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  1. It says 17 movies, what are the other two? They are showing Gojira and 14 other movies from the Showa era.
  2. The monster of the month of 2018 is the Mummy but the original Mummy isn't playing.
  3. I think that they should have a special night for Onslow Stevens. can anyone tell that's the same man?
  4. It just seems like no other monster would have enough movies too, the wolf man, mummy, creature, king kong and the invisible man wouldn't have enough films for the whole month.
  5. If you are interested, TCM is playing The Blob tomorrow night.
  6. Who do you think will be the monster of the month of 2018? I hope it will be Godzilla.
  7. Who do you think will be the monster of the month of 2018? I hope it will be Godzilla.
  8. what dose everybody think about the ending of Invasion of the Body Snatchers? To me it feels kind of negative anyway, sure the hero saves the world but know he has nothing to go back to. His friends and his girlfriend are all now plants and are gonna be killed by the army. You could say the bad guys didn't win but nether did the hero and that's not very that common in movies.
  9. I know, it's just when it comes to monsters caused by radiation, Godzilla and the other Toho kaiju are probably the most famous.
  10. Also I can't help but find it odd to see a horror movie star like Boris Karloff in a movie like that. The only reason I'd get rid of shrinking man is because I didn't know that it was supposed to be about radiation, I just thought it was some weird mist. Also I find it strange that they played the H-Man over Godzilla and Mothra since it's not as famous as those movies are. I'm not insulting TCM but I feel like it could have different or split into two nights like that mental health theme a couple of weeks ago.
  11. 8:00 PM The Incredible Shrinking Man 9:30 PM Them! 11:15 PM The Magnetic Monster 12:45 PM Die, Monster, Die! 2:15 AM The Giant Behemoth 3:45 AM The H-Man 5:15 AM The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues Good lineup but I would've swapped Shrinking and Die for Godzilla and Mothra.
  12. It wasn't like he came out with it like that, he pulled it out of his pocket and it flicks open like a switchblade.
  13. Not sure, he was a "star" in both, but Onslow Stevens in House of Dracula (1945) and Them (1954) That's the one.
  14. Why does every one feel sorry for Klaatu? He was shot, so what? He came down with a thing that looks like a bunch of needles.
  15. What actor starred in a 1945 Universal horror movie and a 1954 Warner Brothers sci-fi.
  16. In Them! towards the end, we see a closeup of an ant and part of it is black and doesn't look like the prop.
  17. (Sorry, I'm just seeing some kid standing up in class and reading this off of lined paper for his school report...) Don't be sorry, thank you for reading and her is the link to his page if anyone wants to post it there.http://www.tcm.com/processors/search/TCMPartClick.html?docid=138610|67643&part=Haruo-Nakajima&url=/tcmdb/person/138610|67643/Haruo-Nakajima&query=haruo nakajima
  18. What's an overview page? If you look up his name, you'll see his name and a little thing at the bottom that says 4 credits, Seven Samurai, Godzilla Vs the Thing, War of the monster (aka Godzilla vs Gigan) and Split Screen:Season Eight? It says be the the first to contribute here at the bottom.
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