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  1. Thursday's question: What movie star's autobiography was entitled It Sure Beats Working? Good luck!
  2. Good job, feaito! You are correct! Gloria Swanson sang the song in her 1929 film THE TRESPASSER, later recorded it commercially, and it became a big hit for her. Afterward, she requested that "Love" be played wherever she made a personal appearance. I remember seeing her on Dick Cavett's show in the late 1970s, and "Love" was played as she came on stage.
  3. Hey everybody, Universal will be releasing Marlene Dietrich: The Glamour Collection in April. The two-DVD set includes MOROCCO, BLONDE VENUS, THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN, THE FLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, and GOLDEN EARRINGS. Line forms on the right . . .
  4. Wednesday's question: What film actress's theme song was "Love (Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere)"? Good luck!
  5. Yesterday's answer: Woody Allen's MANHATTAN (1979).
  6. Tuesday's question: In what picture does Diane Keaton own a dachshund named Waffles? Good luck!
  7. Vallo, you are correct! Fields played both of the Bellows brothers in this picture. And be wary, my boy -- you're addressing a former letter carrier . . .
  8. Monday's question: In what film does W. C. Fields play a double role? Good luck!
  9. Greetings, everybody! Just wrote a dozen checks today, and didn't date any of them 2005. I think that's a record for me -- nine days into the new year, and I'm used to it already! Hope you're enjoying the passage of time, too. Now, let's move on to this week's movie trivia . . .
  10. Friday's question: In the 1955 movie GUYS AND DOLLS, what were the names of the three horses touted by the trio of singers in the song "Fugue for Tinhorns"? Good luck!
  11. The problem now is that there's no way to download it. Where's the PC icon?
  12. Thursday's question: Who was the last actor to portray detective Philo Vance on the big screen? Good luck!
  13. Correct again, feaito! You're too good! Yes, Fitzgerald tried to adapt Babylon Revisited to concentrate on Honoria, the child in the story, as a vehicle for Shirley Temple, but the project never properly jelled.
  14. No, I think you're right about Fred Astaire. It sounds like YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH (1941), one of the two films he made with Rita Hayworth, the other one being YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942).
  15. Wednesday's question: Author F. Scott Fitzgerald once tried to adapt his short story Babylon Revisited as a vehicle for what actress? Good luck!
  16. Good guess, Peaches! You are correct! And welcome to the boards!
  17. Tuesday's question: What is the name of the play Jeffrey Moss (Dean Martin) is writing in the 1960 film BELLS ARE RINGING? Good luck!
  18. You're a good guesser, feaito! It was DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK, which earned Ms. Oliver her only Oscar nomination (Best Supporting Actress).
  19. Monday's question: In what film does Edna May Oliver say, "I've got a long face, and I poke it where I please. You may think I'm a nuisance"? Good luck!
  20. Greetings, everybody! I'm literally a day late into the new year, and still trying to catch up. After a really busy New Year's Eve at work (my take on THE SIXTH SENSE: "I see drunk people"), I spent most of New Year's Day sleeping, and believe me, I needed it. So I've spent today catching up -- including my daily trivia duties. Hope you don't mind. All right, with no further ado, let's start off this week's movie trivia . . .
  21. On the schedule page, click on Site at the top (to the left of the search window), type in the name of the movie you're looking for, and hit GO. When the movie comes up, look in the upper right corner of the page under "Playing on TCM." If the movie is showing on TCM in the next three months, the date and time will be there. On the TCMdb home page, you go to "Search Database," click on Title, type in the title of the film, and proceed as above. Message was edited by: coffeedan
  22. To search by genre, you click on Site (to the left of the Search window), type in the name of the genre (musical, horror, drama, or whatever), and hit GO. The results are under Schedule Matches. Same thing with release year. Click on Site, type in the year, hit GO, and the results are under Schedule Matches. Message was edited by: coffeedan
  23. > can you believe this??? insted of bogie and bergman, > the leading roles in casablanca were originally > slated for ronald reagan and hedy lamarr!! Not true. Producer Hal Wallis didn't want anybody else but Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman for the leads in CASABLANCA: http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/reagan.asp Furthermore, I've seen the same item about Reagan and Sheridan in Variety, and a correction appeared in the following week's issue saying the item was untrue.
  24. Forgive my tardiness folks -- another day at the doctor's office, plus I'm trying to tie up a few loose ends before the end of the year. So here's an easy one for the end of 2005 -- Friday's question: In what movie does Ann Sheridan say, "Happy new century, dummy!"? Good luck! AND A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2006 TO EVERYBODY!!! Message was edited by: coffeedan
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