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  1. let's help stimulate the economy by boxing up some previously released titles into themed boxsets: Sony could release a Humphrey Bogart boxset with the following titles: Sahara (1943) Dead Reckoning (1947) Tokyo Joe (1949) In A Lonely Place (1950) Sirroco (1951) The Harder They Fall (1956) what about a boxset of Cary Grant from Fox that could include: Born To Be Bad (1934) I Was A Male War Bride (1949) People Will Talk (1951) Kiss Them For Me (1957) An Affair To Remember (50th Anniv. Ed.) (1957) Fox & Henry Fonda: Jesse James (1939) The Return of Frank Jam
  2. with the economy in the crapper and the studios releasing less classic product than they used to I was thinking instead of double-dipping with new editions of the same titles again and again why don't they create boxsets of previouslr-released titles to boost sales? for example: Sony could release a Humphrey Bogart boxset with the following titles: Sahara (1943) Dead Reckoning (1947) Tokyo Joe (1949) In A Lonely Place (1950) Sirroco (1951) The Harder They Fall (1956) just a simple repackaging wouldn't cost much at all and would help move some units of these over-priced sin
  3. another great DVD...a lot of cartoons I remembered from the early days of Cartoon Network and some I din't remember at all (good and bad): the remembered favorites: "Goonland", "Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp", and "Hello, How Am I?"" newly discovered favorites: "A Date To Skate", "Wotta Nitemare", "Plumbing Is A Pipe" skip them: "With Poopdeck Pappy" "It's The Natural Thing To Do", "Customers Wanted", "Doing Impossikible Stunts" and my 21 month old son's favorite "Never Sock A Baby" !!! If only they'd (Paramount actually, not WHV) do the same with Betty Boop & Friends.
  4. Pinocchio Fantasia Snow White the first three do it for me...Snow White and Pinocchio had art direction from Gustaff Tendgrenn (sp?) before he became famous for Poky Little Puppy, Saggy Baggy Elephnat, Tawny Srawny Lion, etc...also I like Mary Blair's influence on Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland...
  5. does anyone think a Edw. G. Robinson set might be on the way from Warner Bros.? we already know "Kid Galahad" (w/ Robinson, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart) is on the way...we've also recently had trailers for "Confessions Of A Nazi Spy", "I Loved A Woman" and "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet"...is this wishful thinking on my part? it'd be great to think that with all the recent (official) releases from the past year "The Stranger", "The Woman In the Window", "A Bullet For Joey" (all MGM Film Noir), "Illegal", "Brother Orchid", "Smart Money" and the upcomg "Robin & The 7 Hoods" re-release
  6. Also, the WB info you placed the other day in a separate thread had already been posted about a week or so ago in the Upcoming Releases thread not to mention in another thread he had posted himself...
  7. my Joan Crawford vol. 2 box set already broke...the outer plastic shell I mean...it split from where the seams are glued halfway across the top...maybe I can exchange it...
  8. I honestly would rather pay a little extra to have something that draws my attention and protects my dvds, than to be stuck paying for a digipak case...how many people out there have young children that like to pull dvds off shelves? a broken digipak case is irreplaceable...how are we to protect our restored movies if they are covered in scratches?....not by stuffing them into binders I hope...how many people have visitors come over and their eyes are drawn towards their dvd collections? the reason for design is to make it appealing to the eyes... the least they coul've done is include a D
  9. man this looks like crap...so much for quality dvd design...can't get much boring than this... http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/DVDReviews35/joan_crawford_collection_vol._2.htm
  10. I vaguely remember seeing this on television as a youngster, but I doubt I watched all 4 hours...sounds interesting...
  11. okay so this has been bothering me for a while now and I wanted to get it off my chest...here goes: what's up with the redesigning of WB packaging??? I for one don't mind too much the slimline packaging of certain sets (Film Noir, Signature Collections) as much as others might have... I loved the original design for the "Signature Collections" which mostly drew ones attention to the signature and the photograph on the front cover of the DVD Collection...now there is a logo that features the star's name in a box...this mostly bothers me on Errol Flynn since Vol. 1 & 2 are differ
  12. all dvd's 3 for 2 (Buy 2 Get 3rd free) from now until January 7th...twice before Xmas they had 40% off boxsets...good stufff...
  13. sorry Message was edited by: thebiach
  14. from Barrie Maxwell (5/22/07): Fox's future plans may include a 100th birthday celebration box set of Bette Davis films in 2008. Titles under Fox's control that could be possible inclusions are: Phone Call from a Stranger, The Star, and The Virgin Queen, as well as new editions of All About Eve and Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte. It's possible also that some of Davis's numerous late-career made-for-TV movies may be controlled by Fox, but I've not had the time to investigate them.
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