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    Yeah if you like your movies cut up with commericals every 8/10 minuites. I'll stay and love TCM Thank You. Xxmass/Larry
  2. Hi Shasta 66, If you really want to watch a great silent film I recommend The Crowd, Which is directed by King Vidor. A true gem. Enjoy, Xxmass/Larry.
  3. Fantastic input, Wow I'm impressed. Thank you Celluloid Kid. Xxmass/ Larry
  4. xxmass


    Happy New Year All, Ok let's be honest. Does anybody out there watch AMC? How can this station show some really great films and cut the hell out of them. Not only do they edit, but they interupt there films with commericals every 10 minutes. How this station stays on the air is beyond me. So all I can say is God Bless TCM. Xxmass/Larry.
  5. Boris Karloff ??? Maybe Scarlett Ohara's Mummy lol.
  6. Hi All, my all time favorite film is Gone With The Wind. On Christmas Eve my son in law and I were disscusing our favorite films. When I told him mine was GWTW he stated that Clark Gable was lucky to get the roll of Rhett Butler. He said that Victor Fleming had chosen Vincent Price for the part, and that Mr Price turned it down. I know that many actors tryed for the roll of Rhett Butler but Vincent Price????. Help lol. Has anyone heard this? I can't see anybody but Clark Gable playing Rhett Butler. I'll await any replys. Sincerly, Xxmass/ Larry.
  7. Hi, The Name of the film is Mr Peabody And The Mermaid. It stared William Powell, And Ann Blyth as the mermaid. Happy New Year. Sincerly, Xxmass/ Larry.
  8. Dear Movieman, thanks for your advice. I've done what you've suggested. Have a very Happy New Year. Sincerly, xxmass/ Larry.
  9. Hi, I finally got to see The High And The Mighty. The last time I saw this film was back in 1955, which my parents took me to see it. Being only 5 years old all I remembered was the the music. What a big disapointment. I have read some reviews, and they all said mainly the same thing. A soap opera in the sky, or Grand Hotel of the sky. I'am a big fan of John Wayne, but in my opion this was one of his worst films. I've always seen the Duke in lead rolls, but in this film he was playing a bit part. A'm I wrong about this trash? What do you think? I'll look forword to hear any imputs that anyo
  10. Hi all, I finally got to see the film The High And The Mighty. What a disapointment. When I was 4 years old my parents took me to see this film, and to be honest all I remembered was the music. What a soap opera, It's been called the Grand Hotel of the air lol now I see why. Is there anybody out there that liked this film? Even John Wayne was like a bit player {not the lead}. And I'm a termendous John Weyne fan. What's your opion? Sincerly, Xxmass.
  11. Hi all, well another great actor has died. Marc Lawrence was a great actor. Mr Lawrence always played the heavy. My favorite role of his was in Key Largo. Always the gangster lol. It seems like almost every other day an actor/ actress dies. Mr Lawrence was 95 yrs old, but will always stay young in his films. Like Harold J Stone, another great one leaves us. Rest In Peace, Marc Lawrence. As always, Larry / Xxmass.
  12. Hi all, Being a adult I still love a good cartoon. Warner Bros. were the best. These cartoons were'nt designed for children, but for adults. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and of course Elmer Fudd were the best. A lot of people compare Warner Bros cartoons to Disney. I do agree that Disney had some really fantastic films like Snow White, and Pinocchio just too name a few. But when it came down to really funny slapstick, it was Warner Bros. all the way. Larry / Xxmass.
  13. Hello all, Olivia Dehavilland is surly and Icon. It's a shame that we don't have have many great actress's / or actors left today. A GREAT LADY. Always, Larry/Xxmass.
  14. Bravo Tracey, I agree with you 100% Larry/ Xxmass
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