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  1. Hello Fxreyman, I don't think you understood my post: I don't begrudge the recognition of the technical people and etc. who've passed on; and I do think that they should be featured, even if I don't know who they were.... But, I do think it's an ommition and slite to not include Rutherford and Totter, as they were at one time big stars, whom some of us oldie remember happily... Personally, I wonder if they couldn't have dropped Bette Midler and her "Wings Beneath My Wings" number. Don't get me wrong - I love dear Bette and her song, but it was a little much for my liking at that
  2. Hi, Ann Rutherford and Audrey Totter were left off the "In Memoriam" segment. Unforgiveable.... I didn't know over half the people named there - mostly technical ones; although I don't begrudge their recognition at all. But, Rutherford and Totter had many fans among us 'classic fanatics' and should have been shown... Who was that dork in the shorts with the skinny chicken legs? Stupid, and disrespectful. Larry
  3. Hi, An interesting footnote to this film is that Carlotta, even though mentally unbalanced, did denounce Napoleon III, even from The Vatican.... Three years after Maximilian was executed, Prussia defeated Napoleon and he died the next year in Britain. And so, Carlotta was seemingly avenged.. She lived on for 60 more years as a recluse in her native Belgium in a castle there; not quite mad but apparently quite paranoid... Larry
  4. Hi James, I confess that I don't know how many years Violet was "used", but I surmised that it was up until "Last Summer", when he turned to ET.... It's been some time since I've seen the picture, so I'm guessing really, but I thought she said that Sebastian had written 13 poems but none that "Last Summer"..... Doesn't she show Montgomery a book of poetry? Were there 13 poems in it - I don't know... In 1959, Katharine Hepburn would have been 50'ish; and so 13 years before she probably would have been an attractive 36, 37, 38.... Her films from 1946, show her an attractive woman
  5. Hi, Katharine Hepburn - and thus, Violet venable - was quite attractive in her youth and although I'm not really a KH fame per say, I would have dated her..... Remember, Sebastian dumped her after she grew older and wasn't able to 'attract' anymore - thus Elizabeth is recruited.... I don't know whether they 'attracted the same type'; and maybe Sebastian was now looking for less fussy rough trade types now, who would degrade themselves for - money, food, shelter????? Perhaps the former "upper class toy-boys" were no longer intersted in Sebastian - for as Violet grew older, so too Sebast
  6. Hi, She's the best thing, besides Margaret Rutherford, in "The V.I.P.'s"... The ever efficient secretary, secretly in love with Rod Taylor and then going to Richard Burton and asking for money..... Understated performance - and brilliant... Larry
  7. Hi, Yes, what get-ups - - I can see the local secretaries going to work on a bus and typing & filing in those costumes.... And, vamping the boss as well!!!! Iras was played by Carmel Myers, who specialized in vamp roles; although she wasn't quite as lethal as Theda Bara.... Like Theda, she was a nice little Jewish girl condemed to slink (slunk) around in next to nothing. Ironically, she was a great friend of Mary Pickford - the nice girl in the flicks!! Larry
  8. Hi RM, Everything you wrote is correct except that Henry VIII had no sons. He did have 2: King Edward VI, son of Jane Seymour. He lived only to 15, but was king after Henry for 6 years. The Duke of Richmond, who was illegitimate and died before Henry. He could not have inherited the throne anyway... Larry
  9. Hello Dargo2, I believe Silver Screen Oasis originates in LA - Mongo also posts on there too. FYI: "The River of No Return" was filmed entirely in Banff and Lake Louise (Rocky Mtn. country).... Larry
  10. Hello Misswonderly, A hearty Calgarian "Howdie" to you, fellow Canadian!!! I posted on this board quite awhile ago, but vacated when it erupted into a mud-slinging fest some years ago. I sometimes come back here to lurk now.... Mostly, I post on Silver Screen Oasis now... Larry
  11. Hi, Well, I am Canadian; I live in Calgary, Alberta, which is the most American! city in Canada because of the oil industry here. It is also the most conservative city in Canada and is in the heart of 'red-neck' country... Mostly, we are polite and well mannered but there are definitely very rude, coughing, sneezing individuals here too... The finger is given and "a-s-s-h-o-l-e" is readily heard here too.... I have travelled many times to the US and Europe and Asia and have been treated very well - I wear a small maple leaf pin on my shirt or lapel and it seems to get me treated
  12. Hi, Yes Lynn, a trip to Musso and Franks sounds like a plan!! And, it will be good to see Mr. C again; and of course, I will anticipate Kyle joining us, as he missed out going with us 4 years ago, when he had to work... Christy (Ms. SueSue) should round out our venture too..... I can taste the food already!! Larry
  13. Dear Lynn and Kyle, Since I am planning to finally attend 2014's event, I heartily endorse your choices of: *El Cid* - with Sophia Loren (my favourite STAR!!) *The Rains Came* - Myrna and Ty at their most beautiful & George and Brenda giving good performances each *The Roaring Twenties* - I've never seen it, but hear Gladys George is great *Destry Rides Again* - Jimmy and Marlene at their best Larry
  14. Hi, Filmgoddess is correct - this was disgusting - to leave out Andy Griffith and Alex Karras, and to include people nobody ever heard of. The worst exclusions for me were Ann Rutherford and Tony Martin, two real stars and two members of the Hollywood community for decades.. Shame on the Academy. Larry
  15. Hi Eugenia, Thank you for mentioning George Brent in "The Rains Came"... I think it's his best performance; and after seeing him and ignoring him mostly in several films before, I actually sat up and took notice of him here. Enjoyed him greatly in this movie. Of course, everyone else in it was excellent too... Mary Nash needs special notice! But, please don't let me derail this thread - although I already have... Sorry - - back to Barbara Stanwyck, a great star and fine actress (a rarity in Hollywood, then and especially now!!)...... Larry
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