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  1. I read your essay and enjoyed it very much. I also read a great deal more on the site - which I would never have known about if you had not put in in the Forum. Thanks a lot - I enjoyed many of the essays. But I kept thinking, "Who wrote this?" Who is the man in the picture in My Day at TCM - is that you? Who are the "we" you speak about?


    I think it would be interesting to hear about some of the greats who made their initial screen appearance in abysmal movies - movies which nobody has ever heard of or which disappeared from sight immediately.


    About the essay, The Blonde Bombshell (I don't know who wrote it): I know that Marilyn had a bit which was cut from Scudda Hoo - Scudda Hay - that must have been before Ladies of the Chorus, right? Then she did a bit in The Asphalt Jungle and was dropped by Zanuck; what came next? I think she was resigned by Fox (and did All About Eve) and I think she did Monkey Business (Groucho's secretary)? Johnny Hyde was dead by this time, wasn't he? Who then "took her under his wing?" Where do We're Not Married and Don't Bother to Knock come along? What I'd really like to know is who gave her her first big picture (and the one with Robert Ryan and Barbara Stanwyck came around this time). Who took a chance on her and gave her a lead?


    I'm writing this off the top of my head and probably have some of my information backwards. But I vaguely remember an article in Look magazine by Clare Booth Luce shortly after Marilyn's death - when everyone was blaming it on Hollywood and how Hollywood had done her wrong. Mrs. Luce said that had it not been for Hollywood and Johnny Hyde, Marilyn would have wound up as many of the starlets do - a prostitute working Sunset and Vine (this from Clare Booth Luce)! Her opinion was that Hollywood had saved Marilyn - not killed her.


    Sorry - I've gone on too long. Thanks again for the introduction to classicfilmguide.com.


  2. Yes, I liked Fool's Parade very much, but haven't seen it in years. But . . . the book by Davis Grubb is even better (he also wrote Night of the Hunter, made into an excellent black and white movie with Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lilian Gish - directed by Charles Laughton. Don't fall for the mess that Richard Chamberlin made for TV a few years ago). What's a malamutegirl?


  3. i too saw the list - 2 actors, 2 singers and a dancer. what is the purpose of the kennedy center awards? is it just to honor performers? don't i remember tennessee williams being honored some years ago? and agnes de mille, choreographer?


    well, i suppose i can't quibble with their choices, but their must be a writer, composer, choreographer, musician - what have you - out there somewhere crying foul. i'd sure include julie harris and suzanne farrell, but the others? well, maybe. or maybe i don't know enough about who has previously been honored. is it that they have already honored everyone and simply don't have any more to choose from?


    thanks from thakhek, laos.


  4. yes, i get tcm here - my greatest expense is satellite tv from thailand for which i pay US$55 per month (thats more than 99% of the people here earn in a year but it keeps me from climbing the walls). laos has no bookstores, no supermarkets, no movie theaters, no video stores - just lots of beer (which i hate) and lots of music and dancing (which i love). and as i said before, some of the friendliest people in the world.


    but, i can't figure out the tcm schedule - it certainly doesn't apply to laos. i'm just hoping we get black narcissus this month. yesterday i saw showboat (that music!) and today is director of the month, mervyn leroy (right now, fugitive from a chain gang). that's not your schedule, is it?




  5. hi brackenhe -


    first of all, i am an american, retired from the u.s. navy, and am now a volunteer english teacher in laos. have been her for six years - wonderful, impoverished (and happy!) people.


    i just got internet, found this site, and am like a kid in a candy store (everything! i want everything!).


    denise darcel - i had always been a fan of hers and especially liked westward the women, so . . .


    one day, in 1984, two of my friends and I were sitting in regines, a small club in NYC, having drinks at the bar. there weren't many people in the place (early afternoon) and i noticed this woman at the free buffet which regine laid out every day. gee, i thought, she looks familiar. my god, i think that's denise darcel! well, i got all excited and told one of my friends, i think that's denise darcel! my friend said, who's denise darcel? when i told her who she was, my friend walked right over to denise, told her that she was one of her biggest fans (she'd never heard of her!) and asked denise to join us for a drink. denise and her husband joined us at the bar (he told me that he was her first husband, that they had divorced and she had re-married and re-divorced several times but that they had gotten back together and were married again). anyway, i had a lovely afternoon. we talked all about denise's career, she sang some songs from can-can which she had done on broadway - she was delightful and so was her husband, both very natural, outgoing and friendly. we drank a lot, talked a lot and laughed a lot. she owned a small club in NYC at the time. i've often wondered what she is doing now and wish her the best.


    if MONGO reads this: thanks for the info. i look forward to a long and happy internet relationship.


    you too, brackenhe!



  6. I think you're right - she never played anyone other than herself (probably why she was box-office poison for so long). But she did try - particularly on stage, and I think she was much better as she got a little older. Some of her early movies are just unwatchable.


    Of course she was unconventional and self-absorbed; she could afford to be - she was born rich, married rich, and stayed rich. That makes it much easier to be demanding and outspoken.


  7. mr. mondo -


    can you tell me anything about the following:


    earl holliman - i think he's dead, isn't he? remember him in the rainmaker (before angie dickinson got ahold of him)? i think he had his own theatre somewhere in texas.


    tony perkins - what a life! i heard somewhere that his wife, berry berensen, is also dead. i know he had a couple of kids - and that he was gay as . . . (i was going to say as queer as a three-dollar bill, but that's poitically incorrect, isn't it)? anyway, do you have anything on his last years - i saw him once on broadway in a musical (green willow) and liked him a lot. most people don't know that his father was a stage star for many years.


    elizabeth hartman - from a patch of blue, the group, etc. and she jumped out of a 13-story window. what's the story?


    susan peters - the sign of the ram, random harvest, etc. i remember her acting from her wheelchair; i think she had one leg amputated. do you know that story.


    i enjoy reading your post - and learn something every day.


    thanks a lot.





  8. tallulah bankhead was one of my favorites - from the big show on the radio (i bought tapes) to the theatre; i saw her (with patsy kelly) in a touring company of dear charles - the script was nothing, but tallulah was being tallulah, and that's what we paid for.


    the toilet paper story - two fives for a ten - the woman in the next booth was ethel merman.


    i don't know, he never sucked . . . the guy was (is) tab hunter, with whom tallulah was appearing in tennesse william's the milk train doesn't stop here anymore on broadway (made into boom, with liz and richard and noel. boom bombed).


    bette and tallulah always had a sort of rivalry - mostly on tallulah's side and largely for publicity (tallulah makes sure that she keeps the feud going on the big show - it made tallulah a lot of money). and of course, tallulah always said that bette was impersonating her in all about eve.


    as for the little foxes - bette was a BIG movie star - tallulah never was. tallulah was a theatre actress - she loved to stay up all night and sleep all day; no getting up at 5 a.m. for her.


    she was never seriously considered for gone with the wind - she was too old for scarlett. and if vivien leigh had not come along, paulette goddard would probably have gotten the role (ariel, see memo by david selznick - a wonderful book). so much for morals clauses.


    thanks for sticking with me. they just don't make them like that anymore, do they?






  9. key roles? they appeared for about five minutes total in the film and, as i recall, they both (gwen stefani and kate beckinsall) got good reviews. to each his own. but they're not the ones who screwed up the aviator!


    i think andy garcia is terrific, but he is NOT box office. of course we'll watch him on tv; we'll watch anything when it's free and we're laid out on the couch. but will we get up off that couch and actually go buy a ticket? and if brad pitt wants to play stompanato, he'll play him. it's all about money and power, remember; certainly not about acting ability.


    we could argue all night about stone or theron or zeta-jones. with a good script and the right director, any one of them could do a good job. and if it happens, catherine will be just fine - we'll all come out of this intact.




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