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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Electronics/Software engineer by profession, I am currently upgrading a spate of older firmwares which live on a large mish-mash of UNIX hardware in our data centers as we migrate this equipment into more heavily virtualized environments.

    I like SciFi (books and films), classic literature, 19th-century Russian literature, old films. I like foreign films as well, especially Soviet-era Mosfilm stuff (Tarkovsky, Shepitko, Bondarchuk).
  1. Hi Mom's room. Sorry about the late reply. I did come across another Sling subscriber mention this very issue on another forum, the exact coordinates of which I have forgotten. That said, the essence of his post was that Sling TV's TCM broadcast is in fact affected by occasional streaming rights "blackouts" of this nature. He claimed that he was so affected several times a week, in other words, that several programs a week airing on TCM would not be streamed on Sling TV. He said that he switched to Playstation's Vue service and they did not seem to be affected by restrictive streamin
  2. Hello, I am not so sure. I did watch the program to which the OP is referring, "Return to Giant", on Sunday evening and I noted that it aired prior to and again immediately following the airing of the film itself. I watched it on terrestrial cable, however, and not by way of an internet stream. My understanding of the OP's situation was that he/she saw that the documentary was in a "now airing on TCM" type of status in his Sling TV interface and when he tried to select and view the program the application returned the status message, "This program is unavailable on Sling TV". Is this c
  3. Hi there, My guess is that there are additional broadcast rights attached to this particular program and as such it does not fall under the current agreement between TCM and Sling TV. I am aware of similar restrictions and limitations with certain programming on TCM with respect to geographic broadcast rights and this does sound somewhat similar (for example, certain programming which airs on TCM is not available in Canada as a result of geo-restricted broadcast rights and is substituted for something else). This sounds very similar to that. Keep in mind that I am speculating here and c
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