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  1. Growing up in England between 1962 and 1981 I knew only 3 TV channels and rare visits to the cinema. I can still remember the first movie I ever saw at the "flicks" was 1967's Doctor Doolittle - magic for a child of 5 years. A trip to the cinema meant a double feature in those days, concessions ladies with their trays slung about their necks, absolute silence during the movie with no-one leaving their seats during the pic', and most importantly a single gigantic screen - the multiplex had yet to be born. Of the relative few movies I got to see at the cinema as a lad, the three that made the
  2. A bit of a mix... My father strikes a perfect mid-ground between Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard - TNG etc.) and former Formula 1 world champ' Mika Hakkinen...
  3. Does anyone know if/when John Frankenheimer's "Grand Prix" (1966) will make it to DVD?...
  4. I need help... There are a good number of great movies and TV programs out there internationally that I would purchase on DVD (or VHS) if it were not for the "You-live-in-a-region-where-this-DVD/VHS-format-will-not-play" messages I keep getting. Is there anyone who can tell me whether I need to purchase DVD and VHS players from these "regions", or is there something I can do here in the USA to have my players modified? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. ...(me again, sorry)... Here's a couple I haven't seen since I left the UK 23+ years ago; The Dam Busters (1954) Reach for the Sky (1956) (Yes, I adore the older WW2 movies)
  6. How on earth did I miss the passing of Sir John Mills this past April?... Ice Cold in Alex (1958) Above us the Waves (1955) We Dive at Dawn (1943) The Colditz Story (1955) R.I.P. Sir John...
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