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  1. Would it be that they started out as actors then moved behind the camera as director, writer, etc.? I'm just guessing based on your hint ...
  2. Hello all, I never suggested that Holly leave the boards, or even stop posting completely, only that she take a break from starting any new threads for a while. I feel it is better to search the forums and revive an older discussion (as many topics have already been initiated) than to start many new ones. But that's just me. Thanks.
  3. ha, no worries, therealfuster! Yes, you were up next to give the clues, and we all got impatient ... (note to self: get out more!)
  4. Holly, may I make a suggestion? Take a break, oh, a week or so, from opening up any new threads ... Thanks!
  5. Very insightful kitty! I hadn't thought of that!
  6. Joe thanks for posting this, such an interesting read. Poor Hayley, tired of people saying they liked Pollyanna, it is a good thing I wasn't there, cause I would have been one more person saying it to her!
  7. How tragic, indeed! Strange how the lives of some of these people were in direct contrast to their film personas.
  8. Ding ding ding ding ding! You got it allycat! Congratulations!
  9. Clue #6: Here's a few lines of dialogue: Actor #1: Can't we have peace in this house even on New Year's Eve? Actor #2: You got it mixed up with Christmas. New Year's Eve is when people go back to killing each other.
  10. OK, We'll keep going! Ken, not the Bad and the Beautiful, but ... Clue #5 ... of the stars of that film *also* starred in this one.
  11. Ok, one last clue then tomorrow the answer. Clue #4: A golddigger, a script writer and an ex-Navy officer ...
  12. Nope! Clue #3: It was remade in 1985 for TV, with the *same* screenwriter.
  13. Sorry, Ken, not The Bad Seed. Clue #2: One of the film's stars made a film the year just previous to this one in which infidelity was also a theme ...
  14. Ack! Sorry, It was such a nice day here I forgot all about it till last night just as I was about to fall asleep. OK, Clue #1: a mystery starts at a children's picnic.
  15. Venerados, He may have come around a bit now, the last I heard him speak was about 5 years ago.
  16. Uh, oh, does this mean I do it next? I'm off to figure out some clues!
  17. Just saw this one a few weeks ago, "Libel" with Dirk Bogarde. Not such a plausible plot, but great courtroom scenes just the same.
  18. And did you like "That Uncertain Feeling," brackenhe? I came across it by chance when they showed it a few months ago and loved it: the Hitler references, the Hungarian jokes, the references to "modern art!" And did you catch Burgess Meredith's lines when he and Merle Oberon are waiting to see the shrink? She says he's amusing, and he replies, "oh, I amuse you? I'm a clown?" almost the same lines Joe Pesci says in the beginning of Goodfellas! You have to wonder if Nick Pileggi saw this film ... ha!
  19. This is my fave Christmas movie, next to "A christmas Story."
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