girls call at Gladwin’s home and ask to see him; it becomes clear that the person they kn
  3. From September 19-22, 1920, the Poli ran Homespun Folks¸ starring Lloyd Hughes as Joel Webster and Gladys George as Beulah Rogers. The film was released in September, 1920, at five reels. A copy is held in the Archives du Film du CNC in France. Plot: Joel Webster is the son of a farmer. He studies law. But his stern father, who wanted his son to pursue farming, expels him from his home after Webster receives his diploma. Webster, pushing a wheelbarrow that contains all his possessions, makes him way to the neighboring village of Gatesville to set up a practice.
  4. From September 16-18, the Poli featured Going Some¸ starring Cullen Landis as J. Wallingford Speed. The film's release date is uncertain, but it was five to six reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Right after the war, an inter-collegiate track meet takes place at Yale University. Culver Covington, the track star, is so successful with pretty girls that his buddy, J. Wallingford Speed, decides to pretend he is also a track star. Jean Chapin, Helen Blake, and Mrs. Roberta Keap are all enthusiastic patrons of the event. Jean’s fiancé, who happens to be Roberta’s brother, is Covington. Robert
  5. As long as they are updated so that everyone (besides the killer) wears a mask and practices social distancing.
  6. These are just films guaranteed to put you to sleep.
  7. This is the greatest film of all time, from the greatest director of all time, starring the greatest Swedish actor of all time, featuring the greatest special effects of all time, along with the greatest script of all time. Now the costumes needed just a bit of work, but why nitpick. Our story opens with Criswell (the greatest psychic of all time, sporting the greatest coiffure of all time) setting the stage for the spine-tingling story about to be played out before us. From there, we get tender scenes of Bela Lugosi, the greatest bloodsucker of all time, mourning at his dead wife’s funer
  8. There was a short-lived television series in the 60s called "Fractured Flickers," hosted by Hans Conreid, which featured clips from silents and lampooned them. That was my introduction to silent films. After watching those episodes, I assumed all silents were costume dramas, slapstick comedies, or silly romances. Was I wrong!
  9. From September 12-15, the Poli ran The Penalty, featuring Lon Chaney as “Blizzard.” Released in July of 1920, the film has been shown on TCM, and there are some good prints on YouTube. The version I watched (several years ago) was on YouTube. The movie runs about 90 minutes. Brief Plot: An underworld kingpin named "Blizzard," whose legs were needlessly amputated as a youth, plans to plunder San Francisco. He also plans to take revenge on the doctor who cut off his legs. In the climax, Blizzard attempts to force the doctor to cut off the legs off Barbara’s fiancé, and graft them onto his b
  10. From September 9-11, the Poli ran The Inner Voice¸ starring E. K. Lincoln as Mark Reid and Agnes Ayres as Barbara. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels. Complete copies exist in the Library of Congress and the Cineteca Nazionale in Rome. Plot: Mark Reid, a young prospector, discovers gold in the Sierra foothills. He meets an old man known as “The Good Samaritan,” who counsels him and welcomes him into his home. While he is away registering his claim, another prospector, Mike O’Hara, comes along, and, seeing no one around, takes possession of the gold
  11. Damn, I missed that. I am so sick and tired of watching lesbians making out in black and white.
  12. Some were staged by publicity agents for the studio, but quite a few theater owners staged their own ... and ended up in court for it. You'll have to wait and see about that, in an upcoming review.
  13. Sounds a little like The Beach Girls and the Monster: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058954/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1
  14. From September 5-8, 1920, the Poli ran Madame X, starring Pauline Frederick as Jacqueline Floriot. Directed by Frank Lloyd, the film was released in September, 1920, at seven reels. A complete copy is held in the George Eastman House in Rochester. Brief Plot: Jacqueline Floriot is married to Louis Floriot and they have a young son, Raymond. Jacqueline has a love affair with Floriot’s friend, which Floriot discovers. He banishes her from his house. When she learns that Raymond is desperately ill, Jacqueline returns to the home against her husband’s wishes, and a servant lets her in. But Fl
  15. From September 2-4, 1920, the feature at the Poli was What Women Want, starring Louise Huff as Francine D’Espard. The film was released at five reels, but the release date is uncertain. The Library of Congress has a complete copy. I could find almost no information on this film. Plot: Francine D’Espard meets an American army officer, William Holliday Jr., in France. Francine comes to the United States intending to marry him, but discovers he is set to marry an American girl. She is unaware that Holliday’s father has been threatened by an unscrupulous businessman. She hatches a plan to se
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