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  1. I bet there are more than you but they are not willing to admit it... I'll sure admit it ~ some of the *best* films are war films. But, there are also, unfortunately, a crap lot of bad ones, as well.
  2. I?ve certainly enjoyed having wonderful conversations with everyone here during the past 2-1/2 years. This is a great group of people! I remember when you were 'new' here, Fred. I sure wish some of the other "old" regulars were still here. I miss 'em!
  3. I am overjoyed that tomorrow morning TCM will be showing *The Blue Dahlia*. They haven't shown this movie in years and I'm getting up VERY early to watch this wonderful movie. Thanks TCM!
  4. Everybody *except* Woody Allen and Stanley Kubrick. I like all the others; but I'm especially looking forward to Fritz Lang. I find him very interesting.
  5. This thread always cracks me up. One thing for sure is that some of these 'lookalikes' do have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth ~ in that way, they do look 'alike'.
  6. It's interesting how people think so differently. I never liked Robert Mitchum until I saw 'Night of the Hunter'. I really enjoyed that movie, especially Mitchum, and I've liked him ever since. I, also, really liked him in 'Cape Fear'. I know it's far from a classic but I really disliked Harrison Ford in "The Devil's Own".
  7. "Eric Stolz was replaced by Michael J. Fox for Back to the Future" All I can say to that is Thank God!
  8. You are certainly not alone, in that opinion.
  9. My first crush ever ~ Pernell Roberts ~ I thought I'd die when he left Bonanza.
  10. I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder ~ ~ ~ I thought Gable's performance was better than Brando's by a country mile.
  11. Comment best left unsaid. Message was edited by: scarlett
  12. IMO, if Doris Day can star in a Hitchcock movie, anyone or anything else is totally acceptable. What was Hitch thinking?
  13. Thank you BOTH. Dogma is one of the crappiest movies I have EVER seen! What a piece ~ ~ ~ I'm watching The Philadelphia Story right now, which is definitely an A+. As most will agree. I took the kids to Enchanted the other night and I was very surprised - it was really good! PS WHY don't these text items, bold, italic, underline work anymore - they used to!
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