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  1. The early scene in Stanwyck's apartment. Felix brings her breakfast on a tray and he starts describing some new recipe to add to her next column. He keeps saying "no points" after each item he describes. I don't get it. Was this something to do with war rationing? I know he wasn't referring to Weight Watchers!
  2. I need help and it's been driving me crazy that I can't remember the title of this movie. Here's what I do recall. It's a black and white film from the 30's and the plot centers around a young woman who lives in a run-down shack with her no-good family, which she tries to support. Her mother is a loose woman who tries to push her into prostitution to support the family, and she's very abusive to her husband, who's a mild old drunk. The daughter meets a man, they fall in love and marry but he doesn't know her history. She brings him home to dinner to meet the family and he finds out what a mess
  3. Victor Mature and Sylvester Stallone. They were supposed to make a Rocky film with Mature as the father but it never came off. Errol Flynn and Patric Knowles. Didn't they play brothers?
  4. Could you be talking about the Elvis movie, Kissin' Cousins? He sings "Barefoot Ballad" and there's a lot of barefootin' that goes on with the 2 Elvises and his girlfriends. I, too, thought of I'd Rather Be Rich as my first choice.
  5. Just a side note here. I wonder if I'm the only one who sees Liz's bathing suit scene in a different light than before? She looks gorgeous and thin to me now, but when I was younger I thought she was FAT! The same goes for numerous actresses of the golden age. Kim Novak in Picnic. Her waist was fat to me in that tight dress in the dance number with Holden. Ditto Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas. FAT in that bathing suit. Now she looks thin and gorgeous. I won't even get into Marilyn and her fat scenes. My perception has definately matured over the years. Strange, isn't it?
  6. I've requested it numerous times myself. I love that movie! God, I wish I could see it again. The relationship between Kerr and Hailey Mills is such a wonderful, complicated one. Kerr's patience and understanding of a cruel adolescent is inspiring to watch. John Mills is always wonderful too.
  7. Italy has been such a prolific country when it comes to great film and film makers so I don't understand why TCM wouldn't be a natural there. I love all things Italian but don't recall seeing any great television when I was there in 2006. They had old reruns of U.S. programs like Starsky and Hutch, if you can believe that but I didn't notice any classic films. Does anyone here know more about television programming there? TIA
  8. *Harold Huber* played a great gangster, IMO. He was memorable in *Hide-Out*, playing the gangsterish doctor to Robert Montgomery's classy gangster. I love the scene where Huber, still hungover from the night before, inadvertently calls the farmer's wife, played by Elizabeth Patterson, "babe," and then quickly recovers himself. He's also quite good as one of Robinson's hoods in *A Slight Case of Murder,* with Edward G. and Ruth Donnelly, another two of my favorites. Huber had a prominent scar on one cheek and I always wonder how he got it and if it helped him get those kind of roles when he
  9. I know somebody on here will know the answer to my question immediately and this has been bugging me for a while now. *What film is it where Wayne says something like "Blow them back to Hell!"*I saw this clip during Oscar month but never saw the film, which was black and white. To me, it seemed like it was made in the mid to late '40s, by the looks of Wayne. Thanks in advance. Was it *The Sands of Iwo Jima*?
  10. *James Cagney and Ginger Rogers* in a musical together. I always enjoyed him best paired with a wisecracking dame like Joan Blondell and Ann Sheridan. I think he and Ginger would have made a cute couple in the right film in the early 30s.
  11. Don't take this as your definitive answer but I have watched *The Divorcee* numerous times and have only ever seen Betty in the "Let's Knock Knees" number. She was so young and cute, wasn't she?
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