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  1. MGM didn't produce the titles you mentioned. The Noose Hangs High was originally an Abbott and Costello production made outside of their Universal/MGM deal and was released by Eagle-Lion. As with He Waked By Night, MGM/Sony has the rights to the Eagle-Lion films, even though you can find PD versions of He Walked By Night (some of which even carry the MGM logo). Rocky wasn't an MGM release either, just another title they acquired years ago when the home-video rights for United Artists' work transferred from CBS/Fox or Key Video to MGM. Similarly with Charly, MGM simply acquired the film.
  2. It sounds like both of you had similar experiences to myself. In Canada, in early-to-mid-80s, CBC aired the old Warner Bros. catalogue (or what they picked from it) and it was that package that shaped what I still like, but have long since expand upon. I'd be so tired at school coz I just had to stay up and catch Torrid Zone or The Oklahoma Kid. I always hoped they'd show more of Cagney's early film, which they never did, other than Public Enemy. They switched to Paramount/Universal films when their contract ran out and then I got to see Madame Butterfly, The Phantom President, His Woman,
  3. According to their website awhile ago, MGM (Sony) has prepared a David Lean Collection that includes Blithe Spirit, Madeleine and other new-to-DVD films. Release dates are not fixed and who knows when they'll come out. The covers looked nice, though.
  4. I commented on Golden Dawn below but I thought no one else caught it. You're bang on with your comments and I couldn't stop watching it either. An utterly ridiculous film that is certainly up there with Plan 9 From Outer Space as one of the worst films ever, and it might even top that one being a product of a major studio utilizing (wasted) decent talent. As I mentioned previously, Noah Beery's performance is pretty tough thing to swallow...
  5. Did anyone see Golden Dawn the other day? You want to talk about strange musical moments! Practically everything about the film is bizarre, if not downright absurd. I read a fantastically written review for the film on imdB that really made me want to see, though I didn't need as many stimulants to get through it as the reviewer suggested would be necessary. I'm sure the absurdity would be increased if the original Technicolor version were around to give it an unhealthy, faded-painting look. And what was with Noah Beery?!? Ouch!
  6. Yes, more people need to watch Kinski films, especially if they think they've got problems or are in need of a therapist. I love Kinski, though I usually have to suspend my judgment and my code-of-ethics a bit, especially when I read his autobiography. Wow! His partnership, for lack of a better term, with Herzog, as you suggested, produced some of the finest films I've ever seen, even Cobra Verde. A superb actor, Kinski turned down Pasolini, Visconti, many of the great of cinema to appear in schlock because the paycheck was higher. What a guy!!!!
  7. I saw the RS documentary way back when during my original heyday with Cagney. Loved it. I used to have it on tape but I go through buying and selling like nobody does, and usually not to my benefit. But Shake Hands with the Devil (or any other film the man appeared in) will never leave my collection!
  8. I knew you'd find this one. And you're definitely blessed for having spoken with the man. The great ones are certainly few and far between. Johnny
  9. Hi Veronica, I've never seen Zero Hour but I've heard Airplane recycled exact dialogue from the film. It would probably be pretty hard to watch seriously now.
  10. Yes, I think 1900 is a film that deserves to be seen again. I've seen Bernardo Bertolucci's epic in two versions. One is a dubbed 4 hour American version that Paramount issued with the voices of DeNiro, Lancaster, Sutherland, and Sterling Hayden, and the dubbed 5-odd hour Italian version with strange voices to match the faces of DeNiro, Lancaster, Sutherland, Depardieu and the rest. Italian films were made that way (shot first then dubbed later) and it would be super to see the complete film with the original actors' voices. Who knows if we ever will. A friend of mine was in a bar in Toro
  11. My favorite movie blunder occurs in THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE. Wayne leaves the bar after getting drunk very quickly after learning Jimmy Stewart just got his girl and heads for home. He's wearing a dark, double-breasted shirt. When he gets home, he's wearing a light, double-breasted shirt. When he opens the door and goes in, to set fire to the addition, he's wearing the dark shirt. Woody Strode runs in to rescue Wayne and carries him out wearing the light shirt. Strode puts him on a wagon and the camera quickly cuts to Strode then back to Wayne and he's somehow managed to get bac
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