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  1. At 8:10am today(7/3/10)TCM aired The Ritz Brothers two reeler, "HOTEL ANCHOVY" (1934)...TCM needs to start posting the shorts on their schedule quickly, since they may slip a Hal Roach short at any given time during the week.
  2. So Thelma Todd is getting her own tribute on August 30sth???AWESOME!!! Here's hoping that TCM will air the Hal Roach shorts with Pitts and Kelly and the shorts she starred with Charley Chase...And let's hope that TCM will "FINALLY"(and I do mean "FINALLY")air the rare silent feature SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN. that stars Todd, considering that TCM was supposed to air this film a couple of time and both times the film was yanked from the schedule.This would be great on TCM's part and make it up to the viewers to air this film on her 24 hour tribute.
  3. Tcmprogrammer, What has happend to the Hal Roach comedies and whey there has been so little of these classic funny gems shown during the past year?I know I can speak for HR fans here, but please give us an update, if we'll see the rest of the Chase sound shorts and the remaining of the Taxi Boys series. I know you have the tv rights for the next thirty seven yrs, so could you please make use of them?
  4. Just wondering if anyone has heard any latest developments if the possible Charley Chase shorts he made at Columbia, will be released on dvd? And speaking of dear ol' Charley, but wouldn't be nice if TCM would air the rest of the Chase sound comedies?Hell, TCM only aired "ONE" new Chase talkie in 2008 and none since August.What's going on with this deal between TCM and Hallmark Entertainment?
  5. Boy, back in August, just when you thought the Hal Roach shorts made a excellent return(three shorts shown on that one day) to the TCM rotation, but I was wrong and really haven't seen much of any Roach shorts since then.This year only one new Charley Chase talkie has been shown with a couple of repeats since the begining of 2008. So tcmprogrammer, what has happened here and when will we all get to see the rest of the Chase talkies and the rest of the Taxi Boys series?I know that you have thirty seven years left on your deal with Hallmark Entertainment and please let us know what's going
  6. "THE GODLESS GIRL" is released here in the states on dvd(as part of the American Treasures collection)and it's the restored 35mm print from the UCLA Film And Television Archive that contains the talking sequences.Me personally, I have been waiting for years to get my hands on this film and it will be great to own both film versions of this rare DeMille feature.
  7. I have just been told that due to the success of the "Three Stooges" dvd collections, that Sony is planning on releasing(and I'm not kidding here)all of the Charley Chase shorts he made over at Columbia.Nothing is confirmed, but I actually do believe this, since Sony did release all of the Buster Keaton/Columbia shorts and no one ever saw that coming. If I get any news, I'll post it right here.....
  8. HalRoach16mm, I have a couple of questions for you, since you been very helpful in the past. 1.Last year, I heard that almost a complete print of Modern Love survived and quickly caught Universal's attention.A year later, does a "complete" print of this long lost feature survive intact, including scenes with Anita? 2.Has there been any latest developments on the possible weekly TCM series of the Hal Roach series? I can speak for some members that we are a little worried, that we have not seen that many Roach shorts this entire year(with the sole exception of two Chase shorts la
  9. Hope that everyone caught the Chase classic Neighborhood House this morning and I wonder when we'll see new first run Chase talkies on TCM?It's been a very long time since we've seen a new Chase short air.
  10. I was talking with a noted comedy film historian yesterday and we were discussing about the lack of classic two reel comedy shorts shown on Turner Classic Movies and how it has become a problem.He told me(along with other film historians that i've spoken with)that TCM seems to have a bias against comedy shorts and why we don't see many on their roster nowadays.Before TCM aquired the Hal Roach sound comedies a couple of years ago, we never (or rarely)saw two reel comedy classics(case in point, the inclusion of the Roscoe "Fatty"Arbuckle/Vitaphone shorts)on this channel and many rare other shor
  11. Welcome aboard ROACHALLSTARS, I think that a few of us Hal Roach fans, finds it rather odd that we haven't seen much of the Roach talkies in quite some time and it makes you wonder did something happen between Hallmark and TCM?
  12. Hi MGMWBRKO, I was hoping that maybe you can answer this question, but how come the TCM viewers have seen a major decline in the Hal Roach sound comedies?Besides a couple of L&H shorts, none of the other Roach series has aired(with one exception "Let's Do Things" that was shown last month)this year. I know you have been very helpful towards HR fans(including myself)by answering questions and I remember that you posted that the Harry Langdon and Taxi Boys series would turn up in 2008 and we have not seen a new Charley Chase sound comedy since last November. I know a lot of fans
  13. Oh Where, oh where have the Charley Chase talkies gone and the rest of the Hal Roach comedies?Last year MGMWBRKO even posted that TCM will air the Harry Langdon sound comedies in early 2008. Well, where are they?????
  14. What the????? TCM was planning on airing the two recently discovered Colleen Moore features?
  15. I wonder when the Hal Roach shorts will be back in regular rotation?
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