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  1. I like Mame with Lucille Ball perhaps because I am a huge Lucille Ball fan, but I am big enough to say that Angela really should of had that part. Tabitha
  2. I wrote to Angela Lansbury when I was in second grade (crayon letter) and received a lovely autograph from her. I also have a personalized autograph from Doris Day from a couple of years ago, she also sent me some information about her organization. I have Rita Hayworth, Joan Fontaine, and Esther Williams- I received as a gift...for Christmas and my birthday. I also have many photo stills and lobby cards...some with Claudette Colbert, Lana Turner, Clark Gable, Grace Kelly....I have a lot of Hollywood memoriabilia in scrapbooks. One would think that I have been doing this for a lon
  3. Myrna Loy Claudette Colbert Paulette Goddard Hedy Lamarr Ginger Rogers...in Kitty Foyle, Roxie Hart, and The Major and the Minor.... Tabitha
  4. "Les parapluies de cherbourg" with Catherine Deneuve "A Farewell to Arms" Jennifer Jones and Rock Hudson Madame X "The More the Merrier" the scene where they might not be together and are saying goodbye...and then realize that the wall was missing. I was crying that they almost werent together. Tabitha
  5. Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea in "The More the Merrier" All of the Jean Arthur scenes Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland in "Arise, My Love" Greer Garson in Random Harvest.... Tabitha
  6. I actually have a couple of these cards...I think the ones that I have are of Esther Williams, Lana Turner, and Rita Hayworth....They are in one of my many memoriabilia scrapbooks. Tabitha
  7. For Ladies: Jean Arthur- my fav! Claudette Colbert Myrna Loy Ginger Rogers Dorothy McGuire Angela Lansbury Marlene Dietrich For men: William Powell- wow! Robert Young Jimmy Stewart Clark Gable Tabitha James Garner Clark Gable
  8. I must say that I am a little jealous. I have always wanted to visit their gravesites...and just observe a moment of silence for those actors that have touched my heart, and have amazingly had such a profound impact on my life. Younger people just dont understand what I am talking about...I am going to try and plan a little road trip..since I am in Tucson. But it is hard to find people with my same love with movies. I do want to applaud you for the way that you handled your self in throwing little flowers. It just bowls me over about the people who take pics and so forth. anyways...I look
  9. First it was Catherine going to try and pull off playing Lana. Now I have read on MSN that Keanu Reeves is slated to play Johnny Stompanato! What in the world are they thinking. I doubt it very much that I will be viewing this production. Just thought I would see what other's thoughts are. All I am thinking about are all of the awful remakes and stars that couldnt pull off playing "classic" stars... James Brolin and Jill Claybourgh come to mind ( Gable and Lombard) what are your thoughts? Tabitha
  10. Welcome to the boards you two....I am also fairly new, been here about 2 months and I am also young...21! I fell in love with classics at age 5 and been with them ever since. Let me say, that this board is truly a family, and this will be a place where you can ask questions, find out information, and even post suggestions. I dont know what I would have done without this group. There are too few "young" classic fans to talk to nowadays! Cant wait to talk with you both! Tabitha
  11. getoverit718 I most defintely agree with you on Jean Arthur. I saw one movie and then I was hooked! She is my fav! Tabitha
  12. I agree it is "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" Tabitha
  13. Yeah!!!! My two all-time favorite love scenes with my favorite actress, Jean Arthur. The in-front of the apartment scene in "The More the Merrier" sends chills up and down my spine whenever I see it...also from the same movie...the part when from their perspective beds, Joel proposes to Jean and she accepts...very touching. Thought came to my mind: also when they are saying goodbye, right after they had been married. In a "A Foreign Affair" I love the file room scene, I am abt to use "The Ride of Paul Revere" on one of my dates next time. LOL It was a nice twist to have her do the cha
  14. actually in "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer" with Grant and Loy it goes... You remind me of a man. What man? The man with the power. What power? The power of hoodoo Hoo doo? You do. Do what? Remind me of a man. What man? ~ repeat from there...I love it! Tabitha
  15. Great post.... Reflecting back on it, I must say that I use lines from classic movies all the time. Here are some: 42ND STREET "It must have been tough on your mother not having any children." ~Whenever I am mad at someone, and I love Ginger. "Ohh Ohh Pat!" ~ my last year's college roommate and I loved how Ruby Keeler said this and we said it whenever we wanted to get each other's attention...needless to say the other girls in the dorm were confused at why we were calling each other Pat. THE MORE THE MERRIER "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!" THE BACHELOR AND
  16. Annoying.... I do have to agree with the post about Marilyn's voice, eventhough I love her as an actress. There are some other ones, but it hurts my head to think of them! LOL Tabitha
  17. I posted earlier... Jean Arthur, Jimmy Stewart...ect... but how could I forget John Wayne and Carmen Miranda! Tabitha
  18. I unfortunately have not seen any other movie than "The Women".. but I think she is a great actress and very sorry that I missed her day- but I had school all day. p.s. Everytime I go and get my nails done I ask for "Jungle red" and they just look at me...LOL Tabitha
  19. AAAAHHHHH !!!! I am so stumped, I don't know and I KNOW that I am going to hit myself when I find out. tabitha
  20. boy I must be tired....in my previous post I meant to say that when I start to talk really fast or get excited I my grandma said I sound like Jean Arthur.....sorry again for the spelling errors. tabitha
  21. I absolutely love Jean Arthur's voice. When I start talking realy face or get excited, my grandmother use to tell me that I sounded just like her! some other recognizable voice that I love: Jean Arthur- Number #1 Betty Davis Cary Grant Jimmy Stewart tabitha
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