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  1. Fred, I saw this movie when it first came out and thought 'these people are all horrible and stupid. I went to it because Mercedes McCambridge was in it and she played such a rotten hag / harridan that I couldn't relate to her. And, Zsa Zsa was in it for 2 seconds. I saw it again some years later, after hearing that it was a great classic and didn't change my mind. I have always adhered to the premise that there are lots of people out there that should be shot in the head because they are useless and just criminal parasites; and these are some of them. Shoot the bunch!! Marlen
  2. Hi Tracey, Actually I'd love to see a 'moose in hobnailed boots' dancing; that would be a novelty!! I've only ever seen Ruby Keeler in "42 Street" so I can't judge her talent really. But I thought she was right for the part as a clunky chorine, who's given a chance. I really was much more interested in Bebe Daniels, who does a great job with the boys in "You're Getting To Be a Habit with Me"... Marvellous!! Bravo, Bebe..... Larry
  3. Hi, Since Cary Grant was a major star and male heart-throb, I can't see him going about unhygienic. Under the studio system, both men and women were given lessons in deportment and elocution as well as speech, singing and dancing. Health and cleanliness would definitely be offered too. At MGM, Lillian Burns ran many stars lives, mostly women, but certainly men also and she would never have allowed a star to go out in public dirty and smelly. She would have laid down the law, even to Cary Grant. I know this for sure, since I knew Lillian Burns quite well. She was a darling, but could
  4. Madge, No, I didn't know about Ginger Roger's comments on Elaine. I'm not that fussy about Ginger Rogers; I can take her or leave her, so I didn't read her book. I don't ususally read these books -- the autobiographies are whitewashes and the biographies and others are usually muckracking scandals .. Larry
  5. Hi, Deborah - I have to disagree with you slightly about Van Johnson being the best thing in "Brigadoon". I think it was my friend, Elaine Stewart, the **** at the end of the movie (Jane??) who only cared about the big wedding and engagement ring and impressing her friends. I don't mind Van Johnson and he was good in the picture but he's not my favourite movie star..... Re: Mame - They definitely should have vetoed Lucy and gone with Angela Lansbury. But, Lucy had the money then and bought the film rights. Today, Angela has the money now, but would be too old. Pity. Two other
  6. Hey Paty, That facelift look is called "the wind tunnel"... Poor Mary Tyler Moore, she is so talented and yet tragic. I've seen her interviewed about her diabetes fundraising and can hardly recognize her as the sweet young thing in "Thoroughly Modern Millie"..... And, Burt now looks like an old lecher. If they took a centerfold of him now, he'd have to put a hand over his face as well as his gonads.. Larry
  7. Hi Paty, I agree this movie was pretty bad, but it was funny too as well as embarrassing. Embarrassing for the performers and for the audience. However, if I were Tony or Ringo or Timothy I think I would want to be able to say that I had made a movie with Mae West. It looks good on the resume, even if it is an hilarious disaster. The only thing worse would have been "Sextette - The Sequel" or "Sextette, Part II" Here's my crazy idea for a movie musical -- "The Resurrection of Mae", starring Burt Reynolds, who is the current Mae West incarnation..... Larry
  8. Hi Sue, Yes, Stanwyck is spelled with a 'Y'. It is too bad that some of these movie stars didn't have great family lives themselves and therefore couldn't forge relationships with their own children. I know so many of them who wound up alone and lonely. Unfortunate! Larry
  9. Hi, I believe she had a son called Dion and he was adopted. He was sent away to military school and by 1951 was estranged from her. I think I remember he joined the Navy that year and never bothered with her again. Barbara had a house in Brentwood for many years and I heard that it burnt down at the end of her life. Not a happy ending for her. Larry
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