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  1. I believe the film you are looking for is called WAGES OF FEAR starring Yves Montand
  2. I have this short in my TCM collection. Regards, Yancey
  3. Thanks so much for letting me know. I appreciate your time. It's too bad they only show these one time and then they are (ahem) Gone With The Wind! I know someone out there has it... Yancey
  4. Bumping Up --- Still looking for the Liz Smith Robert Osborne Intro for Tootsie from last Monday! --- Anyone - Anyone, Beuller?
  5. I did record this with the Osborne Intro and Wrap-Up... Yancey
  6. Up until tonight I was able to copy every guest programmer intro and outro. Tonight my power went out and I missed the Tootsie intro. Anyone copy it? Please let me know... Thanks, Yancey
  7. My pleasure... I love getting the NOW PLAYING Guide but seeing that the on-line schedule can be different makes me wonder what I may have missed! Cheers, Yancey
  8. Thanks, I believe that means all of Garbo's MGM Films will be screened. Thanks! Yancey
  9. Which is correct the online schedule or the NOW PLAYING Guide? NOW PLAYING does not indicate that three of the Garbo silents will be playing on Tuesdays, the online schedule does. (The Kiss, The Single Standard, Wild Orchids) Any thoughts? Thanks, Yancey Cravatt
  10. I only saw the Blue and Green openings in regard to a couple of shorts that played. Otherwise with the films I caught they were gone. As to the people in the apartment... I'm no squealer, I'll never tell... I've always thought that train going by was clipped from one of Kubrick's early films. I believe some of the bits used in the opening of the "Open All Night" Intro are from Killer's Kiss. Yancey
  11. I can't believe it but one of the movies on my request list was chosen!!! Cowboy Quarterback, The / 1939 CAST: Marie Wilson, Bert Wheeler, William Demarest. A football scout tries to get a legendary runner back into the game. BW 56m. Comedy. D: Noel Smith. PLAYING ON TCM: 11/07/2005 04:00 AM Check it out... I'll be there... Yancey
  12. Was July the last we'll see of the famous Green and Blue Turner Openings? (I have to admit, I won't miss that booming music before most movies.) I do like the new opening better. And how about the "Train" ratings card? Also are Robert Osborne's sets different as well? Turner Classic Movies seems to have moved to the big city! The change is nice. Yancey Cravat
  13. Since a bad print was the only one available they chose not to air it.
  14. Being able to program recording time between the movies. Now I never miss a short or any of the other supplemental things that appear on TCM... Unless of course I forget to program it! Yancey Cravat 2
  15. Here's my list of Richard Dix, Wheeler & Woolsey and a Bing Crosby short. Richard Dix Seven Keys to Baldpate (1929) Young Donovan's Kid (1931) The Public Defender (1931) The Great Jasper (1933) Stingaree (1934) West of the Pecos (1935) Wheeler and Woolsey Hold 'Em Jail (1932) So This Is Africa (1933) Cowboy Quarterback (1939) Las Vegas Nights (1941) Bing Crosby Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove (1934)
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