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  1. Lay off you two..... Burt's all mine! I saw him recently in "Desert Fury". LOVED the film. One film of his that has eluded me so far is "Sorry, Wrong Number". I want to see that movie badly!
  2. Going back to Scott - Lancaster - Douglas photo, I have now found out that it refers to this film: I haven't actually seen this movie, so would love to hear any opinions from those who have.
  3. Hrundi V Bakshi. 'Pardon?' That is what my name is called.
  4. D.O A. - I still can't decide if this movie was any good or not. I guess those wolf whistles just ruined it for me, I can't help it And the fact that his girlfriend more or less encouraged him to cheat on her. I mean, just how realistic is that?! However, throughout the movie I kept thinking how I'd go nuts if I was finding those messages and flowers from her every time I returned to my hotel room. There is also the ending. He throws himself on the floor. How's that for a convincing death scene! The only bit I really loved was the jazz bar sequence.
  5. I loved the pacing of "Quicksand", the chain of events that lead to Mickey's character's downfall is fascinating, bordering on absurd, but isn't that the premise of most noirs. All the performances are strong. My only dislike is the ending which is redemptive for Mickey. I like the noirs in which fatal consequences are exactly that - fatal. This one dissapoints in that respect. Still the movie had that "something" for me and held me gripped throughout.
  6. Thanks Frank. Here's a little something for you: Loved this movie!
  7. The best value for money DVD for me was "Cleopatra" 3 disc DVD set which I bought on Amazon for about $2.
  8. I must be the only person here who has never owned a single VHS. Usually I watch a movie on TV first and if it grabs my attention, I hunt for a DVD. Buying movies online has saved me an absolute fortune, as it usually costs a fraction of the price I'd pay in the shops. Collecting DVDs can be compulsive though, and my biggest problem is catching up with my ever expanding wishlist. I am fully aware that by the time I complete my movie library, DVD as a format will be totally outdated. I can just hear my offspring in 30 years time: : "Gee, can you believe the size of these things....!?!".
  9. .....Scott with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in Desert Fury.... I can't recall Kirk Douglas in "Desert Fury". Which part did he play (mind you, it has been a while since I last watched that movie). Are there any plans to release this on DVD? It is still not available on this format, to the best of my knowledge.
  10. While we wait for Visualfeast's offering, can anybody guess this movie:
  11. I must have spent thousands so far on DVDs alone.... if Amazon ever go bust, it won't be because I haven't done my bit!
  12. For all you Gene fans, someone uploaded Gene Tierney :"A Shattered Portrait" documentary in 5 parts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCF2FXx3Q2I&mode=related&search=
  13. Hi Larry, I know this is a JC thread, but do tell us more about Lana! One of my favourite stars and much better actress that many give her credit for. What was she like in those days? Were you good friends with her?
  14. Yay for Borat!! Here is one of my favourite Borat clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DLIeStR9A0
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