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  1. I'm usually smitten with lesser known actresses but I'd have a hard time choosing. Maybe Dorothy Morris, Peggy Moran, or Mary Carlisle. Among more recent actresses, I've had a crush on Mary Steenbrugen ever since I saw Time After Time.
  2. One of the most annoying cliches in movies for the past few decades is slow motion explosions. It just seems to be one of those things directors do without even thinking about. When something explodes in a movie you can be sure you'll see it from multiple angles and in slow motion.
  3. I remember when AMC used to campaign against colorization and they'd sometimes run an anti-colorization promo. I particularly remember the end where a bucket of paint is dumped on King Kong and the voiceover says, "We don't monkey around with the originals." Well, now they do.
  4. I've often wished I could go to some time like the twenties as long as I would be able to return to the present if I needed modern healthcare!
  5. I like it too, but the novel is much better and much different. It's by Baynard Kendrick and titled The Odor of Violets. The basic setup is the same (tension between mother and stepdaughter about a man they've both been involved with) but the movie dispenses with the plot of the novel shortly after that and becomes about espionage. I guess they decided they just didn't want to try to put that complicated whodunit plot on screen. That's the reason for the odd shift in storyline. Kendrick, who was interested in blind people and how they coped, wrote a whole series of these Duncan McClai
  6. I like Anne Shirley in some things but find her annoying in others. It's not so much her as the roles she was given. She typically played naive girls who were very sweet and rather dumb, such as in Government Girl. But in films like Murder, My Sweet she plays a young woman who was nice but also smart. I like her a lot in that. Edited by: twangman9312 on Sep 12, 2012 6:48 AM
  7. In answer to the question posed in the thread title, Powell is the best Marlowe I've seen. I love THE BIG SLEEP, but Bogart isn't really playing Marlowe as much as he's playing the typical Bogart hero, which he does so well. I haven't seen THE BRASHER DOUBLOON in years. My memories of it are that George Montgomery is pretty bad (he seemed to be playing the same guy he played in ORCHESTRA WIVES or maybe that's just the same guy he always played), but that Florence Bates is fantastic as Mrs. Murdock. My memory is that the movie has a nice norish atmosphere, despite Montgomery. I'd love to se
  8. I was looking recently for information about Peggy Moran (no relation) when I came across pictures of Dolores Moran. She was beautiful. I particularly remember her in A Horn Blows at Midnight. I didn't remember her at all in To Have and Have Not.
  9. I've been requesting this movie for years. I've read the book, which I highly recommend, but I've never seen the movie.
  10. I've read quite a few Philo Vance novels and seen The Kennel Murder Case The Bishop Murder Case, The Dragon Murder Case, and The Garden Murder Case. Basil Rathbone's portrayal in Bishop was closest to the Vance of the books, though Kennel (with the always wonderful William Powell) is a far superior movie. I wish Powell had done more of them. I believe he did The Canary Murder Case also, which I haven't seen but which I understand isn't very good.
  11. I don't know how much singing Deanna Durbin did after her movie career was over, but I did read that she sang at her son's wedding. I also remember back when Bob Dorian was on AMC he said once that he got a letter from Deanna Durbin saying she liked the channel and might consider being interviewed by Dorian if AMC wanted. The interview never happened though. Edited by: twangman9312 on May 5, 2010 7:38 AM
  12. Not long ago I found a copy of the book and read it, and this is a case where the movie is better than the book, or at least more entertaining. The book is depressing.
  13. I love these films. It's interesting to see how different Sanders and Conway are. IMHO, Sanders had talent and charisma and Conway didn't. In most of these films, Conway just fills space on the screen perpetually looking surprised. He does much better in The Falcons Brother. Perhaps the presence of his own brother relaxed him. I like his Falcon films anyway, but they'd have been so much better if Sanders had continued in the role.
  14. The one on the right is of Gretchen Mol playing Bettie Page.
  15. Charlie Chan in Reno. And I prefer Toler as Chan. Oland was too polite. I would be happy to see the Monogram Chans. I've only seen three of them, and I've never any of the Roland Winters Chans.
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