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  1. From October 24-27, 1920, the Poli ran Honest Hutch, starring Will Rogers as the title character. The film was released on September 25, 1920, at five to six reels. A complete copy is held in the MGM archives. Plot: Hutch is a happy-go-lucky, but rather shiftless man. His long-suffering wife supports him and their children, while he spends his time making excuses to keep from working. One day, while digging for worms, he finds a strongbox buried by the bank of a river. The box contains fifty thousand dollars, which, unknown to Hutch, is from a bank robbery. But Hutch reali
  2. I don't see any subtitles, Portuguese or otherwise.
  3. You can watch Return of Dracula on YouTube.
  4. It might be The Woman Who Wouldn't Die. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057926/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_38
  5. From October 21-23, 1920, the Poli ran Where Is My Husband? starring Jose Collins and Godfrey Tearle. Also known as Nobody’s Child, the film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels and is presumed lost. Unfortunately, I could find very little information on this film, and no stills. Plot: A struggling young opera singer falls in love and marries an American, only to be separated from him by the jealousy and greed of her own people. Believing her husband has deserted her, she returns to the opera world and achieves world-wide fame. But her little daughter is a constant reminder
  6. This is more a case of "I am just now watching ...." but I just noticed someone for the first time in North by Northwest. This is the scene right after Thornhill flees from the U.N. and is trying to get on a train, Is this fellow Roger C. Carmel? The film does not appear in his credits.
  7. I also like House of Dark Shadows I've been watching the original series on TUBI, reliving my adolescence. It's interesting how much I correctly recall, and also how much I falsely recall. As for The Fearless Vampire Killers, I think I only made it through the first fifteen minutes or so several years ago, and got bored really fast.
  8. From October 17-20, the Poli ran The Revenge of Tarzan, starring Gene Pollar as the swinger in the loincloth, and Karla Schramm as Jane Porter. The film’s release date is uncertain. The movie was originally released as The Return of Tarzan. A complete seven-reel copy is held in the British Film Institute. Plot: As Tarzan returns to France on an ocean liner, he meets the villainous Rokoff. Tarzan catches Rokoff cheating at cards. In Paris, Rokoff hooks up with another villain, Clayton, and they try to put Tarzan in a compromising situation with the Countess De Coude, who is married to the
  9. From October 14-16, 1920, the feature at the Poli was You Never Can Tell¸ starring Bebe Daniels as Rowena Jones and Jack Mulhall as Prince. The film’s release date is uncertain. The Library of Congress has a complete five-reel copy. Unfortunately, I could not find any stills. Plot: Rowena Jones works as a hat-check girl in a large New York City hotel. She comes from a large family, and decides that her living conditions are unbearable. She sets out to marry a rich man. William Vaughn meets her at the cigar counter and takes her to dinner at a Long Island resort hotel. But it turns out Vau
  10. Thank you so much for this contribution, and welcome to the boards! The Coliseum must have been a beautiful theatre in its time. I'm glad the building still exists and is being used. The Poli in Bridgeport disappeared long ago. However, a few other theatres from the early years in Bridgeport still exist, and are supposedly being renovated ... although I've been waiting years to see that happen. I am curious how you knew The Flapper was playing at The Coliseum.
  11. I saw it several years ago on TCM and liked it, although I'm not sure I would sit through it too many times. Just a note on the score: Alfred Newman and Bernard Herrmann both contributed. Watch the scene where Darvi is being choked underwater; the background music has Herrmann's name written all over it.
  12. From October 10-13, 1920, the Poli featured The Branding Iron, starring Barbara Castleton as Joan Carver, James Kirkwood as Pierre Landis, and Richard Tucker as Prosper Gael. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was seven reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Joan Carver escapes the clutches of her father, who has been keeping her from contact with the outside world. A mountaineer named Pierre Landis meets Joan and marries her. Joan’s father warns Landis that he has married the daughter of a “bad woman.” Joan befriends the Reverend Frank Holliwell, which makes Landis j
  13. Yeah, that guy caught my attention as well!
  14. From October 7-9. 1920, the Poli ran The Palace of Darkened Windows, starring Claire Anderson as Arlee Eversham and Arthur Edmund Carewe as The Rajah. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was six reels. A fragment exists in the British Film Institute. Plot: Americans Arlee Eversham and her aunt are visiting India. Arlee and her aunt meet a Rajah. Arlee becomes interested in the Rajah. Her British friend, Captain Falconer, and another American, Billy Hill, both of whom are in love with her, are wary of the man. Arlee decides see wants to sneak a
  15. From October 3-6, 1920, the Poli ran The Leopard Woman, starring Louise Glaum as the title character, and House Peters as John Culbertson. The film was released on September 26, 1920, at seven reels. Complete copies exist in the Library of Congress, the UCLA Film and Television Archives, and the Academy Film Archive. The film is available on YouTube and runs about 70 minutes. The print on YouTube was poor, so I took stills from trade magazines. Brief Plot: The British government sends agent John Culbertson to make a treaty with an African tribal leader. “Madame,” aka “The Leopard Woman,”
  16. From September 30-October 2, 1920, the Poli presented Out of the Snows, directed by and starring Ralph Ince as Robert Holliday. The film was released on August 23, 1920, at five reels. A complete copy is held in the Cinematheque Royale de Belgique. Plot: Robert Holliday, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is engaged to Ruth Hardy. On the eve of their marriage, Ruth tells Holliday she knows nothing about her parents; since childhood, she has been provided for by an anonymous source. When Holliday goes to get an official to perform the ceremony, Ruth is visited by John Blakeman
  17. From September 26-29, 1920, the Poli featured The North Wind’s Malice, starring Tom Santschi as Roger, Jane Thomas as Lois, and Joe King as Carter. The film was released in October of 1920, at five reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Roger Folsom is scolded by his wife Lois because he tracked snow into the house and spilled coffee on the table cloth. This causes Roger to leave his wife. Roger’s brother Tom tells him that Lois is getting involved with a man named Carter, which causes Roger to go even further north. During his travels, he writes to his wife, telling her he still loves her an
  18. If I thought there was a buck in it, I'd do it. 😃
  19. From September 23-25, 1920, the Poli ran Officer 666, a comedy starring Tom Moore as Travers Gladwyn and Jean Calhoun as Helen. The film’s release date is uncertain, but it was five reels, and is presumed lost. I could only find two stills. Plot: Millionaire Travers Gladwin returns from overseas unexpectedly and learns his butler is plotting with crooks to rob his valuable paintings. Gladwin informs his friend Barnes that he is going to allow the robbery just for the thrill he will get out of it. Two girls call at Gladwin’s home and ask to see him; it becomes clear that the person they kn
  20. From September 19-22, 1920, the Poli ran Homespun Folks¸ starring Lloyd Hughes as Joel Webster and Gladys George as Beulah Rogers. The film was released in September, 1920, at five reels. A copy is held in the Archives du Film du CNC in France. Plot: Joel Webster is the son of a farmer. He studies law. But his stern father, who wanted his son to pursue farming, expels him from his home after Webster receives his diploma. Webster, pushing a wheelbarrow that contains all his possessions, makes him way to the neighboring village of Gatesville to set up a practice.
  21. From September 16-18, the Poli featured Going Some¸ starring Cullen Landis as J. Wallingford Speed. The film's release date is uncertain, but it was five to six reels, and is presumed lost. Plot: Right after the war, an inter-collegiate track meet takes place at Yale University. Culver Covington, the track star, is so successful with pretty girls that his buddy, J. Wallingford Speed, decides to pretend he is also a track star. Jean Chapin, Helen Blake, and Mrs. Roberta Keap are all enthusiastic patrons of the event. Jean’s fiancé, who happens to be Roberta’s brother, is Covington. Robert
  22. As long as they are updated so that everyone (besides the killer) wears a mask and practices social distancing.
  23. These are just films guaranteed to put you to sleep.
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