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  1. Looks like it's available on DVD. amazon.com has it for around $15. The DVD cover makes it look like just another Shirley Temple flick, though.
  2. LOVE the poem, mongo! I'm only 21, so obviously I wasn't able to experience what it was like to live "In the Land of Sandra Dee" but wish I could have. I have to say, though, as I was reading it I was listening to Marilyn Manson's remake of the 80's song "Tainted Love" on my iPod!!! Things really have changed.
  3. LaraKathleen, I know what you mean about having a connection to your grandmothers through old films. Whenever I watch the silents and films from the early thirties, I think about my great-grandmother, who was around my age when they were first released. She grew up just outside of New York City in the 1920's and 30's and she and her sisters would go on dates to see plays and movies and go to nightclubs. I first saw the movie "IT" with Clara Bow when I was seventeen, and I realized the movie was released in 1927, which would have made my great-grandmother seventeen as well. I wish I could talk
  4. My all time favorite on-screen couple is Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. I could watch any of their movies over and over again...I've probably seen "Seventh Heaven" a dozen times! Norma Shearer and Robert Montgomery come in a close second--"Private Lives" is my favorite of all their movies. I also like that in most of the musicals Busby Berkeley choreographed, most of the same actors are in all of them, from the stars (Dick Powell, Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler...) to the supporting actors (Guy Kibbee, Frank McHugh, etc.). It's like a big family.
  5. I'm twenty years old and have been really into classic movies since I was fifteen or sixteen. At first I was a fan of the more well known classic film stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Natalie Wood, etc. While I still love them, I have become more appreciative of the even older and less known stars. I am madly in love with Robert Montgomery; I smile whenever I think of him. I also like Clara Bow, Charles Farrell, Janet Gaynor, Norma Shearer, Karen Morley (she completely charmed me when I saw her in the TCM documentary "Complicated Women"), Rudolph Valentino, R
  6. I think it's neat to name your child after a favorite star. I'm only twenty, and don't plan on being a mother for a little while, but I already have a few ideas, like Clara Rose, Clara for Clara Bow of course, and then Rose was my great grandmothers middle name and she was quite the flapper herself. Another name I love is Harlean, which was Jean Harlow's real name. My sister came up with a really great, fun name, too: Tippi Fay, after Tippi Hedren and Fay Wray.
  7. I think Catherine Deneuve looks gorgeous; she's still so beautiful, she's even one of the new faces of MAC Cosmetics with her one special line!
  8. I saw a post here that mentioned a Marion Davies biopic, and I second that! I heard somewhere that Virginia Madsen portrayed her a long time ago, but as far as I know it isn't available. I don't really see a huge resemblence, but then she was much younger then, so maybe she did look like her. I don't know if anyone else will agree with me, but I think that the actress who originally played Eric's older, sleazy sister on "That 70's Show" looks a lot like her. I was watching a rerun of an old episode and she smiled, and she has that big, toothy grin like Marion did, and, being on a sitcom, has a
  9. I'm sure there's a thread somewhere similar to this, but since it is Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to tell what some of your favorite romantic films are... For me, they would have to be the silent version of "Seventh Heaven," "Come September" (one of my favorite romantic comedies), and for a more recent pick, "Before Sunrise." I'm very reluctant to call newer movies "classics" but I think that could qualify as one. I watched it last Valentines Day for the first time, and will be watching it again today. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and I can't wait to see what your movi
  10. I think Carole Lombard always looked gorgeous, as did Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, and Anita Ekberg. And for a more current actress, Morena Baccarin, who co-starred in the television show "Firefly" and the awesome movie adaptation "Serenity," is just about perfect looking. For the guys, I love Gene Kelly. There are others that I like more all around, but Gene always looks great. As for current actors, I'd have to say Johnny Depp and Clive Owen.
  11. How about Leslie Neilsen's bachelor pad in "Harlow?" I know, it's a horrible movie, and the decor wasn't exactly classy, but it was just so extreme and so memorable. It's always stayed in my mind.
  12. I was recently sick with the stomach flu and the only thing that lifted my spirits was watching my Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack. I watched nearly every movie in it. Those movies can make me feel better whenever I'm in a bad mood--I especially like "Something In The Wind" and "It Started With Eve." "Singin' In The Rain" is always good, too, as is "You Can't Take It With You."
  13. Hi, MMFan! I'm a big fan of Deanna's, but, like you, don't know a whole lot about her; at least, not as much as I do about other actors and actresses I like. As far as I know she really doesn't have any interest in writing her memoirs or authorizing another author to write her biography, which is disappointing, but understandable. For a lot of good info about Deanna, there is a thread that was started a few months ago about her either in one of the other forums. There are also some older threads you can find in the archives with a lot of great information. Probably my favorite Deanna D
  14. Definitely Joanne Woodward's death in "A Kiss Before Dying" when Robert Wagner stages her suicide after she gets pregnant with his child. The movie wasn't the greatest, but that scene was super suspenseful.
  15. Thanks for the information. When I was at work (Barnes and Noble) I decided to order it and get my employee discount and I noticed in the product info it said the format was "Pan-and-Scan." I really hope that is just incorrect information (our search computers are known for that sometimes :-) ). I could have sworn that when TCM shows the movie it is in Letterbox format, which I assumed was the same as widescreen, but maybe it isn't. I just don't see why Criterion would go to all the trouble of putting out this great movie if they were just going to use the Pan-and-Scan format. I know it proba
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