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  1. I'm only going by what a doctor said, and my experiences in Los Angeles. I have a friend who likes Latin men so I've met a lot of them. The doctor said in his experience in discussing, for instance, AIDS or an STD with them, they become quite angry at any implication that they are gay, even though they are gay or bisexual. I should not have generalized because of course that isn't true of all Latino men, obviously.
  2. There used to be a TV show on Saturday night on AMC that would show films like Rome Adventure and have you rolling on the floor. At one point - not sure of the film - they talked about how the studio must have owned stock in a certain hair color because everyone in the film had it - and it was true, they all did. I was so disappointed when it went off the air. Very camp.
  3. Such a sad end. She once drove into that restaurant Jan's, which is still there in LA.
  4. When I was a kid watching this, I thought those guys were so much older. When I see them now or Spin & Marty, I just laugh. The perceptions of a child.
  5. Don't you think she was gay though? Here's why: when I worked for the co-author of the Tony Curtis autobiography, Suzanne Pleshette was interviewed. She wanted Tony to say they had an affair during the film, which they hadn't. She also was always talking about how long she'd been married to (I think) her second husband.
  6. Okay, if you like drop dead gorgeous
  7. I love Dirk Bogarde. His biography by John Coldstream is one of the best I've ever read. Very thorough and fantastic.
  8. She was unhappily married to someone else who had a mistress. Honestly, when I started typing this thing, I remember thinking it was fiction! Then she started dropping names and I realized who it was. The guy that was working with her finally quit, saying he couldn't stand it any longer. She must have been a complete neurotic.
  9. I know from a doctor that you can never, ever say they are gay to them. They are extremely homophobic even though they have sex with men.
  10. Well, they were, and he was a nut, I guess. David Lean hired him for "Ryan's Daughter," and when he got there, Lean realized that he had been dubbed by someone else in the film he saw that made him want to hire Jones. He was impossible - he refused to do love scenes with Sarah Miles because - get this - he wasn't attracted to her and he was engaged - I forget to whom. I mean, what is this, a school dance? He wasn't attracted to her. Anyway, Lean was really looking forward to more erotic love scenes now that the code was off - well, forget it. So Mitchum and Sarah Miles drugged him at breakf
  11. It's a very sad one. They met on the set of a film, I believe, and were engaged from something like 1959-1964 - something tells me Alain wasn't quite ready to commit. She was, however, the great love of his life. But in 1964, Romy found a note he left for her that said "Going to Mexico wth Natalie" - I think that's the woman he subsequently married. Romy tried to slit her wrists. Eventually they must have decided to be friends because they continued to make films together. They were as famous in Europe as Brangelina, so it probably made sense for them to work together. She did get married,
  12. He was absolutely wonderful, and I loved that documentary. And so handsome. One of my blond exceptions.
  13. It's amazing to me that he did Victim. Interesting guy. He and his partner moved to France. After his partner died and he had had a stroke, he had to move back to England. His partner, Tony, was married to Glynis Johns and had a son. Tony had affairs with a lot of well-known women before hooking up with Dirk.
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