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  1. i would hav to pic Arsenic and Old Lace..i never knew he could be such a funny actor
  2. Mr. Versitle...Jimmy Stewart. His range of roles is incredible and to think that he hasn't had a month devoted to him
  3. definitly Glenn Miller Story...true story replayed by a legend.
  4. Anyone have a favourite silent film or film star? Mine is The Cameraman with Buster Keaton. Let me Know!
  5. Laurel and Hardy are wearing what seems to be kilts and are picking up rubbish while dancing. It is halariously funny and does anyone know what the name of the movie is? Saz.
  6. Thankyou both for your suggestions but i do think it is the cameraman, he is seen running up and down apartment stairs. Saz.
  7. Shes under-rated and talented. Anyone have a favourite? I like her earlier films, such as The Red Mill which was directed by William Goodrich (AKA Fatty Arbuckle) Saz.
  8. Buster Keaton was in a movie where he is waiting for his girlfriend to call- and it is a halarious scene where he is in his apartment trying to open a jar of dimes. Ring any bells? please let me know Saz
  9. You have quite a list there- i'm not a fan of war movies and havent really seen any of the old ones. If you could recomend 1what wood it be? Saz.
  10. Jimmy is my favourite actor- and i am dying to see more of his films! The Man who Knew Too Much is a classic- and the Philadelphia story. Thanx for the tips polaris, sounds like youre working for TCM! Saz
  11. Well this is COMPLETELY opposite to what you have all said. The movie which had the waterworks leaking was Arsenic and Old Lace. I was laughing so hard i was crying- so i guess it's kind of the same thing. Anyone else find it halarious?
  12. correct! Claudette Colbert(Ellie Andrews in It Happened One Night)
  13. Worst to best (not that anyone of them are the WORST) 10. Gold diggers of 1935 9. Wizard of Oz 8. Love finds Andy Hardy 7. Psycho 6. The man who knew too much 5. They won't forget 4. Gone with the wind 3. The Philadelphia Story 2. Some Like it Hot 1. Arsenic and Old Lace
  14. I'm not sure, but...i am in love with Busby Burkley's musicals. The way he set out the satge is phenomenal. Does anyone agree with me?
  15. I assume you are all from U.S.A. I am an Aussie and agree with your suggestion to show silent films so often. Does anyone know if they play them in Aussie, and are our timetables the same? Saz.
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