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  1. does anyone think a Edw. G. Robinson set might be on the way from Warner Bros.? we already know "Kid Galahad" (w/ Robinson, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart) is on the way...we've also recently had trailers for "Confessions Of A Nazi Spy", "I Loved A Woman" and "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet"...is this wishful thinking on my part? it'd be great to think that with all the recent (official) releases from the past year "The Stranger", "The Woman In the Window", "A Bullet For Joey" (all MGM Film Noir), "Illegal", "Brother Orchid", "Smart Money" and the upcomg "Robin & The 7 Hoods" re-release
  2. all dvd's 3 for 2 (Buy 2 Get 3rd free) from now until January 7th...twice before Xmas they had 40% off boxsets...good stufff...
  3. sorry Message was edited by: thebiach
  4. from Barrie Maxwell (5/22/07): Fox's future plans may include a 100th birthday celebration box set of Bette Davis films in 2008. Titles under Fox's control that could be possible inclusions are: Phone Call from a Stranger, The Star, and The Virgin Queen, as well as new editions of All About Eve and Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte. It's possible also that some of Davis's numerous late-career made-for-TV movies may be controlled by Fox, but I've not had the time to investigate them.
  5. too bad they didn't include the Merrie Melodies shorts "Bunny & Claude (We Rob Carrot Patches)" (1968) and "The Great Carrot-Train Robbery" (1969) as special features on this Ultimate Edition...
  6. they don't mix in previously released DVDs ANYMORE...too much backlash over repeated material in Hitchcock/Fonda releases, Warner Legends/Bogart vol. 1 Collections, the Crawford collection, etc... people were starting to worry that a Carey Grant Vol 2 collection would feature The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby and North by Northwest; a James Cagney set would feature White Heat, Public Enemy, and Yankee Doodle Dandy... so far they've stuck to their word...hence no Libeled Lady or The Great Ziegfield in the Myrna Loy/William Powell Collection... though that doesn't inlude any b
  7. hey I don't know why i've never mentioned this before...you guys can go to the website visitborders (dot) com and print out a 30% off coupon...they update the expiration date every two days...no limit on this coupon except one per visit...also you should sign up for their Borders Rewards card...you earn 20-25-30-40 % off coupons once a week in your e-mail and you also get holiday rewards points...I signed up in August and earned almost $19.00...I used a 40% off any boxset coupon they sent me with the holiday rewards and got the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 4 for about $21.00 with tax!!!
  8. I'm a Claude Rains fan so i bought the Invisible Man and the Wolfman collections...some of these collections have more titles than others...I like "Invisible Agent" because it features Peter Lorre as basically an evil Mr. Moto...
  9. yeah it is Henry Fonda... as for the James Stewart set, the Westerns Double Feature DVD looks tacky in the Signature Collection...I'm glad they released the Marx Bros. double features in the boxset only before they released them as an individual title (same tacky look)... Nic Orizaga
  10. they were on sale for $39.99 each at Borders...the new standard case versions of High Sierra and They Drive by Night were 19.99 each so I went for the boxset...I just stuck my Citizen Kane intot he Warner Legends set and sold my extra Casablanca and Treasure of the Sierra Madre DVDs to FYE...I didn't get as much as I had hope (less than 20 bucks) but it justified buying them over... one thing though...I hate the slimline cases of the Bogart Collections...I was hoping for a bulky set like Errol Flynn or Greta Garbo...it makes it hard to display from the spine...ah well...I just got 6 Bogart
  11. > Well there was never technically a first Bogie set, > so thats why they decided to put them together. I know there wasn't a Bogart Collection...I wouldn't mind buying it (and probably still will) except that now I have the same movie ("Treasure...") twice in two different boxsets...so are you saying we shouldn't be surprised if "The Adventures of Robin Hood" appears in the Errol Flynn Signature Collection Vol. 2?? or "Yankee Doodle Dandy" appears in a James Cagney set?? so those of us that bought the Legends Collection especially for the exclusive "Here's Looking At You, Warner B
  12. > Humphrey Bogart Signature Collection, > > Volume 1 > > Two-disc Casablanca > Two-disc Treasure of the Sierra Madre > They Drive By Night* > High Sierra* whats with the double dipping? I already own the Warner Legends Collection so that means I will not buy this boxset because I can't logically replace the same two-disc special edition of Treasure of the Sierra Madre with this boxset like I could with my "sold-separately" 2-disc Casablanca...I never bought the other two films because I hate snapper cases... I noticed the Jimmy Stewart Signature Collecti
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