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  1. Got a pair of those funny glasses around the house? This is one of those films Hitchcock made in 3-D during the height of its popularity. From a review of the film: "The gimmick of 3-D (as the film was originally shot to be) means that the film is cluttered with shots of action in the background and furniture in the foreground. It all feels slightly weird to have such a good director frame his shots in this way but it is not too obtrusive. He does better with the dramatic stuff and manages to give a cold, logical air to the planning stages and also makes the actual murder scene very dr
  2. One of the most chilling lines ever read, "What would you give me if I gave you a basket full of kisses?" "Why If you gave me a basket full of kisses I'd give you a basket full of hugs" The question was asked by a 10 year old on her way to becoming a serial killer....in "The Bad Seed", 1956...
  3. Your last line reminded me of a funny story about Flynn and his friend The Great Profile - Errol was distraught over the death of John Barrymore in 1942, he'd been out with a few of the boys having drinks and discussing Barrymore but decided to retire early and went on home. Upon arriving home and entering his house he noticed someone sitting in his (Flynn's) favorite chair, he turned on the light and to his horror he saw Barrymore sitting in the chair. Apparently, and as Flynn later learned, Raoul Walsh and a few other of Flynn's buddies some how managed to talk the funeral director i
  4. Holly - You go right on posting as often as you wish, after all this is a Forum - others do not have to read what you post if they don't want to and you don't have to read what they post if you don't want to. People who tell you to stop posting or to take a break or what ever are giving their opinion, you can take it or leave it as you wish, as they can with anything you may wish to post. Bob
  5. Holly - May I suggest you purchase a copy of "The Films of Errol Flynn", by Tony Thomas, Rudy Behlmer & Clifford McCarty - The Citadel Press, C, 1969 - It's loaded with photos and stories of every Flynn Film..fun reading... Bob
  6. As for the men Holly - you should not overlook "The King" Clark Gable for your list....maybe Tyrone Power too Bob
  7. Holly - That's quite a list you have there, I'd suggest for the "other", Maureen O'Hara, place a sword in her hand and she becomes the female Errol Flynn....
  8. Hello Holly - Flynn and Olivia appeared in eight films together from 1935 - 1941. Errol did many of his own stunts in earlier films and almost all of them in "Adventures of Robin Hood", but Warners frowned upon their big box office stars doing their own stunts, injuries, insurance problems, etc...no doubt Flynn rode many a horse, in many a film, for sure.. PS Are you related to Tim Holt, the famous cowboy (Treasure of the Sierra Madre)?
  9. Olivia de Havilland was an excellent actress, winner of two Academy Awards, born in Tokyo, Japan, living in Paris for many years and New York, we all await her autobiography. Actually she (in the film)dumps Monty at the end and speaking on Monty Clift, fans living in the New York City area can visit his grave site. He is interred at the Friends (Quaker) Cemetery in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, the cemetery pre-dates the park, you enter at 16th Street and walk to the grave site at the far end, you don't have to enter the cemetery proper as you can see the site from outside looking in...
  10. Yes, he shaved his head.... http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/PersonDetail/personid-18963/
  11. Under the old studio system the actors signed long term contracts and management could do almost anything with their stars, not giving credit is not uncommon, as for Bogart, credit was not necessary in this film as every fan knew his voice quite well. Flynn and Bogart knew each other and also worked together (Virginia City,1940)but travelled in different circles off the Warners lot... Not only was Flynn a big drinker on and off the lot, so was Bogart....
  12. That was the voice of Humphrey Bogart - they both worked for Warners at that time so it was not a matter of a friend lending his voice, more a matter of working under contract and doing as the boss asked.....
  13. There are a number of interesting books available on Errol Flynn. He actually was a spy, but not for the Germans, he worked for a while for the British before becoming a United Sates citizen, reference "The Spy Who Never Was" by Tony Thomas, Citadel Press, C 1990 Also, a fantastic book on Warner Bros.,containing hundreds of interoffice memo's from Warners top brass and stars alike from 1935- 1951, "Inside Warner Bros"., Rudy Behlmer, Viking Press, C 1985, once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down....
  14. "They Died With Their Boots On"Custer (Errol Flynn) saying goodbye to Libby (Olivia De Havilland towards the end of the film before the "last stand", both seem to know that they will not see one another ever again.
  15. Does anyone remember Blake from "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"? He sold Bogart the lottery ticket, the winning lottery ticket.
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