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  1. A few years ago, I watched part of a documentary about a man (maybe in Florida, but not sure) who shot his mother and killed his father - or maybe he only injured both of them. He has getting high by inhaling gas fumes. The only part i really remember clearly is that he kept telling his mother (maybe his mother) ''I'm back on the gas.'' Does anyone know this documentary?
  2. Well, I watched the Evil Dead (although it did seem familar at times) but that's not it. If Rituals fails as well, I guess I will be forced to assume that the scene I 'remember' was brought on by being eight years old with a belly full of corndogs and popcorn , faking sleep when ever my parents looked over, peeking out from under a blanket to watch a film I wasn't supposed to see anyway.
  3. Harvey is right. (I only got this posted after a long struggle with my computer, so I hope no one got impatient. Sorry)
  4. Okay...How about: One more peep outta you, weisenheimer, and I'll butter your necktie. (A phrase I never exactly understood - unless it just means a bloody nose?)
  5. Margaret Hamilton? Message was edited by: JuledOne
  6. "The last to go will see the first three go before her." The Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz? Maybe I should have posted some clues for my previous quote. Sorry everyone. (It was from Rocky Horror Picture Show.)
  7. It's said that the number 23 turns up on all kinds of movies, so I thought it would be fun to see how many different examples we can come up with. I'll start off with this one... The serum James Stewart is supposed to take at the end of Harvey is Formula 977. ( 9+7+7=23.) Next, anyone?
  8. Okay, here goes.... I ask for nothing Master. And you shall receive it in abundance! Message was edited by: JuledOne
  9. Is it The King Of Comedy? Message was edited by: JuledOne
  10. I'll have to watch the Evil Dead movies and find out. I first saw this movie with my parents at the drive in, and it closed in 1980 (although now that I think about it maybe it could have been 1981 - I was a kid, and my memory was even worse then than it is now), so I know the movie was out before then. Message was edited by: JuledOne
  11. Anyone else watching the reruns on cable. I love them myself. I've got a set of CD of the radio program too - the one where Jack had been sick for a while and Orson Welles filled it is a great radio episode. My favorite of the TV episodes so far is probably the one where Jack is casting for his life's story.
  12. I know this is a late posting, but I was just surfing the threads and wanted to add, I don't know if anyone will agree with me, but I would add this little tidibt from the Exorcist: Chris MacNeil: Who's Captain Howdy? Regan MacNeil: You know, I make the questions and he does the answers. I don't know exactly why, but that's always creeped me out! And from the orginal Amityville... Jody doesn't like George. Again, no real reason to creep me out, but it does.
  13. The only part I can remember is a group of people being chased into a cabin, and when they slam the door behind them, they cut off the monster's hand. I remember the hand being rather grey and gross, and when it hit the floor it broke into pieces (fingers maybe) and started chasing after them. For years I thought this was a scene from that Micheal Caine movie The Hand, but after watching it recently I discovered I was wrong. Any guesses anyone?
  14. jadandpsd

    Scary Cartoon

    After watching the clip I'll say no. The cartoon I remember had a simpler animated feel to it, very much like the School House Rocks shorts. It was color, but there weren't very many details in the background, the characters were not very detailed or anything.
  15. Sorry this reply took so long - the computer's been tied up, but yes, Sleuth is correct.
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