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  1. So, so, sad to hear this. I may not be here as much as I used to, so this is a real shame. He was helpful, funny and knew his stuff when it came to classics. This saddens me deeply. May He Rest in Peace.. *Bill (vallo13)*
  2. {font:Arial}Adolphe Menjou was in “Paths of Glory” with Ralph Meeker{font}
  3. {font:Times New Roman}For silent fans:{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Arial}{color:black}Pola Negri- the Ironic Collection (Polish dancer, The Yellow Ticket, Eyes of the Mummy Ma (Sappho) 1917{font} {font:Arial}{color:black}Also: *Fritz Lang’s* 1919’s Spiders{font} {font:Arial}{color:black} {font} {font:Arial}{color:black}Coming in February{font}
  4. West of Zanzibar is a better film because of Chaney. What the man could do with his body is amazing. You really believe the mans legs are useless. vallo
  5. Robinson,Packy - Charles D. Brown ... in *The Killers (1946)*
  6. Upjohn,Emily -Margaret Dumont ... *A Day at the Races*
  7. *Stop Making Sense* Ringo finds himself the human sacrifice target of a cult and the band must .....
  8. *Hide in Plain Sight* **** Saunders and his young partner Sandy arrive in Indian Springs where **** ?..
  9. *Dardo Bartoli* = Burt Lancaster in *The Flame and the Arrow*
  10. *Woman of Straw* Jim knew where the money was hid. The only other one who knew...
  11. Beah Richards. was in "In the Heat of the Night" with *Warren Oates*
  12. *Monroe, Miles= Woody Allen in Sleeper* (1973)
  13. *The Wrong Road* Jack Thornton has trouble winning enough at cards for the stake he needs to get ...
  14. *Psycho* A handful of men and women held out against the frenzied hordes of .....
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