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  1. > {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote} > This could turn out to be great or a total bust...but VCI is going to be releasing *Meet John Doe (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition)* DVD on Nov. 30th. > > There have been so many prints over the year that were mediocre - and it is in the public domain - I am not sure yet how this will turn out. > > I would love for this to be great but that bit about "yielding a fully watchable picture" doesn't strike me that it is going to very good. "Fully watchable", whoa, what a recommendation. Filmlover, don't worry. I h
  2. According to the New York Post, Al Jolson's MAMMY (1930) with fully restored Technicolor sequences will be released by the Warner Archive on April 6. YESSSSSSS!!! CAN'T WAIT!
  3. > {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote} > I think we could soon be seeing some changes to the Archives. You could say I have an inside track on this because I was one of a number of people who attended a special roundtable discussion with the Archive's marketing people. > > They asked our opinions about all sorts of things over two hours, but the primary subjects the participants being questioned agreed about was they need to do better cover art, lower the price, add special features and remaster the videos, offer value paks of our choosing, dig more into their vaults, and w
  4. > {quote:title=shearerchic04 wrote:}{quote} > Can someone tell me what the promotion code is for the Deep Discount sale? I tried PRICESEARCH, but it didn't work. It'd me much appreciated. Thanks. The sale code for DVD Planet is 20OFFSALE. UPDATE: Sorry! I was reading this wrong. Some other codes that work for the Deep Discount sale are JUNEDEAL and DEAL. Message was edited by: coffeedan
  5. Deep Discount usually has its 20 percent off sales in June and November, so we have a few months to wait yet. Lately, DVD Planet has been holding a 20 percent off sale at about the same time.
  6. >I wish oldies.com had free shipping. It gets expensive when you order multiple dvds, They offer free shipping for orders of $50 or more.
  7. Not a lot of details yet, but I just got word that Criterion will be releasing Billy Wilder's ACE IN THE HOLE in June or July! Stay tuned -- bulletins aired as received . . .
  8. > I seriously hope that WB is releasing all > the movies [Jean Harlow] did at MGM. There's only 11 of them: Make that 10. THREE WISE GIRLS is a Columbia release.
  9. I have many favorites, but can't think of a lot of the titles! But I'm thankful that many of my favorites have already been mentioned -- DISORDER IN THE COURT, HOI POLLOI, and VIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY. I would also add TASSELS IN THE AIR, YOU NAZTY SPY, and any of their early shorts directed by Charley Chase. Again, I can't think of the title, but my favorite with Shemp puts the three of them in a dry cleaning store called "The Pip Boys" where they foil a gang of bank robbers. By the way, Stooges director Del Lord was one of the original Keystone Kops.
  10. Vallo, I picked up a sealed copy of BOOMERANG on eBay, and I can second Edgecliff's report that it is not defective. BOOMERANG had only been in release for a few days (Amazon.com was promoting it heavily) when it was pulled due to a last-minute rights problem. As I heard it from one of our local vendors, Fox just stopped sending the discs and taking orders, but let vendors sell what they had in stock already. I still see BOOMERANG advertised on Fox's flyers and hope the problem is cleared up soon. It's too good a movie to sit on.
  11. Gosh, I didn't realize I had written a post that was so "sticky-worthy." Lynn, you and anybody else are free to stick that post where you feel it will save a lot of explanation, with my compliments. > So I still have a few questions. If WB controls TCM, > then how come TCM doesn't control films made by > Warner Brothers (Clockwork Orange, Blazing Saddles > etc. Because in 1955, Warner Brothers sold off its entire pre-1949 library of features, cartoons, and live-action shorts to a TV programming distribution firm, Associated Artists Productions. AAP was absorbed by Unit
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