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  1. Hoping someone can help me with this. I just rewatched The Black Swan (1942), which I recorded from TCM the other day. I’m sure most of you know it, but if not it’s a fun swashbuckler with a great supporting performance by Laird Cregar, who ends up walking away with the picture. Anyway, I’d seen the movie before, and I could have sworn that it ended with Cregar taking his place back in Jamaica and exposing Maureen O’Hara’s lily-livered original boyfriend (she falls in love with Tyrone Power by fade-out, of course) as a traitor. I still can’t believe that’s not the ending in the version I just watched. Is there another version of it like that? I can’t find anything online that says so, but the version I had watched was the DVD, and as I said what I just watched on TCM. If not, am I conflating it with another movie—is there another pirate movie that ends with a traitor being exposed in a parliament? I could have sworn this was it. Thanks very much in advance.
  2. Hey, so it’s been a long time since I posted here—my apologies. I just got sidetracked with other stuff. @MovieCollectorOH, I haven’t exactly ruled out Cliff Edwards, but I’m almost positive now that it was a singer hired for the movie. In addition to all the other reasons, someone else interested in this also e-mailed Graham Hartstone, and Hartstone remembered the producer hiring someone—he wasn’t sure who it was, though. @Sgt_Markoff, Mudcat came back with nothing, unfortunately. One person responded to say that every source he tried had no idea. Slightly less sure about Kernan now. Starting to think, not for the first time, that we’ll never figure this one out.
  3. @Sgt_Markoff, I’ve posted it to Mudcat. Will let you know if/when anyone gets back to me there.
  4. Thanks, everyone. Just wondering… based on the clips above, do you guys think it’s Kernan?
  5. Ah! No one has mentioned that, Sgt_Markoff. Thanks, I’ll try there. I’d like to see if someone can verify Kernan; if so, I’ll (at long, LONG last) mark this one a “solved.”
  6. Thank you, @Sgt_Markoff. I should let you know that it’s almost definitely not an authentic record from the ‘30s, as it appears to be—I’ve talked to several different sources, including several music professors, who told me that for a number or reasons related to the recording, it’s probably contemporaneous with the movie (‘70s), made to sound like a ‘30s recording. (It particularly sounds like Al Bowlly and Frank Luther, but the vocals aren’t actually either man’s.) Also: I’ve been reluctant to post this because I have no evidence for it, but at IMDb v2.0 we’ve stumbled one the most convincing candidate yet (in my opinion) for the identity of the singer—David Kernan. He worked in theatre on Broadway and the West End as well as in the film business, he’d sung Porter before, he’d previously worked with Michael Caine in Zulu, and the vocals sound remarkably close. I’ve tried to find any contact information for Kernan, to no avail, and every other source to which I’ve reached out (I couldn’t find an agent, but I did find organizations with which he’s affiliated) hasn’t gotten back to me. Here’s the Sleuth singer again: And here’s Kernan singing a Porter medley: https://youtu.be/HyVqj-4Z3UI
  7. Both The Chinese Cat (1944) and Scared Stiff (1945) have a chess piece as a major clue for their mysteries. I’ve seen the former but not the latter; could one of those be it?
  8. Hi, everyone— Just bumping this. None of the stations ever got back to me, for better or worse. Anyone interested? Have some more information? Thanks.
  9. I’m sure you’re right; it’s just that we’ve fairly exhausted options for talkies. There were a few experts on the Monster Kid Classic Horror Forum, and they’d never heard of it. On the other hand, the OP couldn’t remember for sure what language it was in (though he thought English), so I suppose that goes to suggest there was dialogue.
  10. Question, though: could it be Rex Ingram’s The Magician (1926)?
  11. Anyway, Hitchcock’s The Manxman (’29) is available in its entirety here. https://ok.ru/video/290212809294
  12. @MovieCollectorOH Not ruling anything out, and I’ll check them out (and hope that he does), but I’d be shocked if, in the plot synopses, there were no mention of such important elements as gypsies, a tower, or hypnotism.
  13. Thanks, @MovieCollectorOH. I’ve just now checked those, and neither really seems to align with what @mattspease wrote, which only makes me think more that he’s conflating two (or more) different movies. Indeed, that would have to be, if he definitely remembers it on TCM, unless “his” movie happened to be in that ’98-’99 gap, correct?
  14. Any news here, @MovieCollectorOH (or anyone else)?
  15. Yeah, @MovieCollectorOH, there always seem to be a few apparently insoluble ones that pique my interest—damn that Sleuth singer! While I now lean towards @mattspease’s having conflated two or more movies, as I said, I could be wrong, and I’d be happy to be wrong; I’d very much like him to find “his” movie. Thanks very much for offering to look again, though I’m sorry to hear that it’s missing a year and a half! I’ll be happy to help if I can do anything.
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