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  1. I'm only going by what a doctor said, and my experiences in Los Angeles. I have a friend who likes Latin men so I've met a lot of them. The doctor said in his experience in discussing, for instance, AIDS or an STD with them, they become quite angry at any implication that they are gay, even though they are gay or bisexual. I should not have generalized because of course that isn't true of all Latino men, obviously.
  2. There used to be a TV show on Saturday night on AMC that would show films like Rome Adventure and have you rolling on the floor. At one point - not sure of the film - they talked about how the studio must have owned stock in a certain hair color because everyone in the film had it - and it was true, they all did. I was so disappointed when it went off the air. Very camp.
  3. Such a sad end. She once drove into that restaurant Jan's, which is still there in LA.
  4. When I was a kid watching this, I thought those guys were so much older. When I see them now or Spin & Marty, I just laugh. The perceptions of a child.
  5. Don't you think she was gay though? Here's why: when I worked for the co-author of the Tony Curtis autobiography, Suzanne Pleshette was interviewed. She wanted Tony to say they had an affair during the film, which they hadn't. She also was always talking about how long she'd been married to (I think) her second husband.
  6. Okay, if you like drop dead gorgeous
  7. No, Harvey Fierstein gave a superb performance in Torch Song Trilogy because he wrote it for himself. Not only could a straight actor not duplicate it but probably a gay person couldn't either. Harvey created that show and did it as a workshop, an off-Broadway show, and then finally it went to Broadway - years. He wrote the second act for my friend Diane Tarlton, whom I mentioned elsewhere, a great actress who died about 11 years ago. And as I mentioned, she played a gay character in a play called Last Summer at Bluefish Cove and was brilliant. She was straight.
  8. Well, there are certain things described in a cast breakdown that one must adhere to. Munchkin would be one, "black person engaged to a white woman" would be another. I'm talking about just casting white people in an office setting, or having a white man or white woman cast for no special reason, or an attorney being a man when there's nothing in the script that says he has to be. These things are done every day because it's fast and requires no thought. It's like putting a robber in a hoodie, or in the old days, camouflage so you'd know he was a drug-addicted Vietnam vet. No reason someone i
  9. I just watched part of The Last Tycoon last night. As a bit of trivia, Norma Shearer wanted Tyrone Power to do Monroe (Thalberg) in the '40s but it didn't happen. I saw the film with Robert DeNiro and two things struck me. One, it was one of the worst things I'd ever seen; all I can remember is a Casablanca-type scene in a movie Monroe was watching that was embarrassing. Second, I had forgotten, if I ever knew, how very good-looking Robert de Niro was back then. Watching Bomer, I thought he did a good job but did not have the gravitas of De Niro, who really for me captured the essence
  10. I agree. It's what acting is all about.
  11. Well, Laurence Olivier asked Dustin Hoffman if he had ever tried acting, which is the opposite of what you're saying. Hoffman stayed up all night because his character did which Olivier felt was ridiculous. It is not necessary for an actor to be gay to play gay. If what you're saying about Matt Bomer is true, he wouldn't have been cast or been able to do White Collar for as long as he did it, nor be cast in "The Last Tycoon." And Rock got away with it with the general public for years. Referring to Hoffman, you're talking about method acting, which I personally don't like and never used.
  12. This kind of thing depresses the hell out of me. Gee, it used to be called acting. Whatever happened to hiring someone to play a transsexual who wasn't one? Or a physically challenged person who wasn't one? Casting should be wide open - meaning there's no reason why a physically challenged person can't play a role that doesn't have anything to do with their physical challenge. It's so aggravating. I always remember - this isn't the same thing - that Lou Gossett had the role in Officer and a Gentleman because his agent submitted him even though the cast list didn't specify an Afro-American
  13. Well here's the thing. Matt Bomer is a gorgeous man, and I don't see why he can't be cast in a straight role. Women would still go for it. Fans fall not only for the looks but the persona - it could be if they met him, he wouldn't appeal to them. But on the screen is a different story. I knew Rock Hudson was gay but I always enjoyed his movies. It used to be we didn't know about the sex lives of these individuals. As far as the actual acting is concerned, it should still be that way.
  14. I hope nobody is reading Darwin Porter to get actual facts, because he doesn't know any.
  15. All I'll say is when you're a woman in show business, you have nonstop professional associations with gay men.
  16. I love Dirk Bogarde. His biography by John Coldstream is one of the best I've ever read. Very thorough and fantastic.
  17. She was unhappily married to someone else who had a mistress. Honestly, when I started typing this thing, I remember thinking it was fiction! Then she started dropping names and I realized who it was. The guy that was working with her finally quit, saying he couldn't stand it any longer. She must have been a complete neurotic.
  18. I know from a doctor that you can never, ever say they are gay to them. They are extremely homophobic even though they have sex with men.
  19. Well, they were, and he was a nut, I guess. David Lean hired him for "Ryan's Daughter," and when he got there, Lean realized that he had been dubbed by someone else in the film he saw that made him want to hire Jones. He was impossible - he refused to do love scenes with Sarah Miles because - get this - he wasn't attracted to her and he was engaged - I forget to whom. I mean, what is this, a school dance? He wasn't attracted to her. Anyway, Lean was really looking forward to more erotic love scenes now that the code was off - well, forget it. So Mitchum and Sarah Miles drugged him at breakf
  20. It's a very sad one. They met on the set of a film, I believe, and were engaged from something like 1959-1964 - something tells me Alain wasn't quite ready to commit. She was, however, the great love of his life. But in 1964, Romy found a note he left for her that said "Going to Mexico wth Natalie" - I think that's the woman he subsequently married. Romy tried to slit her wrists. Eventually they must have decided to be friends because they continued to make films together. They were as famous in Europe as Brangelina, so it probably made sense for them to work together. She did get married,
  21. He was absolutely wonderful, and I loved that documentary. And so handsome. One of my blond exceptions.
  22. It's amazing to me that he did Victim. Interesting guy. He and his partner moved to France. After his partner died and he had had a stroke, he had to move back to England. His partner, Tony, was married to Glynis Johns and had a son. Tony had affairs with a lot of well-known women before hooking up with Dirk.
  23. You raise an interesting point. Some people know they are gay at a very young age. I've never known if you could just decide to be gay or straight. I know someone advised a gay guy who was getting heat from his parents to ask them to be gay for a week. Meaning they couldn't so how could he suddenly just "become" straight. I have no answers of course. But I do like the statement that regardless of why, they should be treated equally and with dignity.
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