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  1. My honest reaction to the film is that it overdoes the gushing sentiment all the way through, never missing a chance to hammer it home as a sob story. Some clever light touches of humor would have helped. Typical of the "women's films" of the '40s--but not in the same class as some of the others. To cover sixty years, aging was accomplished by putting white wigs on everyone but leaving the faces unlined with Martha Scott keeping her trim figure to the end. What happened to realism??? Much as I like Martha Scott and her quiet manner, the script was much too syrupy for my taste.
  2. Strictly eye candy. Sumptuous production in the David O. Selznick tradition. But although the color was gorgeous, the story was dull...extremely so, even with the presence of Basil Rathbone and Joseph Schildkraut in the cast. Neil
  3. Delightful film. I have it on VHS but I'll be watching anyway. Neil
  4. moirafinnie6: In that photo of Whit Bissell he looks an awful lot like JOHN CARRADINE, the famous character actor of the '40s and '50s, especially with that mustache. I saw HE WALKS BY NIGHT and the scenes with Bissell and Richard Basehart were chilling. Neil
  5. FredCDobbs: The trouble is, it wasn't supposed to be funny!!! Neil
  6. Irma: I'm just as enthusiastic about this one as you are. Everything about it appealed to me--especially the Gothic mood and atmosphere combined with romance. Burton and De Havilland were excellent together. I did post a thread at the Golden Globes forum at "Hot Topics" in which I ranted about the whole affair. As far as I know, there were no further responses. Warren Beatty, never one of my favorites, must have had a little too much to drink before he gave his "speech". And I thought Tom Hanks' intro lacked class. Neil
  7. Very disappointed when I finally saw it recently. Not at all the classic I remembered--in fact, it was so hokey I thought I was watching one of the "Airplane" spoofs. Just awful in every department--not to mention the most badly dated airline film ever--with no security precautions, handgun on board, smokers, the usual trite flashbacks and a whimper of a climax after all that luggage was thrown out. Only compliment I can give it is the title tune. Neil
  8. I love watching the candid camera shots of celebs in the audience. A standout was a few years ago when CAMERON DIAZ was chewing gum furiously as she stood and clapped when they introduced Olivia de Havilland to a standing ovation. Diaz had a blank look on her face and a silly smile--but gave the impression she didn't even know who Olivia was! Or am I underestimating her??? In the same camera shots, HARRISON FORD looked amused when Michael Moore let loose with his Bush insults--and remained smiling even as Moore was booed by a large segment of the audience. You have to wonder what
  9. Having a bout of insomnia, I watched most of it at 4:15 a.m. and enjoyed it very much. How about the rest of you? You all talked about it, but nobody has any reaction yet. I guess I'm the only one that watched!! This is one film that should have been on DVD long before this and there's still no word about it coming out. Neil
  10. I'd love to read that article too but I suppose it's not available on line. Glad to see the interest in MY COUSIN RACHEL which comes up on AMC next month. I was very impressed by the performances of Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton--they're terrific together. I love that sensual scene before a blazing fireplace in de Havilland's budoir. It is typical Daphne duMaurier material and extremely well done. Neil
  11. It's a great Gothic romance. And contrary to what another poster said, Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton have excellent chemistry together. Both give very vivid performances and Burton in no way overpowers her. I hope you watch it. You'll love it. I was fortunate to tape it when it was on AMC without commercial interruptions several years ago before AMC changed their policy and have watched it frequently. Excellent performances and the right amount of mood and atmosphere, with a wonderful score by Franz Waxman. Neil
  12. Did a Google search under "De Havilland Comeback" and there are several links indicating she's considering a return to the big screen to play Brooke Astor in an upcoming film. Meryl Streep, they say, is interested in playing her niece, Charlene. Does anyone think this is likely to happen? Or would you rather see Olivia get to work finishing that autobiography??? Neil
  13. Not every Paramount film is going to make it to DVD (at least not in my lifetime!!) And therefore I'm glad I purchased LOVE LETTERS on VHS a few years ago at a reasonable price at Amazon. It's a beautiful print, so if you can get a good VHS copy by all means do so. It may be years before this one goes to DVD, if at all. Neil
  14. Just finishd reading all the posts and hoped someone would mention Olivia vs. Jane for the 1948 awards. Glad you and vecchio spoke about it. I've always felt Olivia was robbed (even if she had won two years before for "To Each His Own"). The N.Y. Film Critics gave it to Olivia on the first ballot and the Academy should have done the same. Jane was excellent but Olivia's role was much more complex, much more demanding and even included acting (using facial expressions only) while we hear her voice-over thoughts to show inner conflicts, the way Jane did also in "Johnny Belinda". But Oli
  15. Swithin: Olivia has had two Star of the Month tributes from TCM. Both were in the month of May--1998 and 2003. ANTHONY ADVERSE was included in both tributes. They both included about 25 of her films--but both lacked THE SNAKE PIT and MY COUSIN RACHEL. Neil
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