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  1. Have some of you seen anime, or are you just stating your opinion because you don't think you will like it? Again, I don't think anime belongs on TCM but, I'm not going to judge a show I've never even watched. If you did watch it and hated it that's your opinion, but it's a bit ignorant if you've never watched it and are calling it "crap". (I didn't have the chance to watch the last movie...I went to bed before it came on.)
  2. I've said it before but, I'm saying it again...the end of "My Fair Lady". All Higgins can say at the end is "Where are my slippers?"...??? And I know about the whole epilogue thing... And I agree also with the "Guys and Doll" ending...I think the stage show was a bit different...
  3. Yep I'm a big Sarah Brightman fan....(or rather "Phantom" fan). I love all of Andrew Lloyd Webber's music from "Cats" to "The Woman in White"...by the way for all of you "phans" out there..."Phantom of the Opera" officially became the longest running Broadway show last Monday...7,486 shows!!! Yeah for Phantom!!!
  4. Mine would have to be the score from "Guys and Dolls"...I believe it's the first "soundtrack" I went out and bought. (By the way there is no "Guys and Dolls" soundtrack, on a Decca Records CD of the "Guys and Dolls" original cast there are three or four songs from the film...Sinatra wouldn't release his rights.) They really do need to release a soundtrack though...
  5. Although I agree with some of the posters who believe Anime does not belong in TCM I think that some of you are a bit to closed-minded when it comes to Anime. I've never watched Miyazaki Anime, but I'm not automatically going to put a label on it because it is anime. I mean it's your own right to turn something off that you don't want to watch but, I'm not going to automatically think anime is bad. The thing that just bothered me is that anime seemed so random on TCM. It has absolutely nothing to do with most of its other shows. I can see why they can get by with putting "Sleepless in Seattle"
  6. West Side Story it's one of my favorite movies.
  7. I agree with Melanie...It's not that I don't like anime but, it is so out of Turner Classic Movie's usual programming. It would be almost like ESPN showing a chick flick to broaden their viewer's likes. I know many people who think "Sixteen Candles" is a classic movie or "Lord of the Rings". Both of them are great movies and are classics in their own right...but I don't think it's a Turner Classic Movie.
  8. Just wondering but why are they playing anime??? I mean it has nothing to do with what they ususally show...
  9. I'm still not sure about this movie...I mean I have never been too fond of re-makes...and it seems way too "computerized" (know it's not a word)...
  10. Hey maybe you should put your petition on this site so people could sign it. http://www.petitiononline.com
  11. That's a brillant idea! At my middle school they had a classic movies club...but it didn't do so well. And I wasn't really into classic movies at that age. Also it was mandatory that you had to join a club so if they didn't have room for you in your desired club you were put in the "old movies" club which everyone hated. I might start one when I'm a junoir or senoir but, I don't know that many people my age who like "old" movies...my parents even don't!
  12. I'd buy it but like others have said no one would play with me and I think it's a little too expensive for my tastes...but I guess you could get it through E-bay.
  13. 1.) They don't work hard. 2.) Most of them get into hollywood through nepotism (family has connections and gets them in). 3.) Just wanna be famous...aren't really passionate about acting.
  14. There are A LOT of Marlon Brando threads already....or do we not have to worry about bandwidth here?
  15. This quote isn't famous by any sense but, I still love it! Charade Audrey: Do you know what's wrong with you? Cary: No what? Audrey: Nothing. I also like this quote from Breakfast at Tiffany's: Holly: Me and cat are a couple of no name slobs.
  16. Can I say it any more times... "The Phantom of the Opera" I just love the music!!!
  17. I would absolutely love for them to produce a "Guys and Dolls" soundtrack...they made a limited edition one back in the '70s on a record....I have the Broadway Original Cast version with 4 songs from the film...but that's it
  18. I would suggest these films: -"My Fair Lady" -"Bringing Up Baby" -"Sound of Music" -"North By Northwest" -"Gone With the Wind" Try movies with big name stars in them like: Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, and others...
  19. I think this thread was already done by twisterseal....somewhere...but today I watched Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "On the Waterfront", before that I'd only seen him in "Guys and Dolls". My favorite now is definetly "On the Waterfront" I love that movie!!!
  20. Whew! As an ardent Audrey Hepburn fan I was mortified!
  21. Audrey Hepburn is of course my favorite star!!! But I do like Cary Grant and Gene Kelly.
  22. Can anyone tell me more about the re-making of "Breakfast At Tiffany's"?
  23. I liked when in "Guys and Dolls" when Jean Simmons slaps Marlon Brando, right after he kisses her. Then he tells her, "Well, that makes it necessary for me to stop in again. Matthew 5:39. Don't bother looking it up, it's the bit about the other cheek."
  24. This thread is also in General Discussions, except they spelled Astaire wrong...to "Astair"...
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