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  1. Wasn't 1954 a good yesr for movies too?
  2. I can't wai til Camille comes on, its one of my fav movies. Her acting is so beautiful in that movies. It is also a real tear jerker. They said int hat documentary that she regaurded it as one of her best.
  3. I agree this documentary was not the best but I've never seen any other one, I'd like to see the ones you all are talking about. I can't wait til Camille comes on I love that movie. There was a remake that was kunda like a mini series w/ that one actor sorry I'm terrible w/names he is on that movie with Rebee Zelwegar and Hugh Grant "Bridget Jones's Diary". I've seen this remake ounce but I like GG's way better I think she portrays the character so beautifully. I saw Anna Christie the other day when it aired. It was a kinda depressing movie but I still liked it even though you didn't k
  4. I agree with Cold Mountain Love Scene it was beautiful. I think Sex and Nudity are sometime imparitive becuase no matter what that is a part of life but I do think that they should use it not as a ways to promote the movie cause I mean in like college movies and stuff sometimes over dramatize it like it is a all night orir or something. BUt alot of peole do sleep aroun in real life even with AIDS epidemic. They just don't get it I guess.
  5. I had a couple quetion about Greta Garbo. I saw the documentary the other day and either I did'nt catch or it didn't say What happened to John Gilbert? Did he die or did they just break it off? And if they did break it off why and if he died how? Also is Greta Garbo burried here or in her native land? And did she play in a movie with Clark Gable? These are just a few ?'s my friends and I were wondering sorry if there stupid but just curious. Thanxs
  6. I really "Annie go get your gun" but I loved "A Miracle at Morgans Creek" her acting was brilliant in that and the actors had such good chemistrey with eachother. I thought it was great.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Little Mermaid or Wizard of Oz. Even though kinda of chilish I still enjoy watchin them.
  8. I did'nt use to like musicals either(I hope that made sense excuse my bad grammar) but after watching them more often I really got into them. Some great ones are West Side Story Gypsy Sound of Music Marry Poppins Phantom of the Opera Moulin Rouge Chicago Guys and Dolls Take me out to the BAll Game Rocky Horror Picture Show ---if you want something really eccentric ....... and many more which I think of at the moment
  9. Like I've said before I think Elvis could have had a great acting carreer if he had a chance to do some quality films(he did some but not as many as he wanted to). His acting carreer was right up there with or beyond his dreams of being a singer And I thought he died his hair black cuz he had to do it for a movie and liked it so he kept it that way.
  10. THEREALFLUSTER I agree with. and add if you see a movie w/nudity or profanity turn the channel oyu don't have to watch. Sometimes scenes that have profanity or nudity ar in there to relay the scene completely and honestly. Sometimes the scenes are beautiful somtimes they are hurtful but which ever one most movies wouldn't be the same w/out them.
  11. I agre it was corny but its for kids not us. An dthe Willie Wonka the original, I'm a big fan, believe I'm a fan my whole fam is a BIG fan of it but they are reding it from the original book, I don't know if it will go well, but you got to give it to Jonny Depp for trying to fill the previuos actors very famous shoes, AND you got to give it to him that he picks very differ roles that anyone else. His roles or character in movies are all so diverse.
  12. That is true about him taaking on his own responsibilities, he should hav even Prescilla said that in her interview for "Elvis by the Presley's". Some peole just don't know how to take on responsibility. Have you gon to the Elvis Museum in Vegas I went there a couple of months ago and it was fantastic. The only movies I've seen where Elvis showed off his acting skills were "Love Me Tender" and "Viva Las Vegas". But I liked "rzoustabout", BLUE HAWAII", PAradise Hawaii Stile (I think that was the NAme) and this one where a rich father pays Elvis to watch over his daughter, but then Elvi
  13. I also sacrificial movie. I love the movie Camille. Have you red the bo ok. I like the new and old version. I also like,Moulin Rouge, (I don't know if this falls under sacrifical movie but) Splendor in the Grass, Romeo and Juliet, and many others I just can't think of them right now. My friends say I'm into tragic love stories I'm starting to believe them. And for the topic provider I loved Palm Beach Story. Caludette Colbert is an amazing actress and the chemistery between her and her costar is great in that movie.
  14. Oh yeah and thankyou "qwtwbooklover" I'll check it out.
  15. I think that is wrong to pin all the responsibility on Elvis. Elvis was young when he started and was very vunerable beacause he didn't know anything about the business. Alot of people that knew him said he was like a little boy, so he looked to colonel for guidence, and the Colonel used him. Then when he was older I think he started getting too depresses I think to make any decisions. maybe he should have stood up but Colnonel played his money oncome agaginst and amde him believe he knew best. i don't think you should think so harsh of him.
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