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  1. Completely agree. I always loved the lyric "if they ever drop the bomb you said I'll find you in the flames." Almost absurd but so telling about how deep a love would be. Only to compare their current state in the next sentence. (Scissor's Cut.) I really like "That's All I've Got To Say." More fine Jimmy Webb songs. My favorite Garfunkel album.
  2. I always enjoyed Garfunkel's solo albums. Scissors Cut ranks highest of the early ones. Oddly enough, maybe, on Watermark "Wonderful World is the one I don't care for. It doesn't fit. I think Breakaway is a good listen as well. I think Webb is an interesting songwriter. He has a gift for both interesting lyrics and music.
  3. I am a sucker for British police dramas. I quit trying to figure who did it years ago and just enjoy the writing and acting. The most recent one is "Unforgotten." It is about a team of detectives who handle cases that involve newly discovered murders that happened longs ago. It stars the always wonderful Nicola Walker. Three seasons of six episodes. Getting ready to start the third season. Available on Amazon Prime. Season 2 of "Jack Ryan" is pretty compelling if you can accept that they could do what they are doing. Also, revisited "Wire In The Blood." Acorn hosts this one.
  4. While working from home until probably Memorial Day among some other things I am going through the 104 symphonies of Haydn, I am through the first 20. Relatively short and pleasant they don't come near his later works. Nothing particularly memorable but always enjoyable. Scattered among the symphonies comes light piano music of David Tolk, Wayne Gratz, Stanton Lanier, and Jim Brickman. Some other light jazz makes a perfect atmosphere to work.
  5. movieman1957

    Mr. Bean

    I think Mr. Bean is a great character for sketches but found the first Bean movie to not be very enjoyable. He is quite fun but in small doses.
  6. And it is all told in a short time. No wasted characters or dialogue or unneeded background. No action needed. The argument of what is right is enough to keep it all dramatic and moving.
  7. Starz Encore has been running a lot of his films. Not a great actor but he comes across in a genuine manner and that, for me, is what makes him so watchable. Most of westerns were average but they were a pleasant distraction. They were a nice enough way to pass 80 minutes or so. Tumbleweeds was pretty good, Hell Bent For Leather was one I remember fondly. The prior posts run some good titles.
  8. We have been going through the entire series and have enjoyed it (again) quite a bit. I think those two had a unique relationship off screen and it carries well on screen.
  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes. It was okay. (And for me that is fine.) We had dinner with my parents and son so it was filled with loved ones. I am not broke. My daughter was very happy with a low key event. We had it in her backyard and about 40 people and had breakfast for dinner. It was a lovely time. If you talk to Miss G please pass on my regards. She was a help and was quite friendly to me when I came on here some 14 years or so ago.
  10. I like Talk of The Town. The three most interesting voices in movies all in one film.
  11. I haven't been on here in some time but it certainly looks to be popular. My tastes aren't broad enough for it to be too interesting for my posts but glad others have taken it on. Hve fun.
  12. So nice to see part of the gang. Bronxie: I watched Red River not long ago and I always enjoy it. Yes, Joanne is annoying but she is still has some charm for me. Scott: All are well. My daughter just married a few weeks ago. We are all healthy if dull. Still trying to get my dose of movies and music. It would be a sad world without. I keep up with some on Facebook but I haven't talked to Sweet T in some time. I have no ideas about MissG. It is good to hear from you. Take care. Hope to see all of you some more!
  13. Scott, my friend!!! How are you? I see I have missed your birthday. (Again.) I had wondered through some other threads recently, probably about westerns and thought of you. I hope you are well. If you have time please drop me a note and let me know how things are. It is wonderful to see some familiar names. We were a fine group. I hope you still get to come by and find some things to enjoy. I stop occasionally to see what goes on but I don't know many anymore. Anyway, a belated and heartfelt Happy Birthday to you.
  14. Here is a fine thread for reading. If you dance around the birthday wishes (we were a pretty tight group) you will find plenty of worthwhile comments. 335 pages worth.
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