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  1. Much later, last night, I took another look at that hat and not seeing an anchor emblem I had second thoughts Jack was Navy. Thanks for the correction! My dad earned his Navy wings of gold in 1944, and my nephew is currently in the Navy...so I should have realized earlier. Duh. lol!
  2. Oh my gosh Fred, you never cease to amaze me. Perfect match. Thank you!! The family member, Eddie, was a much decorated Navy man, and is actually in uniform in this picture -- It makes it even more special to see Jack was also in the Navy! ~ Patti
  3. Going through a recently deceased family member's pictures I saw this photograph, and think he was someone famous. (I cropped out my aunt's brother).I would like to add the identification on the photo, Anyone recognize him -- actor? Sports figure? Obviously years after his prime but the face is soooo familiar! I don't know how to post directly, so I hope to link to photobucket. Thanks for any guesses! (Yea, it worked)
  4. More than I hoped for! Thank you Kyle. What a fantastic idea. I have been away from the boards for a while. This is a nice surprise.
  5. I received a very ill-timed phone call, which was important, so I missed Jerry's intro to IRM. I have been looking forward to this all day. Can anyone tell me why he chose this wonderful picture, and what was said in his conversation with Robert? I was going to record, but my corded phone kept me tethered in place. : ( Thanks movie buffs!
  6. There are other channels? (Ooops. Guess ya caught me. I'm watching Visions of Ireland on PBS at the moment.)
  7. How true, Suki -- and welcome! I too watched (again) and the tears flowed freely at the end of this interview, even more so now that she's gone. It is definitely one of the best in the series. What honesty. Love her or hate her, she gave it her all -- on screen and off.
  8. << PS - please note that all shorts scheduled between 6am, Feb 1st - 6am, March 4th will be Oscar nominees or winners only!) >> I'd forgotten that was the case. Awesome! Thank you, merci, danke over and over again, for all the efforts in keeping us informed. Dang. I love this place.
  9. << After all, he is doing this as a favor to the members of this board. >> (as well as and LaughingGravy) That's the problem with someone taking the time to do a good deed, without an extra nickel in pay. There will always be those who find fault, in some way. Sure we can grumble about TCM not playing a short, when posted, but please everyone, don't blame the messengers. Next thing we know, they may well feel they are not appreciated and, then, where would we be? (And my comments are meant to encompass many on this long thread, and not one in particular) I remain...fore
  10. Hey, look at it this way. We get to see him longer, as we scroll up and down the page! Thanks for the pic(s) Mongo. Forgot to mention that in my last post.
  11. He was one solid performer, who never failed to entertain, whatever the role -- good, bad or mugly. : ) Too bad I missed most of the flicks today, and only caught B.F's Daughter. I wish they had put a long-haired wig on Barbara, and different make-up for the earlier years, to soften her look, and then age gradually into her current age. But...I wasn't around to give advice in 1948. lol! The bits I saw of Tennessee Johnson looked pretty good. Hope to catch it in its entirety one day. By the way, who do I complain to about the nutshell descriptions accompanying the titles,
  12. There I go skimming again. Thanks LG!
  13. 12/5 2:05pm/11:05a- Visiting St. Louis 1945-9m-TT Hi! Could this possibly be for 12/4 and not the 5th? St Louis Blues is scheduled for 12/4 at 2:15, but on 12/5 Rancho Notorious starts at 2, making more sense to show this short before St Louis Blues, esp with that start time. ???? As always, a million thanks for the time taken to list the shorts for us! Ohhhhh also just noticed that the Tom Edison short will probably follow the movie, which is on this morning (the 4th). And 5:48pm/2:48p - Seeing Hands 1943-11m-PSS would seem to be a companion short to The Miracle Worker, a
  14. Darn. I knew I should have let the recording run, after Lady. Darn.
  15. of course...that makes sense!!!!!! I was reading it backwards...and should take the first time as Eastern. Duhhhhh. Thank you!
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