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  1. That's great news!! I'll look forward to that. I hope I didn't come across as an unhappy camper because I think TCM is absolutely fantastic and it is by far my most-viewed channel. Keep up the great work!
  2. Was just reading a post on another site that was discussing the TCM showing of "No Blade of Grass" this week. Apparently, a couple of scenes were cut or edited and at least one instance of the mighty F-word was "bleeped". I for one would prefer that TCM show only movies that they can present completely uncut and unaltered (an exception being features of which no complete print exists, of course). I don't mind at all if TCM stays away from racier type movies, but if they do opt to play a film, I wish they'd play it uncut and un-bleeped. I wish you wonderful guys and dolls would share your o
  3. Gamblepuddle...........teeheehee
  4. Thank you for turning my very first post into a laughing stock. Thank you so VERY MUCH!!!! But seriously, I think the film had Jane Russell in a swimsuit. I was looking forward to it :-(
  5. Does anyone know what happened to the showing of "Underwater" that was at one time scheduled for 6/21??
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