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  1. www.cartoonreasearch.com had just discovered these warner bros black and white and technicolor cartoons from the warner bros. vault. From 1929-1943 black and white cartoons and 1943-1971 and they're all digitally restored through their bralliances. So are we going to see in its entirely all of the warner bros. movies, shorts subjects, how to series and most of all Jerry Beck's Look at black and white and technicolor Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes in their original b&w and technicolor print? Then, POPEYE and Betty Boop cartoon from jerry beck were digitally restored and newly printed from
  2. After we celebrate the life of betty hutton as you set aside the previous program. Two Stars of the month we'll have to tell you Rita Hayworth and Miss Betty Hutton who died reasonly of condition of anonmity at aged 86. Betty Hutton's movie also features "Annie Get Your Gun" and the adventures of annie oakley as well as co-star fred astaire. The restored version of 'The Stork Club' is on the way. So do you have Rita Hayworth and Betty Hutton's film as April Stars of the Month? Also jerry beck's cartoon reseach had just restored 'Popeye' and 'Betty Boop' as part of A Salute to Paramount C
  3. We also like to report in case you heard on npr and paul harvey that singer Frankie Laine has died wednesday of a heart attack and hip surgery. He was 79. These are theme music from motion pictures and tv series that made him an rca or columbia recording star whose responsible for hit movies like gunfight at the o.k. corral and a man without a star and so many others. Can you canned also previously schedule program to remember the man behind soundtrack songs Frankie Laine because we're very sad he's not with us since the 50's.
  4. By the way. We're Spotlighting Paramount Cartoons Studios and POPEYE. Thanks to Jerry Beck Cartoon Research at www.cartoonresearch.com, You have an exclusive interview with jerry beck from santa monica, ca
  5. So who is Sidney Sheldon? Dixie Whatley Can't wait to come to turner classic movies for that answer bella and dixie will be here for it as your favorite morning and weekend hosts with ben and robert. The films that he produce were a part of sidney's career. Before creator the emmy-winning "I Dream of Jeannie" and write best selling novels in which it will be on WE Women's Entertainment as nbc and ION remembers him, He was a film director, writer, story teller and an academy award winning filmmaker. But how will sidney sheldon's films come in memoriam now that sidney sheldon has died at 93 of p
  6. By the way, POPEYE will be restored to their oringal paramount brilliances as one of these paramonut cartoons as we celebrate paramount cartoons studios 500 films of all the best when the paramount cartoons were before short subject which will be digitally remastered that ended with the paramount movie feature. Fleischer and Famous Studios and www.cartoonresearch.com the home of jerry beck is please to help turner classic movies preserved and restore in film heritage on our film preservation festival weekend. Don't you wish you were at paramount? Dixie Whatley knows.
  7. Saturday at 1pm, sadly we have passings to report. Actor Jack Palance died on November 10 and today during a disclosure, Filmmaker Robert Altman died this morning. You two are gonna altered your previous movies to remember two great legends as we shine the stars to look back on the career on two legends with jack palance on saturday and robert altman on sunday with you and ben mankowick. By the way, Dixie Whatley will join the afternoon lineup with and then rememberances every month when they passed on.
  8. Hi Ben and Robert Turner Classic Movies Host, Of the the 600 paramount cartoon filmed in black and white and in technicolor, Two of the key figures in black and white and technicolor cartoon that came from paramount vaults and soon to be seen in digital color technology by Dynacs Digital Studios in los angeles were Popeye and Betty Boop. Our two stars of these two months. In case you haven't heard, It was A.A.P. and U.M&M. T.V. Corp that had us not seen before in 50 years. Now Jerry Beck, the man behind cartoon research help digitally restored these popeye and bet
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