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  1. Room for two in that "time machine"... I don't know though, my ulcer might not handle that chili these days. I have enough problems with a big mac! LOL jerry c
  2. Oh, and who could forget "That Touch of Mink" jerry c
  3. Hi Shaina... you have my vote also with Pillow Talk jerry c
  4. Someday maybe I will tell you (and all) about how the police (mistakenly) arrested me at Sunset and Western (helicopters, squads, shotguns.) Also the time I got into an accident with Roman Polanski in front of Micheal's restaurant. Not a whole lot of good memories of my stay, other than riding my Harley up to the ??? observitory, loved that place and the "view." Ps. I got dragged out that by my first wife, she wanted to be an actess. Funny the only one to get offered a part was ME in one of the Clint Eastwood movies with the "monkey." jerry c
  5. "lzcutter... man all THAT talk"... sorry jerry c
  6. lzcutter... man all talk, makes we want a "Tommy Burger." Haven't had one since the 70's when I lived there for a year. The earth moving scared the heck out of me. I remember a Deloris Drive-In also, I think over by the Tar-pits. If I remember right I worked at Western and Wilshire (se corner) and there was a Tommy's on the south west corner.... I miss them big green tomatoes! jerry c
  7. My favorites for "over and over" are... It happened One Night Since You Went Away Boom Town Boys Town Pittsburgh Thirty Seconds over Tokyo Hollywood Canteen Miracle of Morgran's Creek Meet John Doe Only Angels Have Wings Wife Vs. Secretary Devil and Miss Jones (Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings, Charles Cobrun) Three Cheers for the Irish Destination Tokyo Wing and a Prayer People will Talk Anthing by Cary Grant, Debra Kerr, Randolph Scott, Spencer Tracy, the "Hepp", John Wayne (war movies), John Garfield.... and the list goes on... these are just timeless! jerry c
  8. I saw that movie "the great raid" taken from the book "Some Survived" by lawton. I'm looking at the book on my shelf. I much enjoyed the book over the movie, but your right for modern day that was a good production. Being a busted up Vietnam vet (disabled now) , I like the entertainment value of a movie more than how "realistic" Speilberg can make a bullet tearing through flesh sound. Just doesn't do anything for me. I like the love scenes and the way they blend so many characters into the old movies and when a guy dies in combat, it's ok with me if he just slumps over. Another good bo
  9. Hi Fred, I just read your reply about 30 Seconds over Tokyo you wrote back in Feb. You talked about Robert Mitchum (sp? don't like right) anyway, yes he did have a small part in that film, I believe it was his first film that he got credit in. That movie had such a wonderful cast. I wonder why more of them never went on to "star" in more movies. Phyllis Thaxter, I thought played a terrific part, along with the guy who played "Shorty" Madge, Glover, Robert Walker (I love most of his work, ashamed he died young) and I read somewhere about Spencer Tracy, how he took such a small part in that
  10. Hi Kathy, I'm glad that you have been "hooked" by these oldies. You just can't beat them for entertainment value. I'm not much on what comes out of Hollywood today and yet I can sit and watch hours full of oldies (b&w's) and never get tired of seeing them. Some I just run over and over on sleepless nights. Glad to have you here! Most of my favorites are late 30's thru mid 40's. A lot of war (Pacific theater) and comedies. jerry c
  11. Randolph Scott!!!! I heard this awhile back from Osborne himself and he eluded to Scott having something going with Rock Hudson I believe. I still can't believe it though. I love almost anything by Scott and Hudson also! I won't go political here, but the one thing that bothers me is when it's "rammed down my thoat" (no pun intended.) Ann Heshe (sp?), what can I say... I just drool...it don't matter if she is. Now Barbara Stanwich... give me a break, you know I think I heard that William Bendix and Groucho Marx had a thing going at one time also.
  12. Oh yeah the "mouse thing"... been there done that! jerry c
  13. Hi again Fred... love your description of your system. I know what your going through with remotes and channels etc. The one thing I can suggest is to make sure your digital feed to your recorders is as close as possilbe before all the other peripherals. Remember all them connections lead to signal lose. When you take from VHS to DVD, what program do you use? I have tried a few and none works like Studio. I have thought about getting their newest version which is 10, but I have not had any problems with what I have. Their newest version has lots more transitions, face effects, etc. I h
  14. I'm impressed Fred. Good for you that you have multiple systems to work with. Acutally I have 3 computer systems here in front of me. I have one along dedicated to making my DVD's, although I have done quite abit with music files for me and my kids on this unit also. No problems with disc space on it either. Now on your DVD to DVD that you use for dubbing, do you have problems with "copy right protection" on rental movies? I know we should not discuss this openly here, but it's a fact, people do do it. I don't do it for a business, nor do I turn a "buck" from it. Just for my own collec
  15. Hi Fred. I assume your recording to DVD thru a computer or DVD recorder since I don't know of any VHS ever made that gave you that "fine" of adjustment for recording. IF you are recording to a DVD Recorder 1. does your machine have an internal harddrive? 2. If it does not have an internal harddrive are you able to go back and "edit" any movie after the fact? as I do on my computer. I much prefer my method, I have looked at the Panasonic models with hard drives even downloading the manuals online to see if this is possible, but it's not from what I have read. I use a program called Studio
  16. Hi MaryS. I'm glad someone else is going thru this DVD experience besides me. I'm going to break your message down and answer each item by itself with somewhat of a short answer the best I can. If it isn't clear enough you can email me directly at a later time. 1. I always have a set of 5 tapes ready to go on my VHS recorder, just in case I have to panic and start a series of recordings. 2. I'm pretty sure I understand your "artifacts" problem. I think we have all seen what your talking about with the "snow" or "garble" at the (usually) bottom of the screen. This is actually where the
  17. I could probably copy that short segment from my DVD recording and send you a clip of it. Like I said, she is behind the window but you can read her lips with ease. I just found it odd that she would say "that" particular word, just didn't fit her part. The "hell" word was defininately edited out. You hear the whole sentence except that word. I love watching that particular movie and others like that, that had some many "short lines" indicating that time period. Also another of my favorites is "Morgan's Creek." How they waltzed around sex and pregnancy at that time was remarkable. The s
  18. So Proudly We Hail Thirty Seconds over Tokyo Best Years of Our Lives and so many more like these... No particular order, NONE of the newer films can hold a candle to these wonderful films
  19. I guess i'm not the only "nut" out there that worries about these kind of issues. Here we go with my setup. I have my digital feed coming into a Studio Movie USB digital converter box, from there it goes to my VCR and our of my VCR to a TV/DVD for viewing. The "output" of my USB 2.0 Movie box goes to a 2.0 input on my computer. So now when I have a movie that I want to record from TV/TCM I am ahead of time set up with both the VCR and my computer and I am waiting during the "Osborne" period. I usually don't worry too much about his comments unless it's at the end of a movie and i feel it'
  20. In this movie about a third of the way into it, the flight crews are leaving from the Florida (Egland sp? Airfield). As Van Johnson's plane flies off, below is Phyllis Thaxter in her motel room and she is standing at the window watching her husband leave. She say's something as he is leaving. Now here is the question. I think the first word is SH&% and then she say's "I'll be with you." I even had my wife watch this over and over (I have it on DVD) and she agrees with me. Later in the movie as Johnson's plane is leaving the aircraft carrier, his room mate while on board runs up to th
  21. Finally after a year, I remembered to get back to this question. This movie was on just the other day. "To the shores of Tripoli" Randolph Scott, John Payne, Maureen O'hara. Great film!
  22. You know you could be right, I have been through my whole collection of WWII films and have not found it yet. I can picture that whole "clip" of the movie and that might be right. Now I have to go visit Ebay and see if I can pic a DVD up just to check!
  23. Happen to be watching it again tonight just for the sake of the ending. In the beginning the doctor says to the other nurses that he has a letter from "John" from ??? Monatua(Sp?), anyway this is where John was going for medicine/supplies. This letter is in his hand and had just gotten delivered to him, seems to me "John" must of survived! at least that battle. I also just figured out them nurses where only there for about 6 months on Bataan. The story starts on May 8 1942 when the nurses are exiting an airplane (which was their evac plane), but then story goes back in time, when they are
  24. Sorry folks, just found that answer to my own question. For all who are interested there are just a few available on Ebay. They are smaller than I pictured only about 6"tall by 4" wide with a star in the middle, more stars = more members in the service. Red was the perimeter color, blue on the star with a white background. Also there is one with a blue star covered by silver leaving the blue edge, maybe a decorated son. I also found out that there are gold stars for members who died. thanks for listening to me ramble. jerry
  25. I happen to love my b&w collection of films, but there are times where my mind will start thinking about the color of a persons dress/suit, or if their tie matches or just the color of a room. The major question I have and I've asked people in the 70's and older is... During WWII, when the families would hang a small flag in their front windows indicating that they have a family member in the service either fighting or deceased. These flags (like the one in "since you went away") are a dark color background with a white star or some other symbol. Is the dark background RED or BLUE? or m
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