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  1. This thread always cracks me up. One thing for sure is that some of these 'lookalikes' do have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth ~ in that way, they do look 'alike'.
  2. GILDA (1946) (one of my very favs) How are y'all getting the bold, italics, etc. to work. I try and try and get nothing!
  3. What an incredible teacher. :-) I used to have to sneak out. lol When I was in grade 5, I used to get caught up in "Matinee" (remember the days?) and never made it to afternoon school, I would say 80% of the time. I was lucky cuz my dad was away and my mom at work and I was home alone. They finally told my parents but by then what could they do? I had a fantastic winter and that contributed, in part, to my love of classic movies. Johnny, I remember the CBC late nites in the 80s - they had incredible movies when you couldn't see them anywhere else on Canadian TV. I loved that! I was a y
  4. LOL Looks like I can't read either. I totally missed the 1928-1960 reference. I don't know why those years specifically ??? Usually we discuss them all. Sorry.
  5. No, posts do not have to discuss movies before 1960 - we discuss all movies on here, although usually classics, but nothing is taboo. I think you made a good point about Lee Marvin - and I really laughed at the thought of Eddy G. in a tu-tu. Too funny indeed.
  6. Trout, thanks for the info about "Gabriel", now that I know enough to watch it I'll be looking for it to come on again. To the best of my knowledge "D.O.A." was only shown once this year - and I missed it, darn! I wish they would show it again SOON!
  7. Thanks very much movielover - you guys know all the secrets. lol WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT November's schedule is - *sigh* - almost no new movies, just repeats of all we've had in the previous 10 months. Is it my imagination or didn't TCM used to be programmed MUCH better? I'm truly unhappy about this and I'm sure I won't be alone. Grant it there are some new B movies in November, but even few of those. :-( :-( :-(
  8. Yancy, how did you get a look at the Nov schedule? I thought they only had them posted til Oct?
  9. Some great ones already mentioned. One I would LOVE to see again is Lost Horizon.
  10. Gotta agree with Cool Hand Luke, for sure, although most of your list is "newer" classics and I prefer older ones. I never liked Paul Newman, to put it very mild, until CHL and now it's one of my favorite movies and I've learned to like and respect Newman. My other requests would be Of Mice and Men, (Meredith and Chaney version, of course). Letter to 3 Wives and as I complain on other threads, anything by Ty Power. lol
  11. I've heard there are also many in Casablanca - can someone mention some please? This thread is great fun - I've learned a lot. :-)
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