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  1. You'll probably like this too John Williams Conducts 50 Years A Salute to Film Composers (remastered from 2002)
  2. The Pacific Princess used in the show (along with some others) could carry 600 passengers and was scrapped in 2013. The current Pacific Princess could carry 1,500 passengers, tiny compared to the mega-ships these days carrying more than 5,000 peeps. The current Pacific Princess was sold to Azamara Cruise Line this past January and likely will be renamed.
  3. Agree about Ben & guests. So glad that he did that Father's Day one: classic. Haven't seen his brother, so no opinion there. But I found Drew on the Essentials boring , so who knows? The latest incarnations of The Essentials have left me cold and not worth any of my time. Be nice to see this come back to life without constant bashing because it's not "to today's social standards." I'd rather hear of what was done right and perhaps new or unusual for it's time.
  4. Mabel, I think Tiki was a bit harsh, so don't dwell on that. I'm a l-o-n-g-t-i-m-e tcm viewer and lurk most of the time. You've had some nice posts & I'd definitely not put you in the same class that irritates Tiki. I, too, can assure you that TCM does show the types of films that you're looking for on a regular basis. Many of those films are not available elsewhere.
  5. Since Sean Connery died, I have played The Russia House (1990) every night. Got hooked on the score and play the movie in the background while I play Solitaire to settle down for the night. πŸ˜†
  6. I found her delightful in my favorite of her films, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells (2000), an HBO/BBC/Universal production. But then I'm a (mechanics') Goop user sometimes. πŸ˜†
  7. Love Me Tonight (1932) Princess Jeanette (Jeanette MacDonald): Do you ever think of anything but men? Countess Valentine (Myrna Loy): Oh, yes! Schoolboys. Viscount Gilbert de Vareze (Charles Ruggles): [after the Princess has fainted] Would you go for a doctor? Countess Valentine (Myrna Loy): YES... bring him right in!
  8. Occassionally I'll watch both of these 3-packs back to back - each has their own charm. I think Charles Boyer does a better job with the "Why did it have to be you?" line in "Love Affair" compared to Cary in "An Affair". I'm not terribly excited about the "Summertime" version of that story. If you really like the "Shop", "Summertime", and "Mail" set, seek out the 2017 PBS recording of a revival of another musical retelling of the same story - "She Loves Me". Simply fabulous.
  9. He was in a play at the Country Dinner Playhouse in Austin many, many moons ago. My grandmothers, one from Indiana & one from Florida, were visiting and we went to the show. He must have been like a teen idol to them 'cause they certainly were awe-struck. 🀣
  10. Not that I recall. Until early this year I continued to capture the beg/end comments of the movies that I'd already captured in the last 20 years, so guess I'd would have had a reasonable chance of running into such a promotion there. But between movies, not a chance. 😁
  11. You have the same double take that I did when a new user used that name recently? Sure stopped me cold. 😢
  12. Just wanted James to see that the picture might not be quite as bleak as it appears. ------------------ Just noticed that my join date is one of the oldest here. And I was lurking quite a bit before that. IIRC I joined to comment on TCM leaving C-band (big dish). Time sure does fly. πŸ˜† Back to obscurity.
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