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  1. To reply to another poster, that's why today many men and women don't respect the body because women don't respect it themselves. The other night as I was flipping through channels, on the Howard Stern show, there was a woman playing a game, she was nude and popping balloons with her naked bottom, that's real art. In the more sophisticated years, there were places to go to see excessive sex and nudity, now they throw it in everyone's faces. Also, why not give porn stars the same fame and Academy awards they give so-called real movie stars? This isn't the 1900's when nudity was conside
  2. I love the pre-code era movies. They were sexy but not filthy. They could be sexy with clothes on, actually the clothes made them sexier. Like I said if nudity is allright than sell porn movies in the front and not hide them, show them on public television, write Jerry Springer show and tell them they don't have to hide women and men's body parts who show them because it's art. Believe me 99% of people isn't thinking art when they see a naked body. Today's society civilized? I don't think so. You got young kids thinking about sex and nudity because we say it's okay and society has acce
  3. It's filth, plain and simple. Anything they can do with their clothes off they can do with it on but the movies today especially have no decency and do cover up weak stories and bad acting with nudity and sex scenes. Is Mae West, Rita Hayworth, Lana, Hedy, Ava, Garbo less sexy because they didn't do nude or sex scenes? Of course not. If God wanted us to be nude he wouldn't of put clothes on Adam and Eve. The world is going down hill anyway, this is the sign of the last days so I'm not surprised by what humans are doing, the bible prophecies what these days would be like before it got
  4. I guess that's what is hard for some to understand. Most movie stars relish fame but Garbo didn't seem to care for it. She wanted to live like any other ordinary human being, she wanted privacy, to walk the streets without being noticed, which was hard for ones to believe, so many believed she made that "I want to be alone" image up to spark more intrigue. I want to be alone but I'm not interesting because I'm not a movie star.
  5. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's just a different time era. The hair, clothes contributed to their beauty and just keeping something to the imagination but still sexy without baring all. I like the book they had faces than, I always use that title, because they did. I guess people don't change but clothes, hair styles and people's way of doing things change and that's the biggest differences. I never did find Dorothy Dandridge that beautiful, she's no different looking than most good looking black women but beautiful, no, not to me, she wasn't rare in her looks. Since I know of ma
  6. I think the fascination with her was she was different from the American actresses. Back than it was about image and illusion and faces. Garbo's voice, name, look, mystery, allure, secret life all played a part besides her acting that made her a superstar and legend. I haven't seen many of her movies either but I can see why she was popular than, put yourself in that era back than, she was something new to the American people because of all the traits mentioned above. Finding out about Garbo was intriguing and still is because people are still trying to figure her out, and she's been dead for
  7. I'm sorry not in my opinion, these actresses today may be pretty having the best make up artist but standing up against Rita Hayworth, Anita Page, Hedy Lamarr, Linda Darnell, Myrna Loy, Gene Tierney, Dolores del Rio, Angelia Jolie and Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep wouldn't pass in my book.
  8. I would like to know everyone's opinion here. You see, I'm not amused and easily bored with today's actors and especially the actresses. I find myself envious and amused by the classic era actresses, who've lived and died before I was even born but still I envy them. The women in movies today don't have the beauty of the 1930's and 1940's actresses. All the girls had their own beauty, look, type in those days. Now and days it's like most of the actresses resemble each other, no individuality, not much to envy, especially when you see them without makeup. I guess today's actresses don't
  9. Nudity? How do you all feel about nudity in movies? I simply hate it. Though some feel it's apart of acting and art. When I say things like movie stars in the 1930's and 1940's didn't have to do that to show their a real actress and sexy, young ones say, well they were uptight back then and too innocent. That shows young ones today don't know good movies. It wasn't so innocent back than. But they didn't have to bare all to be sexy. The sexual innuendos were obvious, a look, a movement, anything. That's one of the things I love about classic movies you get the point without it being bl
  10. Catherine Zeta Jones would do a whole lot better playing Hedy Lamarr. I can't picture Jones a blonde or as Lana. I always saw Hedy Lamarr in her. She wants to play Lana because she's a legend but it could be a mistake.
  11. Had to get a new name to sign in. Ayeorchirds, its so many of these black cinema films available, no their not big budget films, don't look for extravagance but their worth watching, it you can look pass the flaws you will see some great beauty and good acting by Francine Everett, Sheila Guyse, Dorothy Van Engle, Edna Mae Harris, Mae Turner - who I call the black Claire Trevor, Monte Hawley, Ralph Cooper, Laurence Criner, Henri Wessell, Reginald Fenderson, Edward Brandon, you will see the potential there. You will blacks playing parts, not black but like whites, playing people from all walks
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