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  1. Dear "Getoverit718" ... I'm awfully curious as to how old you are that you have restrictions on your television viewing. I ask because I'm hoping you're young enough to be in perhaps what TCM considers a more desirable demographic -- seemingly one of the reasons they're showing newer films -- and yet you still love the older films. For the person who mentioned "how closed-minded it was" to say something negative about a film because "it's younger than you are," I feel compelled to point out that I'm 38 -- or about 20 when "Moonstruck" originally hit theatres, and while I saw and enjoye
  2. I guess that's ultimately the point I was trying to make: I don't dispute how great a movie "Moonstruck" is (and I'm not THAT much older than it), but how often have we seen it on TNT, AMC or one of the pay-cable channels? Meanwhile, how many of them are showing "Now, Voyager" (OK, maybe once in a blue moon on HBO2 or 3) or "Tess of the Storm Country?" They'll throw "Gone With the Wind" onto TNT every once in a while (likely 'cause it's Ted Turner's favorite), or "Wizard of Oz" between "Law & Order" marathons, but nothing else when it comes to older films. Like I said, if they hadn't slowl
  3. Well, I definitely agree with you about the idea of "spreading the wealth" in their programming. I guess I wouldn't be so concerned about TCM showing stuff like "Mask" and "Moonstruck" if a) the Turner people didn't already have a history of changing programming on us as they did with AMC, and if older films were as readily available on other channels as they are on TCM. As it is, TCM is pretty much the only game in town for black-and-white films (PBS showing the ever-great "Mrs. Miniver" tonight being an exception), and I'd hate to see that slowly (but surely) disappear ...
  4. I'd definitely cast a vote for "That Hamilton Woman." One of the most beautiful B&W films ever. For the same reason, I'd also cast a vote for "Marie Antoinette" with Norma Shearer.
  5. I have only one fear when it comes to television viewing, and it is that my beloved Turner Classic will someday soon go the way of American Movie Classics ... anybody out there remember the days when AMC used to show the stuff we love, and now shows every installment of "Friday the 13th" and Keanu Reeves movies ad nauseum? This fear creeps into my psyche every time I see movies like "Moonstruck" and "Mask" make their way onto the TCM schedule, as they do tomorrow (Sunday) evening. Now, I'm not disputing that both are quality films, and I'll admit that I'm not such a classics snob that I c
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