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  1. Amazing, that that vault is just up at Wright Patterson, about 10 miles form my home. I will have to remember to salute them whenever I drive by that exit...How does one get a job restoring old film? Sounds fascinating. Tracey
  2. Interesting--I wonder if Hepburn sounded like that every night? Wobbly and harsh? Because the reviews of the time talk about how great she was in it--did she just wow everyone by the sheer power of personality? Tracey
  3. Oops, here goes the obsessed Dietrich fan again...LOL Matt, I have to say I don;t agree that Dietrich can't sing. OK, she doesn't have a great voice--she's not in same league as Garland and so forth--but she can definitely put a song over, especially cabaret style songs. Check out her singing in "A Foreign Affair" in Janauary if you haven't seen it. Tracey
  4. Catherine-- Wow. Good to see that even she knew she wasn't all that good.... I guess depression audiences had different expectations. Tracey
  5. Oh and when Katharine Hepburn does "Night and Day" in "Desk Set." She sort of talks it in tune. Guess that's how she did it in "Coco?" Tracey
  6. Has anyone mentioned Clark Gable in "Idiots Delight?" Singing "Puttin' on the Ritz?" Yikes.
  7. That was an interesting thread, lux. Thanks for the link. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who watched those movies and wondered what was going on. Guess even back then, it wasn't what ya knew but who (whom?) Whichever. Tracey
  8. Thanks fro the info. It makes a little more sense now. Tracey
  9. I have had "42nd Street" and "Gold Diggers of 1933" (I think that's the year) taped forever and finally got around to watching them the other night and I'm puzzled. Both films have Ginger Rogers in them in small roles. Ginger can sing acceptably, she can act very well and dances like a dream. So does anyone know why, given that they had her, would anyone have used Ruby Keeler? I mean, ok, she can sing better than Ginger, but she can't act worth a darn and dances like a moose in hobnailed boots. Why give her the leads in these movies? Was she really that big a star then? Or was she somebody's g
  10. lzcutter--thanks for the tip. I'll go look for that thread.
  11. Does anyone know--Does TCM have access to Universal films? I'd like to see some more of Marlene Dietrich's movies, like "A Foreign Affair" (excellent satire/black comedy about occupied Germany after WWII directed by the great Billy Wilder)or "Seven Sinners." I have them on VHS, but I like to share movies with friends and can't always send the VHS tape to them so it would be nice to say, "Hey, you know that movie I've been bugging you to see? Well, it's on TCM tomorrow night..." I'd also like to see "Lured" with Lucille Ball--I like her in her smart-mouth streetwise roles. (Hepburn's friend i
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