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  1. I believe the hosting duties are being handled by film critic David Edelstein. He filled in for a week during RO's hiatus two years ago and many members here enjoyed his presence and presentations.
  2. MissWonderly, You will see in the display posted below the reason I choose to be very selective about how I participate in these Forums. Why draw undue attention to myself when some are looking for a reason to be rude and insulting. I don't even have to put a target on my back. Apparently It is already there with multiple arrows in it! It seems Mr. DeWitless would like it if I disappeared forever. He would like all the apologists to go away so that he can let his caustic commentary go by unnchallenged. JohnnyGeetar thought the same thing. I am not watching every movie shown on TCM nor am I interested in every theme or subject on TCM - and by extension, then brought to this Forum. But this is the place for discussing TCM and its programming and I treat it as such. What I do not believe is that this place exists to function as a chat room. And lately too many people are using the Forums for that purpose more than anything else. Sadly, it has become an impediment to other members using the Forums as intended. Some of those folks would do well to investigate using Twitter so their fans can follow all their witticisms in private so that the rest of the membership won't have their on-topic threads disrupted. I am not completely silent on many subjects here. I have made my thoughts known about the offensive dialogue in that other thread, I have questioned the logic of putting all the franchise programming into the weekend slots and I wondered aloud just how many different "Special Guests" TCM can accomodate in a single month and if it is "Personality" overkill. In the mean time, I'll be around as long as I enjoy being here and expect you will do the same -- whatever our reasons and motivations. And that's all I have to say about that. Kyle (8+ years with one account) In Hollywood
  3. From what I am reading here, there seems to be a lot of exagerration, rumor and falsehoods being written about the contents of the Deen deposition. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/deen-says-she-used-slur-doesnt-tolerate-hate-201623708.html --------------------------------- According to a transcript of the deposition, filed Monday in U.S. District Court, an attorney for Jackson asked Deen if she has ever used the N-word. "Yes, of course," Deen replied, though she added: "It's been a very long time." Asked to give an example, Deen recalled the time she worked as a bank teller in southwest Georgia in the 1980s and was held at gunpoint by a robber. The gunman was a black man, Deen told the attorney, and she thought she used the slur when talking about him after the holdup. "Probably in telling my husband," she said. ---------------------------------- Jackson's attorney, Matthew Billips, also pressed Deen to explain whether she had once suggested that all black waiters be hired for her brother's 2007 wedding. Deen said she once mentioned the idea to her personal assistant and Jackson but immediately dismissed it. Deen said she had been inspired by an upscale Southern restaurant she and her husband had visited in another state. "The whole entire wait staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie. I mean, it was really impressive," Deen said. "And I remember saying I would love to have servers like that, I said, but I would be afraid that someone would misinterpret (it)." ----------------------------------- Misinterpret it, indeed. She had no idea how it would get twisted to even mention it. *ADDENDA* - Or am I mistaken and the "Plantation Party" is a separate occasion from the "Wedding Party" mentioned in the deposition? If so, I apologise for being confused about the two -- though I find it difficult to believe the "plantation party" wouldn't have come up in the deposition. Edited by: hlywdkjk on Jun 22, 2013 5:52 PM
  4. First, _all_ the introductions were going to reference the theme. In last night's case, that's _four_ intros about Mamie Van Doren. I can't say that she was being slighted if the outros focused on a different topic from the particular film that was just shown. Makes sense to me to speak about other co-stars, etc. instead of returning to the "star" with the four intros for the night. Second, don't forget that there is a BIG website here and TCM typically provides a very good selection of articles, etc. for most high profile week-night events -- like last night's. http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/614581%7C0/Starring-Mamie-Van-Doren.html These materials probably include all anyone would like to know about Mamie Van Doren.
  5. *"In his second decade, too often sounded to me as if he was trying to imitate Bugs Bunny."* - clore I take it you've seen *The Earl Of Chicago* then. I am kinda glad Cummings was cast in *Saboteur*. It gave me a reason to think of him as a genuine movie star. And the film, along with *Foreign Correspondent*, are pretty indestructible pieces of war propaganda. I wonder if Young could have pulled off *Suspicion* ? .
  6. Re: *The Sea Wolf* "Jack London's novel THE SEA WOLF has inspired at least nine film versions with the first one, produced in 1913, remaining the most faithful to the book. Other renditions include the 1920 version with Noah Beery in the Wolf Larsen role, a 1926 version starring Ralph Ince, a 1930 remake featuring Milton Sills, a version entitled *Barricade* (1950) with Raymond Massey, Wolf Larsen (1958), a pet project of actor Sterling Hayden which starred Barry Sullivan, *Larsen: Wolf of the Seven Seas* (1975), an Italian production with Chuck Connors in the title role, and a made-for-TV version in 1993 starring Charles Bronson. But by general consensus, the 1941 production of *The Sea Wolf*, directed by Michael Curtiz, is considered the most effective adaptation due to Edward G. Robinson's definitive portrayal and Robert Rossen's screenplay which accents the psychological and allegorical aspects of the story." from the tcmdatabase -- http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/89336/The-Sea-Wolf/articles.html
  7. *" hasn't the charisma of a Flynn, Bogart, Gable or Power, but he is engaging."* - clore Funny. For awhile now I was thinking of posting a thread discussing the thought I had that Robert Young, Robert Cummings and Robert Montgomery were pretty much interchangeable -- with Montgomery probably benefitting from the length of time he was at MGM. Maybe Young couldn't have been a convincing Joe Pendleton, but I do think that any of the three could have been substituted for the others in most of their films.
  8. Nope. AIn't gonna do it. I will not let you put the onus on an OP or other members to come in and reorient a (new) thread after some have effectively written graffiti all over it. Most children stopped writing their name in fresh cement by age 13.
  9. *"Sometimes with o'brienmundy the course never gets started (I know that feeling) Not every thread comes alive, that's pretty common here."* - Hibi That's true. But 'obreinmundy's' "Schoolgirl Crushes" post was "crushed" in just TWO MINUTES after being posted.
  10. *"The balance between those who want to continue the original conversation and those who want to have fun usually gets lost quickly."* - lzcutter And sometimes the conversation can't even get started. http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=169781&tstart=0 My sympathies to 'obrienmundy.'
  11. There's lots of Burns and Allen on YouTube -- including the wonderful Vitaphone short "Lambchops". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPhmNhO7dRw&list=PL2E35D5ECCDD6A931
  12. What a thoughtful surprise! Of all the reasons to make the day notable, I think my birthday falls far below both Father's Day and "Bloomsday" on the "red-letter" scale. Still, it was very special to be celebrated in this way. Thanks to you all! Kyle
  13. While the term "****" may have contributed to the edit of the line, I can also believe that the line was abridged simply because it dated the film to the few months after Pearl Harbor. By the middle of the war or the end of the war, the "sneak = ****" meme was probably replaced with different descriptions or comparisons. Or ones that may have been much more timely. And if the edit was done towards the end of the war -- or afterwards, it may have been done to end any lingering anti-Japanese sentiment being directed toward Japanese Americans more than out of the term being offensive. "****" was just too prevalent during the war for people to think they could remove all such references on that basis alone. It was common for newscasters to even use that term -- and I don't mean only Walter Winchell.
  14. Happy Gay Pride Weekend! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJgCWCizqCs
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