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  1. The wonderful Wendy Hiller and the irascible Rex Harrison in Shaw's Major Barbara.
  2. Do you mean Stuart Damon (years on General Hospital) from Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella?
  3. Peter Ibbetson (and I know that's not spelled correctly).
  4. Joan Fontaine took over when Deborah Kerr left "Tea and Sympathy" on Broadway - was that a problem? (Deborah originated the role and got rave reviews - and later did the movie).
  5. Polly Parrish - Ginger in Bachelor Mother and Debbie in Bundle of Joy.
  6. I read your essay and enjoyed it very much. I also read a great deal more on the site - which I would never have known about if you had not put in in the Forum. Thanks a lot - I enjoyed many of the essays. But I kept thinking, "Who wrote this?" Who is the man in the picture in My Day at TCM - is that you? Who are the "we" you speak about? I think it would be interesting to hear about some of the greats who made their initial screen appearance in abysmal movies - movies which nobody has ever heard of or which disappeared from sight immediately. About the essay, The Blonde Bombshel
  7. Andrew Lloyd Webber used the line again in his musical version of Sunset Boulevard - the song is called The Lady's Paying and is sung by the salesclerks while trying to sell Joe a suit (vicuna) for New Year's eve.
  8. Yes, I liked Fool's Parade very much, but haven't seen it in years. But . . . the book by Davis Grubb is even better (he also wrote Night of the Hunter, made into an excellent black and white movie with Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lilian Gish - directed by Charles Laughton. Don't fall for the mess that Richard Chamberlin made for TV a few years ago). What's a malamutegirl?
  9. It's Kundun - directed by Martin Scorsese (written by Melissa Mathison, Harrison Ford's ex-wife). I loved it!
  10. i too saw the list - 2 actors, 2 singers and a dancer. what is the purpose of the kennedy center awards? is it just to honor performers? don't i remember tennessee williams being honored some years ago? and agnes de mille, choreographer? well, i suppose i can't quibble with their choices, but their must be a writer, composer, choreographer, musician - what have you - out there somewhere crying foul. i'd sure include julie harris and suzanne farrell, but the others? well, maybe. or maybe i don't know enough about who has previously been honored. is it that they have already honored
  11. I think you're right - she never played anyone other than herself (probably why she was box-office poison for so long). But she did try - particularly on stage, and I think she was much better as she got a little older. Some of her early movies are just unwatchable. Of course she was unconventional and self-absorbed; she could afford to be - she was born rich, married rich, and stayed rich. That makes it much easier to be demanding and outspoken.
  12. i know it's mongo - i must have been thinking of mondo cane. sorry.
  13. mr. mondo - can you tell me anything about the following: earl holliman - i think he's dead, isn't he? remember him in the rainmaker (before angie dickinson got ahold of him)? i think he had his own theatre somewhere in texas. tony perkins - what a life! i heard somewhere that his wife, berry berensen, is also dead. i know he had a couple of kids - and that he was gay as . . . (i was going to say as queer as a three-dollar bill, but that's poitically incorrect, isn't it)? anyway, do you have anything on his last years - i saw him once on broadway in a musical (green willow) an
  14. hi lzcutter: thanks for the information. it's fnny, i have broadway legends on order from amazon - didn't even know uggums was in it. dean stockwell has always been one of my favorites - saw him years ago in the boy with green hair and the window (with barbara xxx). he must surely have one of the longest careers in the business - i mean of those people who are still alive and working. maybe elizabeth taylor's career has spanned more years, but she doesn't really work anymore, does she? neither does mickey rooney. i'm sorry to hear of carol matthau's death - that was a strange p
  15. i agree - imitation of life. but, here's an even better one: when whoopie goldberg is standing on her porch and looks down the road and sees all those colorful african dresses blowing in the wind and we realize it's her sister coming home after all these years - well, i just lose it every time. the color purple. does anyone have a kleenex?
  16. you guys can be cruel! of couse it's all a matter of opinion, but some people's opinions have more weight than others (i hope none of you paid nine bucks for the dukes of hazard). i mean, if a movie is on everyone's top 10 list or if it has endured for fifty years, you at least should give it a chance - nobody says you have to like it. i wish everyone in the world loved the sand pebbles as much a i do, but everyone doesn't. i know 2001 is great (i've been told often enough) and that casablanca is on everyone's list - but i'd rather see the african queen or the unsinkable molly brown tha
  17. bob denver - without fanfare? i don't think so.
  18. betty's story sounds a lot like hedy lamarr's - the last i heard of her she was picked up for shoplifting in florida. does anyone know if she's alive and doing o.k.? thanks.
  19. what a group! well, everyone's entitled to his (or her) opinion. oliver - won oscar for best pictur of the year. oliver reed (sykes) and shani wallis (nancy). mark lester was a beautiful, endearing little boy who did his own songs - what is he doing today? and ron moody - the best of them all - died a few yeas ago, i think (i hope i'm wrong). paint your wagon - blame this on josh logan if you don't like it (same for camelot). miscast and long - and i love it. i know harve is the only real singer, but i still like clint and lee and jean. lost horizon - liv ullman and the guy w
  20. is dolores hart still alive and still a nun? where is lizabeth scott? wasn't dean stockwell the most beautiful little boy you ever saw (and, he's still working)? how many children does clint eastwood have - with how many women? thelma ritter (the wonderful thelma ritter!) had a beautiful daughter who was (or is) also an actress - who is she and what is she doing? is patty duke still married to that GI and living in idaho (or iowa)? she's had a chaotic life but her kids seem to have turned out well. is john astin still alive? is it true that yvonne de carlo is living in the retired acto
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