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  1. The problem with Mr. Moonlight (one of The Beatles least popular songs) is the organ. It is too much in the foreground and has such a lame solo that it makes the tune, for me, more annoying than bad. John does a good vocal on a not very good song.
  2. These Christmas movies, all 1200* of them, must in some way contribute to what ultimately might be a disappointing Christmas for viewers. Perfect people in perfect towns, where snow falls dramatically at the kiss, where every house is decorated by Better Homes and Gardens, and where all big city residents who were crazy enough to go to the big city all go home to the country where they find themselves and live in perfect harmony. (A lot of this is figured just passing this while channel surfing.) By the time the viewers own Christmas shows up, how can it compete? I realize these are very
  3. Wearing myself out on Gunsmoke episodes. This station and ME-TV are even more on the list now that Comcast took away Starz Encore Westerns (along with MoviePlex and the other Encore channels.) ScreenPix is part of a package on Comcast. They have a westerns channel. However, it is not HD but the On-Demand is HD.
  4. Barb: (The Divine Miss B.) October is the best month for birthdays. All the best for your situation. Remember to come here for love, encouragement, and virtual hug.
  5. Someone mentioned Out of Africa? Have the whole album. It is lush, soothing, and full of great melodies.
  6. We must have a similar library as I have all three. I enjoyed "The Quick and The Dead" as you did. A straight forward filming. It looks like a made-for-cable work but as long as they focus on the principals it is fine. The byplay between Elliott and Conti is often fun. Clearly each knows their strengths and weaknesses and at first a grudging respect comes between them. Later reality sets in and in the end a friendship comes. They have both had a bit of an education. Conagher is my favorite of the three. I think Elliott's portrayal is quite moving. Working with his wife helps. I find her
  7. Laurel and Hardy. No one particular film. But that lead to the Marx Brothers. It branched into other comedies. Ultimately a teenaged time viewing of It's A Wonderful Life set me on a long journey of all kinds of films.
  8. Oh good, familiar people. Hi all. I will have to check back more ofen.
  9. Me either. My mother had several albums and I particularly enjoyed their movie themes albums.
  10. A fine comedy to enjoy is "As Time Goes By" with Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. It is about a couple who had an affair during the Korean War and meet 38 years later after having their own lives in between. I am also very fond of police dramas. "Lewis", "Endeavour", "Foyle's War". Old standards like "Cracker" and "Prime Suspect" are not to be missed. For something with more of an edge "Wire In The Blood" is a first rate series. The more recent "Unforgotten" is pretty good as well.
  11. I recently saw Knives Out (2019) and The Cheat (1915) and was struck that our availability to movies through all kinds of sources (this time Amazon for both) allows us to watch films made 104 years apart. As much as I enjoy TCM I am glad there are other outlets as well.
  12. I thought TCM had signed a long term deal to show all the Roach films. For some time we were getting the Charley Chase shorts, Todd/Pitts/Kelly shorts and L&H but I must have misunderstood as I haven't seen much of any of them in some time. There are quite a few of L&H's silent shorts on Amazon Prime.
  13. Probably George Stevens could have made it work with most anyone but by design or accident that casting was right. Ladd was only 7 years older than Clift but seems older. (To me this helps the underlying feelings between Shane and Marian.). Jean, as much as I love her, was probably closest to being miscast because of her age relative to the others. A big name cast may have not had the same effect. Use of the landscape, cinematography, and the music all help to make it a pretty poweful film.
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