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  1. Here it goes.... Gone With the Wind All About Eve Arsenic and Old Lace The Odd Couple Cat Ballou The Devil is a Woman A Foreign Affair A Streetcar Named Desire Sunset Boulevard Dark Victory
  2. I sat down to watch this documentary out of curiousity. I must say I was not a huge Garland fan and because of its late start time, I did not expect to stay awake for the whole thing. Well, I was so moved by her story and her overwhelming talent that there were no zzz's for me. I am so upset with myself for not recording it. The clips from her TV show brought me to tears and I can now call myself a Judy Garland fan.
  3. Hi Tracey and Melanie! As Marlene is also my hero, I just had to chime in. I wanted to say that I totally agree with your take on Maria's book Tracey. I have read it two times and think she was pretty good at keeping her bitter feelings to a minimum most of the time. Towards the end I start to cringe a little, but the stories are classic. I love the one about "the child" imitating her parents taking shots of vodka with dinner...(remember that one?) Melanie, you should absolutely read the book. I bought it from Amazon for under $10. I also totally agree with Tracey. A Foreign Affair is a mu
  4. I just had to share the news with all of you that also love this movie. It is playing quite a few times this month on....cough, cough, the Sundance channel. Enjoy!! "I see you do not believe in wearing lipstick. And what a curious way to do your hair....or rather not to do it."
  5. Oh, these are great!!! Chandler, your Jane quote had me roaring!!! Same to you Eddie, my sis and I have an odd habit of hunching our backs, squinting ours eyes while squawking, "Give us the eyeeee!" Should I have admitted to that?? Lux, glad to see you finally had the pleasure of watching Sunset Blvd. There are so many great moments in that one. I love the "Words, Words, Words!!" bit and my daughter's favorite, "I am big! It's the pictures that got small!"
  6. Sorry if this is been asked before, but I thought it might be interesting. I have a habit of quoting my favorite lines from movies from time to time and was hoping some of you might share your experiences. Just recently I was at a bridal shower lunch and this girl was going and on with her torrid history of every ailment/tragedy in the book and some new ones! You couldn't get a word in without her interjecting something negative that had happened to her. Well, call me bad but I just had to turn my head to the woman next to me and say the great Birdie line from All About Eve, "Gee, everyt
  7. Hello! I am new and mostly a lurker, but I had to reply to this. I am 32 and grew up watching the classics and have spent my whole life feeling out of touch with everyone else. Still do, but I decided to take some action and educate. I have had quite a few get togethers where I supply drinks, eats and what I consider an essential watch. I tell them there will be a question contest at the end which applies to their competitive side. It has always been a blast even if they will never again watch anything earlier than the 80's on their own accord. I just can't have someone I know miss the experie
  8. None really come to mind. I am quite annoyed with the lack of originality in films today. Almost every movie is either a remake, regurgitation of an old plot or an old TV show. Even movies that had really silly special effects should be left alone as I find that part of their charm. Yet, I am conflicted as I really enjoyed the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake and I must admit I want to see the new King Kong. Perhaps remakes should be reserved for only "action" movies. Finally I have to say that I am disgusted that someone had the audacity to even consider remaking Casablanca
  9. Shaina-I know completely what you mean! I think classic movie fans are few and far between everywhere! My friends and family would be sweet enough to play with me once or twice, but you are right...What's the fun if there is no challenge? I might get one if the price goes down.
  10. I would love to have a Dietrich collection...please!!! Especially from the Sternberg era and some extra doc footage would be nice too. I do not like to admit what I paid for VHS copies of Devil is a Woman, Shanghai Express, Blonde Venus and Dishonored!! Oh, A Foreign Affair should find its way to DVD too!!!
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