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  1. First movie , huh? well...The first movie I went to see was Superman with Chris Reeves ninteen eighty something, with my brother.
  2. No I havent seen any "Pre-Code" Films, and never heard of them till now, thanks for the heads up. You probably saved me from being disapointed, traveling all that way and spending my money to watch smut doesnt appeal to me. However I did notice that they were playing other classic films, like Carosel, those might be worth going to, for me anyhow.
  3. Never mind i found it check this site out: http://www.cinema.ucla.edu/public/calendar/calendar_f.html the cost is $8.00 a ticket, not a bad price to see a classic film. Thanks for the heads up on this, though it may contain subject material that I may not wish to see, there are other films being played there too. But who knows, just how bad can the subject matter be? after all it was filmed back in the 30's, when cuss words were still words like "Sufferin suckatash" and "Blagnabit", this might be kinda fun after all.
  4. is there an internet link that shows the schedual, and show times of this film showing at UCLA? What are ticket prices? Were is it advertised at?
  5. Song of the South You Know "Zip-a-dee-doo-da" Who was that charecter? Uncle Remus? Brer Rabbit? Tar Baby?
  6. Wow, what a mess... Sounds like a heated argument instead of a civil debate, I haven't read this whole thread, but have gathered that the subject is about the profanity in TCM movies, is that correct? If I am correct in assuming that is what the topic of this discussion is about, I would have to chime in on the side, that Profanity, nudity, and sexuality is totally unnecessary for a movie, or tv show to be entertaining. A good show is based upon how well the story is, and how well it is acted out, if you absolutely can not live with out Cuss words, nudity, or Sexuality in your entertainment, m
  7. Havent seen it yet, but it does suprize me that it would have such bad reviews, sounds like a good concept, to have the Muppets do a version of Wizard of Oz,Another one I want to see but havent yet is Dark side of the Rainbow, for those who dont know of it, it is the Wizard of Oz set to the music of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the moon, they occastionaly show it out in the desert and project it on a big flat rock. As far as the new Willy Wonka, i have mixed feelings about that too, hope this one dont destroy Johnny Depps Carreer, as Some films have done to certain actors in the past. I am inter
  8. WOW, everyone has named off some realy great actors, i would like to add Morgan Freeman, Steve Martin, Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, Gabby Hayes, Robert Duvall(sp?), Gene Wilder, just to name a few
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and just wanted to introduce myself, I love old Silverscreen movies, and old westerns alike, in my free time I compete in Cowboy action Shooting, and Chuck Wagon Cook offs, and Dutch oven Cook offs. I'm 30 years old Married to a lovely lady, and have 2 beautiful Children. Some of my Favorite movies, but not limited to are : Its a wonderful life, Pot o' gold, Red River, Harold and Maude, Cool Hand Luke, Harvey, Mr.Deeds goes to town, the Grapes of wrath, just to name a few. Whelp thats about all for now, don't want to bore you right off the bat.
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