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  1. I saw the the movie The Notebook this past weekend. Oh my goodness I blubbered like a baby. This was such a wonderful wonderful movie. I recommend highly a great love story!
  2. My brother In-Law is a salesman for one of the bookstores and gets all of the movies old plus new releases and he always thinks of me for the old movies. He recently gave me the box set To Kill a Mockingbird with extra bonus features. I watched the interview with Gregory Peck I never really knew how gentle of a man he was. I fell in love with him again.
  3. Come Back Little Sheba - I don't know why I like this movie because it is so depressing but it is a blubber fest. This Property is Condemned - The ending is so sad actually the whole movie is. How Green Was my Valley and A tree Grows in Brooklyn - Box full of kleenex and your set My all time favorite The Best Years of Our lives - I love this movie from start to finish and blubber a lot throughout but love the ending.
  4. I just wanted to share just a little bit about one of my heros and it is Jerry Lewis. During this time of devastating need in New Orleans and Mississippi he and many others have stepped up to the plate to help these people. I was diagnosed 30 years ago with Muscular Dystrophy. If it wasn't for the Muscular Dystrophy Association helping me greatly to continue my independence I truly do not know what I would have done without these people. They watched me grow up from a teenager to an adult and were there to cheer me on every inch of the way and have helped me with any type of equipment
  5. Movie Stars today think that their opinions will impact us little people. We have Sean Penn going to the middle east to solve the worlds problems. But you certainly don't see him over their now supporting our troops. You have Tom Cruise now a doctor/cult leader trying to rule people who are trying to make their lifes better just because he has his religion. These are just two examples that come to mind. I do understand that many of the classic stars had their strong opinions but I also understand that many of them enlisted in the armed services to protect our country. Look at what the cla
  6. I agree Kathy Bates performance was so chilling!!!!! My pick is Bette Davis in What ever happened to Baby Jane. But Joan Crawford just in her personal life has to be the most wicked woman!!!!!
  7. I actually enjoyed the remake instead of the original. I thought Johnny Depp was excellent as usual and Tim Burton's weird touch is throughout the movie (big fan of both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp). I loved the oompa loopas dance and singing numbers was funny. Personally I couldn't believe that people in the theater had their little ones. I thought some of the parts would have been disturbing to the little ones after all Tim Burton is the director.... when it comes out on DVD will be added to my collection....
  8. I don't understand the big fanfare of Marilyn Monroe and I do not think she was attractive. Her personality is perceived to me in her movies as it is perceived in her personal life a pathetic woman. I have watch several of her movies and her persona on screen reminds me of a prostitute not a sexy woman (big difference). As stated in previous posts on this subject that sometimes sensuality would lure a person in and not sex appeal. Marilyn Monroe had neither and again I do not understand where she was a great actress, generous and sweet her acting ability was always the same, her breathy vo
  9. Marilyn Monroe - She was not sexy she was sleazy.
  10. I adore Audrey Hepburn. I was so thrilled that she is the star of the month. Watched Roman Holiday and Sabrina the other night I am in heaven. My favorite part in Sabrina is when she comes back from Paris and goes to the Party she was so stunning. Roman Holiday I love when she is sitting just looking at everything and eating Gelato then handsome Gregory Peck (Yummy) comes up. There will never be anyone that compares to her grace and elegance.
  11. Magaret O'Brien tops for me. She was so adorable. Shirley Temple, Roddy McDowell (How Green was my valley) loved him in that. Peggy Ann Gardner I love A tree grows in Brooklyn such a great movie. Todays movies it would be Dakota not sure of her last name she is recently in a movie with Tom Cruise. She is adorable and really quite a good actress.
  12. The Sound of Music - My parents took my sisters and I to the Drive In to see it. I remember we got to wear our pajamas and my mom brought all of the junk food. I really didn't appreciate the movie because I was so young.
  13. I forgot about Misery Moviejoe... that movie is so deranged but of course Stephen King is a wacko. I could never look at Kathy Bates the same after that.
  14. I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn. I would have loved to have talked with her and just be around her. I think her personality was a gentle and kind soul. I am such a fanatic that I collect anything and everything about her. Yes I am one of those fans. ha I love all of her movies. Of course my two favorites Sabrina and Roman Holiday. Anything romance. I would have liked some other actor besides Humphrey Bogart (not that he didn't do it justice he was great)play Linus. I just picture Sabrina with a handsome gorgeous man.
  15. Have you ever seen a scary movie that just scared you to death. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and Wizard of Oz were my first two movies that really scared me. I was young when I saw both. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte where the head was rolled down the stairs. My sisters did that to me whenever I would be sassy to them knowing I would go into a fit. Wizard of Oz which is such a classic but the flying monkeys and of course the wicked witch would scare me to death. My mother always brings up that she was ironing and I would run and sit by her feet everytime the monkeys and witch would start. So I
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