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  1. Hi Cindy, welcome back! I sure did miss you. Would it be, Harry Langdon? Stan "The Man"
  2. He also played one of the teenage boys,(Unbilled)that was talking to James Cagney who was lying on his hammock towards the end of "Yankee Doodle Dandy". Stan
  3. Enjoy your vacation Cindy in Pennsylvania! Can't wait for your return as well as your very interesting trivia questions of yours! Stan The Man
  4. I belive it was Bat Masterson! Stan "The Man"
  5. "Sweet Smell Of Success", and said by, Burt Lancaster who played the part of, J.J. Hunsecker. Stan "The Man"
  6. F. Scott Fitzgerald Stan "The Man"
  7. Is it, Fort Algiers? Stan "The Man"
  8. It was the head of the martian. Stan "The Man"
  9. "Along the Great Divide" Stan "The Man"
  10. Columbia Pictures Corporation Stan "The Man"
  11. Was it, Nancy Walker? Stan "The Man"
  12. I will only buy WIDESCREEN/LETTERBOX DVD's! I want to watch it the way the director intended us to see it! I want to see all of the movie, and not half!!
  13. I believe it's, "Paris Holiday". Stan "The Man"
  14. I'll take a guess and say, MGM? Stan "The Man"
  15. Thanks Cindy, you just made my (Birth)day!! You are very thoughtful. I sure wish I was 18 again!!!! Stan "The Man"
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