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  1. I'll have to pay more attention to the Mickey Rooney movies. I'm still interested in the additions to the list of greats who may still be active making movies. No one has mentioned Paul Newman or Anthony Hopkins and whether or not they will end up in or out of the pantheon. Personally I think Paul Newman entertaining on screen; and Hopkins very talented. Also, not sure where to place James Mason. Always someone who I enjoy on film.
  2. If we consider the list of great actors to be (I may have missed some): Gregory Peck; Cary Grant; Humphery Bogart; Marlon Brando; Spencer Tracy; John Wayne; Henry Fonda; Jimmy Stewart; Laurence Olivier; Clark Gable; Gary Cooper; Buster Keaton; Who retired or working today will be added? And will any of them get into the top 5 or 10 of all time? (just some top names that I can think of; also know that Jack Lemon is dead, not sure about Kirk Douglas and O'Toole.) Anthony Hopkins; Paul Newmann; Peter O'Toole; Robin Williams; Duston Hoffman; Robert Redford; Charlt
  3. I think you're right about the longevity of a career being a sign of greatness. Hepburn certainly had that and that's something we should remember. For a comparison, consider Liza Minnelli. Just last night I watched her in Cabaret, for which she won the Acadamy Award for Best Actress in 1972. She was absolutely spectacular in that role. I hadn't seen the movie before. Michael York is also very good. I'd say as a single performance, Minnelli beats any single Hepburn performance. But, that's about Minnelli's only success.
  4. Ingrid Bergman would be far ahead of the others. Also would consider: Meryl Streep Lauren Bacall Betty Davis And though I admire Kate Hepburn, she is not my idea of the ideal woman.
  5. I haven't seen The Glenn-Miller Story. I didn't care much for him in Harvey -- not a film I enjoyed. My favorites: The Shop Around the Corner Rear Window The Philadelphia Story
  6. I'd say Grant is the obvious choice since. But, I think Peck had a greater range and portrayed more interesting characters. For example, Spellbound, The Snows of Killimenjaro (sp?). To me, Peck seems to inhabit the character more than Grant. So, my final choice is Peck. I love 'em both and it is a tough choice, however.
  7. My list of overrated films would include: Gone with the Wind Citizen Kane (the artisty is evident, but the characters are not interesting) The Graduate 2001 A Space Odyssey (boring) Dr. Strangelove Doctor Zhivago most of Fellini films I've seen haven't been that good I disagree with Jalannopolaris on The Manchurian Candidate. Sinatra, Lawrance Harvey, and Lansburry are terrific. I urge you to watch the "commentary" on The Manchurian Candidate. It will likely change you mind on the merits of this film.
  8. I just finished watching John Wayne's version of The Alamo (1960). This is an average war film in my mind. Also didn't much like The Sands of Iwo Jima. Besides some of the others already mentioned, I liked: All Quiet on the Western Front Henry V (Kenneth Branagh version is my favorite) Gettysburgh (although Martin Shean was awful as Robert E. Lee) From Here to Eternity Mrs. Minerva many others
  9. I just joined this TCM movie forum yesterday, so I've been going through some of the old topics. This topic in particular was very interesting to read. It showed me that there are many knowledgeable contributors who can also write very well. And this Katharine-Hepburn argument contained many refereces to other actors and the difference between being a screen star and a stage actor. My opinion: pretty much agree with the others. She was a huge screen star who carried her strong off-screen personality with her. And that shows in all her roles. You can always sense that this is Kat
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