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  1. Ayres, I agree with you completely. Like I said in my first post I have a good group of friends now that like classic movies, I just had to find them. If there weren't enough people interested in classic films they wouldn't be coming out on DVD all the time. I also think that for a lot of people its not so much that they wouldn't like these films but that the have pre-conceived ideas about them and/or don't know about them. For many people, its how they are introduced to classic films. I remember not liking the first old movie I saw when I was young, and I might have assumed I didn't like
  2. I'm 23 and I until about 3 years ago I didn't really have any friends that were interested in classic films. I would have all these thoughts and opinions about movies, stars, directors, etc, but no one really to share them with so I would keep them to myself until I got on the phone with someone like my Grandmother and just talk her ear of for a while. Now though, I have been lucky enough to find friends already interested in film and some who became more interested by watching movies with me. If you look hard enough you'll find people your age interested in the classics (well, it took me unti
  3. I think Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers, and Joan Blondell would have careers. These three actress were often understated (Sorry Wrong Number the obvious exception for Stanwyck) and that is popular today. And just for kicks I think the guy that would still have a career today would be Bogart (for the same reason).
  4. Yeah, this is one of my favorite movies. The only thing that bothers me is sometimes there is too much camera movement, but its a minor detail. Everything else is so good, especally Judy Garland's performance. She is so good and so heart breaking. I also like how Kramer points the camera directly at the defendants, or the scene where Garland walks in front of all four after giving her testimony. He uses camera to confront the defendants with the actions.
  5. I love the All About Eve line to, but its actually, "[fasten your seatbelts its going to be a bumpy night." You were close. Great line though
  6. It seems reading the different threads that Barabara Stanwyck would be a good choice for star of the month. I don't know if she already was SOTM but she is on pretty much everyone's favorites lists, so even if she was I think she might deserve another month. I know I would love to see that. I'm particularly fond of her in comedies, but then she is also great in noir and westerns.
  7. Mentioning the Misfits (which I haven't seen yet) reminded me of someone I forgot to put on my list, Thelma Ritter. She is so good in everything she does.
  8. So there was another thread about all time favorite stars and I couldn't really narrow my list down and didn't post, but it made me think about stars I will watch even in the worst films. No matter how bad the movie is I watch it through. This is my list: Barabara Stanwyck Ginger Rogers Judy Garland Joan Blondell Humphrey Bogart James Stewart Cary Grant This is not to say that I don't adore other actors, including some current ones, but these are the people I watch no matter how bad the movie is. Does anyone else have a list like this?
  9. Thanks for the correction, I actually realized that after I posted but was too lazy to go back and correct it. I agree with you about typecasting him. Whether he made a lot of important gangster films or just one wasn't really the point, because regardless that's how he is often remembered. I was pointing out that its an unfair typecast.
  10. I love Random Harvest, its one of my favorite. Greer Garson is great and I think along with her role in Pride and Prejudice it is her best work. I think Meylvn LeRoy is not given enough credit for his ability to direct outside of the gangster genre. The scene after the party with the two necklaces is heartbreaking and so well done. Another example of LeRoy's skill was the scene in Waterloo Bridge where Vivian Leigh and Robert Taylor dance as the club closes (was it a club? I can't remember). LeRoy could really handle sentimentality with out being overly "weepy," As for the Women, I find t
  11. Its got to be Olivia de Havilland. She always seemed to have a little more wit in her roles. I like Joan Fontaine in things like Rebecca but she kind of grated my nerves sometimes. To be fair though most of what I have seen from Joan Fontaine is from the early parts of her career.
  12. Without a doubt Rita Hayworth. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Betty Grable. But Rita is Gilda, Come on!
  13. The seen of the people eating chicken in the Birds is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Your suggestion got me thinking, why am I limiting this to human villains. The Birds were some of the best Hitchcock villains
  14. Hitch was obviously known for some of the more interesting villains of the cinema, I was wondering what everyone's favorites were. These are mine: 5.) Mrs. Sebastian (Notorious) 4.) Mrs. Danvers (Rebecca) 3.)Tony Wendice (Dial M for Murder) 2.) Uncle Charlie (Shadow of a Doubt) 1.) Bruno (Strangers on a Train)
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