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  1. I'm on the east coast and I did catch it this morning! They changed the schedule with the new year and I'm not used to what time everything I like (the older shows) is on yet.
  2. Shower-bath reminds me of the auto-truck I saw mentioned in a newspaper article I read about my great grandfather - he took a bunch of people somewhere in his auto-truck.
  3. Sepiatone, I was only 2 in 1958 so I missed the first run of Burns and Allen, but I'm glad they have it on Antenna TV. I just wish they had it on at a decent hour, I usually fall asleep before it comes on. I didn't realize that the other Harry Morton's weren't accountants. I always thought it was strange that they had 2 regular characters named Harry so that they had to always use their last name when they referred to them. I read that they used the Burns' real house as a model for the set, including his above the garage study and that the opening of some of the early shows (which I haven't seen) used their actual house they lived in and where George continued to live until he died.
  4. I like the way George Burns breaks the 4th wall and explains the change in neighbor Harry Morton at 8:37
  5. According to one website: "The interior of the Cunningham home changed dramatically beginning with season three. The front door moved completely from one side of the house to the other. The reason for this change was because the filming switched from being filmed with a single-camera and laugh track, to using three cameras and a live audience. Throughout all of these changes however, the outside of the Milwaukee house remained the same. The exterior is a real house that actually resides at 565 North Cahuenga Boulevard, in Los Angeles. The house was chosen because it was felt that it looked like something that resembled middle America in the 1950s. It’s a private residence but perhaps Chuck is hiding in one of the six bedrooms of this 3,904 sq. ft. home." https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/happy-days-house-15546/
  6. This was the last sheet I bought to use
  7. In answer to the question "does anyone actually see any of these stamps in use..." The answer is yes! They are both used and collected.
  8. I was at the ceremony for the Shirley Temple stamp, it was a wonderful event! Here are some of the souvenirs I brought home with me.
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