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  1. Harvey is right. (I only got this posted after a long struggle with my computer, so I hope no one got impatient. Sorry)
  2. Okay...How about: One more peep outta you, weisenheimer, and I'll butter your necktie. (A phrase I never exactly understood - unless it just means a bloody nose?)
  3. Margaret Hamilton? Message was edited by: JuledOne
  4. "The last to go will see the first three go before her." The Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz? Maybe I should have posted some clues for my previous quote. Sorry everyone. (It was from Rocky Horror Picture Show.)
  5. Okay, here goes.... I ask for nothing Master. And you shall receive it in abundance! Message was edited by: JuledOne
  6. Is it The King Of Comedy? Message was edited by: JuledOne
  7. Sorry this reply took so long - the computer's been tied up, but yes, Sleuth is correct.
  8. It's not War of the Worlds. Clue # 2 - both actors who starred in the original were later knighted, one by Queen Elizabeth II and one by her father, King George VI.
  9. Put that down at once! That's my Edgar Allen Poe award! Clue # 1 - This movie was remade recently with one of the original cast members playing a different part than he had in the original.
  10. Favorite cult films...pretty much anything by John Waters - Female Trouble, Polyester (I would so love to have one of the original "Smell-o-vision" cards), the original Hairspray, and because I've always had this insane weakness for Johnny Depp, even though I don't usually like the pretty boys, Crybaby. And I must throw in Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  11. Seven Year Itch? If that's right, how's this for the next round.... Put that down at once! That's my Edgar Allen Poe award! (Hope that's famous enough.)
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